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Frequently asked questions
What is Easymove ?

We connect independent contractors with local people and businesses who need help transporting or lifting heavy items..

What will I be doing ?

Operating as an independent contractor, you’ll choose which jobs are right for you. Easymove offers a variety of services to customers, including store deliveries, full apartment moves, labor-only, junk haul away, and more. You decide your schedule—there’s no contract or minimum hour requirement.
The main tasks of the job are choosing which Moves to take, showing up to the Moves location(s) and lifting and/or transporting heavy items. You’ll also be empowered to communicate with customers to clarify job details..

What are the different positions available ?


A Helper is an individual who is 18 years of age or older; drives a pick-up truck, box truck,cargo van, or SUV with a trailer; can lift over 75 pounds; and has best-in-class customer service.
A Hand is an individual who is 18 years of age or older, assists a Helper with moves or takes Labor-Only Jobs, and has the best-in-class customer service.

What are the requirements for becoming an Easymove Helper or Hands ?

General requirements

- 18 years of age or older
- Android or iOS smartphone with Android 5.0/iOS 11 or newer
- Bank account
- Ability to pay for and pass a background check

Helper (truck + muscle)

- An active and valid driver’s license that authorizes you to drive (not a learner’s permit).
- Auto insurance that matches the name and vehicle you sign up with.
- Proof of being an owner or an insured driver if the vehicle and / or insurance is registered under a legal registered business name (e.g., Secretary of State document or an IRS EIN letter).
- Willing and able to lift and carry large bulky items, such as couches and desks (at least 75 lbs).

Hand (no truck required)

- A valid, unexpired U.S. government issued identification. Examples include but are not limited to a driver's license, identification card, passport, or permanent resident card.

I don't own a truck. Can I still become a Helper ?

Helpers are required to own a truck, cargo van, box truck, or an SUV with a trailer. Passenger vans, minivans, and cars are not permitted.
Please note that we don’t accept rental vehicles or flatbed trailers. Vehicles should also contain minimal customization such as vinyls and decals.
If you don’t own a qualifying vehicle, Sing up to be a Hand.

How do I start getting job on Easymove ?

Once you’re approved on the platform, use the Helper app to view the Jobs that are available in your area. You’re the boss! Apply for jobs that align with your abilities and schedule, and work as much or as little as you’d like. If you’re new to the app and want to learn how to request jobs.

How long does the sign-up process take ?

It typically takes around 3-10 days from the time you first start signing up until you’re ready to find and complete Jobs. This can vary due to background checks, and is currently slowed down due to court closures from COVID-19.
Once you've signed up, be sure to check your email throughout the process as the Easymove team will reach out with next steps along the way.