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17 Sep

How Transferring Colleges Can Transform Your Life for the Better

  • 1 day ago by EasyMove

Christian Carter was a student at University of Michigan, but he transferred schools and enrolled at University of Illinois in 2017. When he applied for part-time work...

05 Sep

Moving? Here is Your Address Change Checklist

  • 2 weeks ago by EasyMove

Moving to a new place is not all about hauling stuff. EasyMove movers can help you load, unload, pack and move all your staff. All you need to do is tap a few buttons o...

03 Sep

The Ultimate Checklist for Moving Out of State

  • 2 weeks ago by EasyMove

Are you planning to move out of state? Well if your answer is yes, you must be looking forward to new opportunities and exciting experiences that come with putting down...

31 Aug

The Complete Guide to Moving Out of Your Parents’ House

  • 2 weeks ago by EasyMove

Leaving the nest is increasingly becoming harder for the majority of young people in the United States. The reasons are quite obvious. They are already reeling under th...

23 Aug

Moving made easy in Memphis: EasyMove launched

  • 3 weeks ago by EasyMove

Moving has just become extremely convenient and easy in Memphis because EasyMove – the most popular on-demand moving help – has arrived in Grind City. Memphis residents...

06 Aug

Step-by-Step Guide to Moving [Checklist, Do’s & Don’ts Included]

  • 1 month ago by EasyMove

If you are a last-minute person, moving is bound to be extremely stressful. But you know what - if you start taking one tiny step at a time in advance, the experience c...

01 Jul

10 Best Stores to Buy Vintage Furniture with a soul in Chicago

  • 2 months ago by EasyMove

A home is the place where you feel most comfortable. As such, it should have your personal touch and reflect the best parts of yourself. If you have moved to Chicago and...

24 Jun

9 Best places where to buy cheap furniture

  • 2 months ago by EasyMove

Furnishing a home is the dream of every homeowner. However, the escalating cost of purchasing new furniture makes it hard for homeowners to keep their homes classy. If yo...

20 May

The Best places to live in Tennessee (Guide 2019)

  • 3 months ago by EasyMove

Moving into a new neighborhood can be a scary thing, especially when you have no friends or family to show around. You have to worry about the neighbors you are going to...

11 May

Tips & tricks how successfully sell / buy furniture, appliance on Facebook Marketplace

  • 4 months ago by EasyMove

Most people normally use Facebook for different purposes. You will note that most people usually use this platform to communicate with their loved ones and friends. Other...

02 May

10 Facts Why You Should Move to Chicago

  • 4 months ago by EasyMove

Are you bored with your current residential place and planning to move? Well, a move to Chicago is here for you.  But before packing up for a relocation, it's essential...

29 Apr

10 Reasons Why Millennials Are Moving To Chicago

  • 4 months ago by EasyMove

Finally, you’re done with those endless research papers, and you’re now a college graduate. In as much as it’s a great feeling to finish your college studies, the hard pa...

27 Apr

Easymove partners with House of Gigs. Now Easymovers will get No-Fee Bank Account.

  • 4 months ago by EasyMove

The news is spreading like flames that Easymove has made a partnership with House of Gigs, the back-office the platform aimed for the gig workers. And it just strengthens...

15 Apr

Real Estate Guide: The Best Time to Buy a House

  • 5 months ago by EasyMove

Buying a home is one of the best life decision as well as the most stressful. This is because you are excited about owning a property and at the same time you are stresse...

28 Mar

5 Life Hacks How to Clean a Mattress

  • 5 months ago by EasyMove

Everybody sleeps for about 8 hours a day on the average and even if you are not able to sleep for up to 8 hours in the night, you will likely complete it during the day...

21 Mar

Where to Buy Kitchen, Bathroom, Storage Furniture : IKEA, Houzz, Kohls, Walmart, Target

  • 5 months ago by EasyMove

No matter how big your house is, you can never have enough storage spaces. There always has some things that lack storage. Have you ever heard someone complain that they...

14 Mar

Home remodeling: The average room size in a house in United States

  • 6 months ago by EasyMove

We all like to think about the glamor of a new home more than anything else when it comes to home remodeling. The ideal home remodel is always focused on what the final l...

10 Mar

7 Steps How To Price Garage Sale Items and Make it Profitable.

  • 6 months ago by EasyMove

Garage sales are a good way to dispose of the unwanted stuff in your house at a price. They are very famous, and a lot of people prefer buying from them because you can g...

