Our Mission

Make moving easy and stress-free.

Start your next journey with us, Easymove is not only about moving furniture and service standards but about making those big, exciting moments easy. 

We will not let your moving become a nightmare.

Why did we start Easymove?

We were tired of moving nightmares. One day, after doing plenty of research about reliable, local and affordable companies, our Co-Founder Emin was ripped off.

He learned that most moving companies give an estimate, but the final price is usually way higher than expected. Emin was upset and disgusted by this practice and decided to create Easymove, a platform that operates through customer bids.

We found that customers are generally happier and more satisfied when they can set their cost beforehand.

Where does our name come from?

We had no idea what it would be called. While we had plenty of ideas for app development, we were stuck on the name. Finally, one day we were listening to the radio and heard Grandtheft and Delany Jane’s song “Easy Go” and after hearing the lyrics, Easymove was born. 

With the lyrics ringing “…easy come, easy go, easy come, easy go.” Emin was struck with inspiration: Easymove


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