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Save money and time, schedule Easymove to get a help and moving truck.
Moving services tailored for any occasion
Moving services tailored for any occasion
shopping_cart Store Delivery
Store delivery in under 1-hour

Shop that new sofa from your local furniture store and let us pick it up and deliver into your home, right where you want it. Same day. Effortlessly.

local_shipping Small moves
Move into your apartment with a tap

Enjoy the ease of moving with Lugg. In just few simple steps book 2 strong movers and a truck to move all your items into your new place.

groups Used items
Buy used and get it home same-day

Shop used, buy local. It's never been easier to buy on services like Offerup, Facebook Marketplace & Craigslist. Pay online and let Lugg pick it up and deliver into your home.

favorite Donations
Donation pick up and delivery with a tap

Connect with movers and a truck to help with your Goodwill and Salvation Army donations same-day!

inventory_2 Storage moves
Pick up and delivery to and from storage

Effortlessly move your belongings in and out of your storage unit. Store your things with a tap and have them back in as little as an hour when you need them.

delete Junk Removal
Junk removal with a tap

We send a truck and movers same day to remove and haul away your junk to the nearest transfer station.

How it works
Anything moved in 3 easy steps
Publish your Request
Set your pickup location and destination, select the vehicle that is right for you, and choose a time you would like us to arrive.
Hire and Start
You will receive immediate offers from local movers, negotiate your price and hire them.
Rate your Experience
After you receive your items in your desired location, Review your experience and see you next time.
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Frequently asked questions
What hours does Easymove operate?

You can schedule or put a request on Easymove anytime anyday. You can book on-demand and our movers will contact you immediately or you can schedule for the hour of your choice up to 30 days in advance. Download the Easymove app .

How much does Easymove cost ?

Easymove is actually a Marketplace, once you post a new request , You will receive different offers from different movers , negotiate the price and schedule your move immediately.

How many items are included in the price of the Move ?

Shortly, whatever can fit into a Pickup,a Mini-Van, a Van or a Truck. Make sure to explain the details of your move with our movers and they will fulfill your order.

What are the dimensions of the moving vehicles ?

Please be sure to compare these dimensions to what needs to be moved.

- Pickup Truck: 6ft+ long and 4.5ft wide. The tailgate can be left open for extra length. All items will be secured with straps for transport.

- Mini-Van: 8ft+ long, 4ft wide, and 4.5ft tall (Please note, king or cal king mattresses will not fit in this vehicle).

- Van : 10ft+ long, 5.5ft wide, and 6.4ft tall.

- Truck : 12ft+ long, 6ft wide, and 7ft tall.

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