10 Tips How To Get the Best Black Friday Deals

  • By Easymove
  • 16 Nov 2018

Every year at this time, with the Black Friday Vs Cyber Monday battle approaching, we buckle up and get ready for the fantastic shopping deals that are offered from various ends during this time. We know you already have your bucket lists ready for the Back Friday bonanza and waiting eagerly for that new television, printer, tablet or mobile that you have been eyeing for so long now. This indeed is the time to grab the best of all deals and get your shopping carts full.

However, do not let the Black Friday sales hype take you for a ride, where the prices might fool you into thinking that you got a good bargain while you might actually end up paying more than what you should. So, what you need to keep yourself updated is proper research and that is precisely what we can help you herewith. Take a look at our top ten tips that will help you get the best Black Friday deals. 


1.      Be the Early Bird

Black Friday is no longer confined to the local shops offering meager seasonal discounts in the name of sales and deals. It has now taken the shape of a huge shopping festival that runs throughout the month and the online retailers never miss to keep updating their prices to attract more and more numbers of customers.

So once it’s the right time, keep tracking the deals ahead of time and follow them right up to the Black Friday in order to judge the authenticity and the feasibility of the deals.

Do Proper Research

If you have already decided to jump into the deals pool without much preparation, prepare to take a step back. Do your research, get ready, sift through the various kinds of ads – be it in print or online. There are certain sites like bestblackfriday.com, dealnews.com, blackfriday.gottadeal.com etc, which will give you a thorough list of various leaked Black Friday ads and let you decide on the best.

2.      Know How to Use the Coupons

Nowadays there are various websites, which let you compare the prices of various products at various retailers or online shopping sites and choose the best price. These sites also give you the latest news about the various coupons and deals that these shopping portals offer and all you have to do is remember to use these tools to get the best deals.

This is true especially for Black Friday furniture deals where the various shopping portals dealing on furniture bring lucrative deals for you so that you can give your house that makeover you always wanted.

3.      Gift for Loyalties

During the Black Friday sales, various stores come up with loyalty programs where their members are allowed several privileges before others and are also allowed reward points on their purchases. This is your best chance to make the best of the situation and add your Wishlist to your Shopping Cart.

4.      Socializing

Remember to follow the pages of your favorite sites and retailers on Facebook or Twitter to keep abreast of what offers they are planning. Social media is a great way to track your deals also because there is a high chance that these retailers will reward their followers with special benefits or discounts

5.      Check your purse

Sometimes all this excitement tends to get the better of you and you end up buying so many unnecessary things instead of that one very important thing you actually were waiting for. So prepare a list, get yourself seasoned with the idea of necessity and resist any kind of impulse purchase. If you are not sure about whether you can handle charge cards, choose cash. But whatever you do, make sure that prudence remains your mantra.

6.      Terms and Conditions

Make a note of the retailers that have a convenient price match and return policy. This you have to do beforehand considering the fact that while some stores might expand their price matching policies, some might also cancel them on the occasion of the Black Friday. It is always better to be safe than sorry.
In the next set of tips, we will tip you on what all to remember if you are concentrating on Black Friday Furniture deals in particular.

7.      Look back

Look back at the deals that the various furniture retailers offered last year so that you can get a rough sketch on what to expect this year and what not. There are usually significant cuts on Black Friday outdoor furniture, bed frames, sofa beds, dining chairs, drawer desks etc. 

1.      Measure before you Buy


     Make sure that you are absolutely sure about which style and shape of furniture you need and of what size. Furniture is one thing that will only suit your home if it is the right size and for that measuring your allotted spaces is the first condition you should remember before you order the furniture delivery or appliance delivery at your house.

2.      Choose the correct bed

If you are waiting to buy a bed, you must be craving a good night’s sleep. The right bed is the first precondition for this. Know the measurements for the various sizes of beds and mattresses available and choose the right size for your bedroom before you order your favorite bed.

Keep these few tips handy and make the most of the deals that come your way on the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 
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