Our Mission

To Make moving easy and Stress-Free.

Easymove is not only about moving, but it is also about happy moments.

Start your life journey with us.

We will not let your moving become a nightmare.

Why did we start Easymove?

We started it when one of Co-founder Emin was ripped off by moving companies after wasting time in google searching reliable, local moving company.

Most Moving companies give you estimate but the final price is the way higher than your expectations. Emin was discussing it with us and came up with the idea to have moving service based on bids. It is awesome when customers can negotiate moving cost beforehand.

Why did we call it Easymove?

We started developing and stuck how to name it. Suddenly on the radio, we heard music

Grandtheft & Delaney Jane - Easy Go

easy come easy go, Easymove! And we decided to name it Easymove!