04 Mar

15 Best Chicago Suburbs for young families in 2019

  • 6 months ago by EasyMove

Are you looking to move to Chicago but not yet sure on which location to move to? Well, there are lots of Chicago suburbs for you and your young family to live in. These...

28 Feb

7 Tips to organize and plan for long distance moving

  • 6 months ago by EasyMove

Long distance moving is not something you will plan in a hurry. You have to begin preparation for several days or weeks before the day. Here are some important tips to a...

20 Feb

9 Tips for Picking Up The Right Real Estate Agent to buy home

  • 6 months ago by EasyMove

Real estate agents typically thrive using their marketing techniques. You can easily just choose one by getting their contacts on benches, websites or even commercials, b...

18 Feb

7 Top Stores In Chicago where to buy cheap kitchen cabinets

  • 7 months ago by EasyMove

How much time do you spend in your kitchen? Preparing, cooking and serving food, washing pans, and pots and even baking breakfast cakes and pies consumes a lot of your d...

13 Feb

Moving Cost Calculator: How much does it cost to move in 2019

  • 7 months ago by EasyMove

When looking to relocate, it helps to know beforehand how much it will cost. Although the cost will depend on the size of your home, the distance you are moving and the m...

11 Feb

The Best Practical Ways How to Get Rid of Mattress

  • 7 months ago by EasyMove

Getting a new mattress is always an amazing feeling. It means comfortable nights, better sleep and an even greater back. The problem is, you have to figure out where to d...

04 Feb

6 Important Things Need to Consider When Renting a Moving Truck.

  • 7 months ago by EasyMove

Nowadays, most people normally relocate from one region to another due to a number of reasons. Job transfers can make you relocate from one area to another. Insecurity ca...

28 Jan

5 Tips How to Donate Used Furniture.

  • 7 months ago by EasyMove

You’ve decided to redecorate and need to get rid of your old furniture before you have enough room for the new pieces. Or you’re downsizing and need to get rid of a few...

21 Jan

How to prepare for a Move: Traditional and Modern Moving Companies

  • 7 months ago by EasyMove

Moving, for many people, is a stressful event. You will need to figure out how you will get your family and belongings from the old house into the new one. This requires...

16 Jan

Roommate questionnaire: Finding the best match

  • 8 months ago by EasyMove

Life is full of obstacles. There is no doubt that it can be hard to make ends meet financially especially if you are a college student trying to juggle classes with a job...

11 Jan

8 Tips How to Move a Shed by yourself or Hire Shed Movers

  • 8 months ago by EasyMove

Moving a shed is not always an easy task. In fact, many people do not know how to move shed to a definite location. However, you can use some simple tools and a little h...

08 Jan

What Type of Self-Storage to choose? The best Storage Unit tips

  • 8 months ago by EasyMove

We’ve all experienced the organization nightmare of having too much stuff for our space. A way to combat this issue is to rent a storage unit. If you have valuable object...

06 Jan

Most Popular Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Small Spaces

  • 8 months ago by EasyMove

In this 21st century, we should not expect enough large spaces for us. But that shouldn't deter us from beautifying our home. Often times we have to compromise with the b...

04 Jan

How much is average bathroom remodel cost?

  • 8 months ago by EasyMove

This is an interesting topic, but the truth is that there is no specific average cost for a bathroom remodel. The pricing may change based on the materials, the size of t...

30 Dec

What should you consider when buying Residential Storage Containers

  • 8 months ago by EasyMove

For those planning to have containers to help them move goods, there is a need for them to know some of the features of the containers they should buy. Storage container...

29 Dec

Everything you should know how to choose and buy pool table

  • 8 months ago by EasyMove

Your home decor is a style statement that reflects your personality and leaves the immediate impression on your guests. Decor can be done many ways and adding a pool tabl...

28 Dec

The best way to move a pool table by yourself

  • 8 months ago by EasyMove

Do you own a pool table and you are planning to move to a new apartment? Then you need to plan how you will move the pool table to your new house. Moving a pool table is...

27 Dec

Ultimate tips how to move Pool Table in an apartment

  • 8 months ago by EasyMove

Moving a pool table will involve an almost complete dissembling and a good healthy power of muscle to move all the pieces that can not be disassembled.Before doing it wit...

25 Dec

How to Make Extra Cash doing Easymove

  • 8 months ago by EasyMove

Earning real money through the internet is tricky and tough. Every one of us keeps searching such opportunities that can pay us, in real. Thanks to Easymove, now you ca...

