10 Best Stores to Buy Vintage Furniture with a soul in Chicago

  • By Easymove
  • 01 Jul 2019

A home is the place where you feel most comfortable. As such, it should have your personal touch and reflect the best parts of yourself. If you have moved to Chicago and are looking for a neat place to buy your furniture, don't worry this article will provide you with all you need.

Whether you are looking for a stylish piece or something simple, you can always bet on Chicago's finest furniture stores. If you're also looking for a place where you can buy used furniture, this list also incorporate some of the best Chicago used furniture stores. Well let's get to it.


1. Norcross and Scott Home

This shop is known to have one of the best designers and emerging brands for your home interior decor.

Located on 1476 W Berwyn Avenue, you can give your home a personalized interior design or just pick up a ceramic accent piece. It offers some of the most uniquely shaped furniture to give your home the look it deserves.

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2 Scout Decor Chicago

Some of the more notable designers and brands you can get at this incredible store are AVO, by Lascen Fredricks, Night Space, Noat and Vanguard. These are just a few of the 60 + designers and brands at this store. With a moderate price range, you are sure to get items that you won't find online.

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3. Brimfield

Also located in Andersonville, this store is "brimming" with all kinds of pieces from small home decor items to custom furniture. Whatever you need Brimfield will provide.

Most of its custom furniture is made from 80-150 year old reclaimed wood giving the pieces a nice rustic look. Nothing gives your home a more personalized look then having your own custom made furniture.

At Brimfield, you can work with their team in the design process to have the piece made to your liking and to get the sizes right. Cool, right?
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4. Mint Home

This is like a vintage heaven. It initially started out as an online shopping store but they have established their own store at Ravenswood.

It deals in refurbished furniture especially from the mid-century. For those of you looking to add some taste to your home, they also offer screen printed pillows, tea towels, handmade air planters and even hand poured candles.

For vintage purists, you can even find pieces in mint condition. They are reasonably priced since you can get a vintage side table for only $150.

5. Nadeau

This particular store stands out among the best Chicago furniture stores by virtue of its broad diversity. It features all kinds of furniture including traditional, handmade, rustic, vintage, industrial and even farmhouse.

As their motto ' furniture with a soul' suggests, they are devoted into ensuring you get the best furniture for your home. Most of the furniture is handmade not mass-produced therefore providing you with unique designs from which you can choose from.

There are over 40 stores in the country but their Chicago store is located at 4433 N Ravenswood Avenue. So how about you drop by and have a look?
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6. SharkGrav

This cool store is owned by a lovely couple who look for and restore mid-century modern furniture. This particularly includes chairs, dressers and credenzas.

They also make colorful rugs, reclaimed benches and wooden coffee tables. You should definitely have a look at some of their products at Albany Park.

Some of their coffee tables feature unique but simple designs such as the Siamese Twin Live Edge coffee table or the simple Slat Wood coffee table. These will look great in your office or living room.

7. Praha

This place is sure to blow your mind. It has an eclectic variety of really affordable and unique vintage pieces. You can easily find pieces for less than $100. You won't miss anything to buy once you step in.

Located at 2201 West Belmont Avenue, this store office some out-of-the-box designs, for example, a lamp made from a retro coffee canister.

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8. Dial M for Modern

Inspired by American and Danish design, this store brings modern pieces to your home. They also like to bring the funk back by adding a little of the 70's touch once in a while.

They have a nice vintage variety of furniture and feature one-of-a-kind designs. Located at 2773 N Milwaukee, the store has a moderate price range but a wide selection of pieces spread across two floors.

It doesn't have that weary warehouse storage look but presents itself in a showroom like manner. Add some character to your space by paying this place a visit.

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9. Agent Gallery

This is one for the science enthusiasts. If you love retro scientific or medical items, this store was made for you. It takes the unusual to a whole new level.

You can get cool stuff from models of space shuttles to collections of glass eyes. So if you're looking to add some science to your space, just go down to 3903 W Fullerton Avenue.

10. Pavilion Antiques

Looking to create an artistic look in your house? You should definitely visit this place. The owners, Deborah and Neil, are graduates from the Art Institute of Chicago. This just goes to show the artistic touch on their pieces.

The store actually looks like a gallery. Since they have focused on 20th century design, the items may be a bit pricey within the ranges of $500-$15000.

This might be on the higher side but you are assured of unexpected artistic inspirations. Items from this store will definitely make your home look fancy.

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All the above stores are great. If you're worried on how you can get your newly bought furniture home, Easymove will have you sorted.

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So what are you waiting for? Visit one of these Chicago furniture stores and be amazed.