9 Best places where to buy cheap furniture

  • By Easymove
  • 24 Jun 2019
Furnishing a home is the dream of every homeowner. However, the escalating cost of purchasing new furniture makes it hard for homeowners to keep their homes classy.
If you have an office, you may also need high-quality furniture to ensure your employees are comfortable while carrying out official duties. Luckily, there is a cheap, alternative way of getting the furniture of your dreams.

There exist various platforms where you can purchase cheap used furniture to enhance the look of your home or office. If you aspire to furnish your home or office with high-quality furniture, you should look for the platforms outlined below.

AptDeco: Buy or Sell Used Furniture

used furniture

AptDeco is an incredible platform that enables buyers and sellers of high-quality second-hand furniture to converge and make transactions.

If you are looking for sofas or chairs for your home, you will find them at AptDeco. AptDeco is a New York-based company that facilitates the transactions through pre-arranged pick-up and delivery of furniture for the convenience of the buyers. AptDeco platform handles your payments to ensure you are not scammed.

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Chairish: Used furniture Online

used furniture for sale by owner

Chairish is a site where furniture sellers and buyers meet to transact second hand curated furniture.

The site allows the sellers to upload the picture of the furniture they wish to sell and a brief description. The platform enables the sellers to get eighty percent of the sale amount after their listing is accepted and approved.

Chairish ships the product freely for buyers. The platform allows the buyers to return the product within two days if it does not meet their expectation. Chairish is also an app that can be downloaded and used conveniently by buyers and sellers.

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1st Dibs : Buy Used Furniture online

If you are looking for high-end vintage furniture, or you would like to buy used furniture or the antique collection, 1st Dibs is the best place for you. The online platform allows you to have access to high-quality furniture products from all over the world.

used furniture to sell

The cost of the furniture is relatively high, but it is worth the amount charged. If you have the right budget, finding the furniture of your choice is accessible at this online market place.


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Etsy Furniture Vintage

Etsy is an incredible platform that allows you to find used office furniture and high-quality products from various world regions.

used furniture craigslist

The platform has a collection of vintage and luxury furniture to enable you to furnish your home. Etsy also allows you to find your preferred item faster since you can narrow down your choices based on color, price, and location.

Lushpad Sell / Buy Furniture

Lushpad is an online platform that allows you to purchase high-quality modern furniture at a budget-friendly cost. As the buyer, you will have an opportunity to select your dream furniture and make payments to have your product delivered. The Vancouver based company allows you to access approved and licensed furniture conveniently.

Furnishly | Used Furniture Pick up

If you are looking for semi curated furniture, Furnishly is the best platform to use. The platform allows you to meet the seller and make an order.

Furnishly takes care of your transactions with the seller hence enabling you to plan about furniture delivery when the deal is finalized. Make your home presentable with high-quality second-hand furniture by utilizing the Furnishly platform.

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Furnishly is essential for buyers who love making their transactions online. Furnishly is based in Chicago and is committed to enabling buyers to have a great buying experience.

Fleapop Buy cheap used furniture

Fleapop is an incredible platform that allows the buyers to specify the item they need. Fleapop has an excellent user-friendly interface and enables buyers to have access to used furniture stores and new things.

Buyers can make their payments via the PayPal platform. Through the Fleapop, buyers can purchase items by tailoring their research based on the location and the item needed.

Krrb Vintage Furniture

Krrb is an app and a website that enables furniture buyers and sellers to meet. The platform allows you to discuss with your seller on the items, transactions, and delivery. You can have access to a variety of products sold in various parts of the world by specifying the location and item you need.

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Move Loot Used Furniture

Move Loot is a furniture selling platform based in Bay Area and Raleigh Durham. Move Loot enables the buyers to visit a used furniture store and make an order.

It has a warehouse where approved furniture is kept for sale conveniently for the buyer. Move Loot is an incredible platform for getting cheap quality furniture without a hassle.

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Furniture delivery same day

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