15 Dec

How to Hand Pick the Perfect Storage Unit Size

  • 9 months ago by EasyMove

Selecting the correct storage unit might be a real headache if you moving out, renovating your house, or for any of the other required purposes. You might need to keep yo...

03 Dec

The Perfect guide for all The Sleep Lovers How to Buy a Mattress

  • 9 months ago by EasyMove

Sleep is loved by all. After a day of hectic chores, every human being awaits sleep. This time is the most peaceful time in all of eternity. But the body does the most im...

16 Nov

10 Tips How To Get the Best Black Friday Deals

  • 10 months ago by EasyMove

Every year at this time, with the Black Friday Vs Cyber Monday battle approaching, we buckle up and get ready for the fantastic shopping deals that are offered from vario...

13 Nov

Easy Ways How to Deliver and Decorate Apartment on Christmas and New Year

  • 10 months ago by EasyMove

It’s Christmas Time! December is setting its footsteps pretty fast and soon, before we even realize, Christmas will be knocking our doors. This is a well-known fact that...

05 Nov

How to Move During the Holidays | Christmas & New Year

  • 10 months ago by EasyMove

Holidays – the very mention of the word makes our hurts flutter with feelings of excitement and happiness. In fact, they are the busiest times of the year given all the s...

26 Oct

Influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Startups on Moving & Delivery Industry

  • 10 months ago by EasyMove

It is good to see how Artificial Intelligence has been helpful for a number of startups to reach the topmost position in their particular fields, let it be Uber, Amazon o...

25 Oct

Big Sales on Halloween 2018

  • 10 months ago by EasyMove

Halloween eve is the only time when you get the chance to scare everyone around. Dressing in weird costumes is something you can do all day. Also, It is the time when we...

19 Oct

Scary Indoor And Outdoor Halloween 2018 Decorating Ideas

  • 10 months ago by EasyMove

Halloween eve is the only time when you get the chance to scare everyone around. Dressing in weird costumes is something you can do all day. But what if you could scare t...

08 Oct

Top 10 Red Flags when Buying and Selling on Craigslist

  • 11 months ago by EasyMove

When it comes to jobs, housing, buying and selling of items, and other services, the first thing that flows in everyone’s mind is Craigslist. Craigslist has become an int...

01 Oct

Ultimate Guide on how to deliver furniture from Ikea, Costco and Other Retail Stores

  • 11 months ago by EasyMove

Are you planning to buy furniture from Ikea or Costco? In case you are, it is only likely that you’d want to get them delivered at home. While these stores come with exce...

16 Sep

The Best 5 Tips How to prepare and stay safe during Hurricane Florence

  • 1 year ago by EasyMove

The category 1 hurricane Florence 2018 has made landfall near the Wrightsville beach in North Carolina with winds around 90 mph. This force of nature brings with itself r...

12 Sep

5 Tips To Deliver Furniture

  • 1 year ago by EasyMove

You’ve researched your choices, shopped till you dropped and currently it’s time to possess your new furniture delivered! Therefore what has to be done ahead of your furn...

31 Aug

Tips How to find a roommate for an apartment in Chicago

  • 1 year ago by EasyMove

Many people who don't desire to rent an apartment alone are not sure how to find a roommate they'll live with. There are compelling reasons for wanting to live with a roo...

10 Aug

Back to School First Time Check-list in 2018

  • 1 year ago by EasyMove

College Student Back to School First Time Check-list Regardless of sales, if you’re heading off to college for the first time and are staying on campus, you’ll definitel...

08 Aug

Easymove: the Number One Moving Platform | Digital Journal

  • 1 year ago by EasyMove

Easymove: the Number One On-Demand Moving and Furniture Delivery agency in Chicago, Miami, and Austin. The Uber of moving, as it is popularly called, Easymove is very si...

08 Aug

The Best Moving Box Alternatives You Need know in Chicago

  • 1 year ago by EasyMove

U-Haul Ready-to-Go Boxes   U-Haul Ready-To-Go Box makes moving faster and unpacking easier. Rent moving crates to pack and unpack at your own pace. Keep the plast...

31 Jul

How to find and rent an apartment in Chicago

  • 1 year ago by EasyMove

The third most popular city in the United States, Chicago is the most significant in terms of architecture and also is the city where skyscrapers where born. So having sa...

30 Jul

How often are you moving ?

  • 1 year ago by EasyMove

Let’s be honest, regardless of how many times a person has to move from one place to another it NEVER seems to get any easier. At times, apartments and house moves appear...