5 Reasons You Should Use The Uber-like App For Moving

  • By Easymove
  • 30 Jan 2020

New mobile apps are making our lives easier and taking services to the next level

Easymove is an app like Uber for moving, integrated with furniture delivery, junk removal, and hauling services.

According to the BBC, many people say moving is the most stressful event in their life after a family member dying. The physical strain of moving furniture up and down staircases is sure to wear out anyone, but there is more to it than just the physical aspect.

On the way out of the home you're moving out of, you'll have to make sure you have cleaned the home enough to avoid any cleaning costs from a former landlord. You have to hope you get your rental deposit back, and only time can tell.

Easymove Moving App

You'll need to make sure the thermostat is set so nothing freezes or gets too warm, then secure the home and all of the rooms. All of this stress has piled on and you have not even left the home you're moving out of yet.

Using newer modern-day options for moving such as Easymove is guaranteed to relieve you of some of the heaviest stress that comes with moving. If you negotiate with your mover properly, you might even save some money compared to if you did the entire move on your own.

Here are 5 reasons you should use apps like Uber for on-demand moving service instead of going the traditional route.

1) Skip the truck rental

It's easy to be fooled by truck rental companies like U-Haul when they advertise a moving truck rental for $19.99.
You'd think you're in for a good deal, but you'll have to expect to be hit with fuel, mileage, and other additional fees.

For example, you might get a rental for $19.99, but if you plan to return the truck at a different location than you picked it up from, you'll be looking at an additional $124.99 above and beyond the rental cost.

U-Haul and similar companies like Ryder also charge anywhere from $0.49-$0.99 per mile, in addition to your rental fee.

Easymove includes the moving truck that your mover will use, all-inclusive in the fee you negotiate with your Easymove service provider.

2) Request an Easymove service provider as soon as 15 minutes from the time of the request

Booking a typical moving company usually comes with working around their schedule and availability, but with Easymove you can be moving out within 15 minutes from the time of the request.

You can also plan far ahead and book a moving service provider months from your request. This can come in handy when you are being forced out, evicted, or just simply need to get away from that annoying roommate.

For a flat fee, you can sit back and watch your Easymove service provider move your furniture down your 17 story apartment building.


3) Your property is covered by a multi-million dollar insurance policy

Using Easymove to get your furniture and property moved out of your old home, and into your new home is safe and well insured.

Easymovers are independent contractors who have gone through background checks, extensive reviews, and backed by a multi-million dollar insurance policy. It will be a weight off of your chest knowing that your stuff is covered if anything is damaged or goes missing.

On-demand moving

4) Easymove will provide Craigslist or Facebook Market furniture delivery

Easymove service providers will help coordinate picking up furniture you're buying from Craigslist or other Facebook Market, and deliver it for you.

It's hard enough to have to move your own furniture from your old place to your new place, but having to pick up new couches and beds from Craigslist sellers is even more stressful. Shaving this piece of stress off of your plate is sure to be a game-changer in your move.

5) Negotiate your budget, get a guaranteed flat rate


On-demand Uber moving services are disrupting the moving industry with benefits like budget negotiation. When you are setting up a request with an app like Uber for moving, part of the process is negotiating with your service provider.

You'll be able to negotiate a guaranteed flat rate with no surprises on the back end of the service you receive. You won't have to worry about weight-restrictions or mileage that result in extra fees.

Easymove is not only an on-demand uber moving service, but they'll also help you with hauling stuff that can't fit in your vehicle. You can also count on an app like Uber for moving to provide you with junk removal services.

Easier to use, with more benefits than traditional movers

According to TechRepublic on-demand app services like Easymove provide next-level services, taking traditional services to the next level.

For instance, on-demand apps like Easymove include real-time tracking, giving you the option to track your stuff as it's being transported.

You can do business with Easymove from the comfort of your mobile device, without having to speak to anyone on the phone.

By using apps to request services you'll have the benefit of automatic digitization of all business interactions and documents, which is great for record-keeping or if you're in a jam and need to provide proof of payment.

Using Easymove, an app like Uber for moving, you get the benefit of customizing your experience to your liking, far more than cookie-cutter moving companies who field calls all day with the same offers and policies. 


How it works


According to the Easymove website, requesting a move and simple. First set your pick up and drop off location in the app, describe your items, and define your budget and timeline.

Next, Easymove will take it from there by sending professional movers to your location to pack and load your belongings for you. Finally, once your items are all delivered and placed where they belong you will be asked to pay the negotiated price. That's it, you're all done moving and you barely had to lift a finger!