Most Popular Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Small Spaces

  • By Easymove
  • 06 Jan 2019

In this 21st century, we should not expect enough large spaces for us. But that shouldn't deter us from beautifying our home. Often times we have to compromise with the beautification part. But no more compromise. If you need a bathroom redesign, here is your guide.

Co-ordinating Marble

Using coordinating marbles throughout your small bathroom will make it look bigger with a classy look. Both walls and floors with coordinating marble pieces will give an illusion of a larger space.

                   Marble Bathroom Ideas
                                            Source: Scavullo Design

Sanctuary Bathroom

It can also be a suave bath remodel idea. Get an ultra-minimalistic tub. Keep the geometric lines simple and clean. Paint everything with pure white. You can also add a statement plant making space open and uncluttered.

                    Bathroom Inspiration
                                                         Source: Myliving-interiordesign

Lightness With Depth

Modern-day bathroom remodel ideas emphasize to use the contrast between floors and walls. So, go for deep colored tile floors and cabinets with crisp white colored walls. Use a large mirror to enlarge the space.

                   Bathroom lighting ideas
                                             Source: Home Depot


Dynamic Walls

At the time of small bathroom remodel, designers nowadays are often fond of using the combination of bold black & white botanical-pattern walls. They are of the view that this gives energy and movement to your small bathroom.

                  Bathroom wallpapers ideas 
                                                  Source: Etsy

Statement Tub

It has become usual to use statement furnishing to your bathroom. Get a large statement tub. You can keep the walls crisp white. Add an oversized window giving the bathroom an enlarged feeling.
                Fashion Tub
                                                 Source: Lonny

Byzantine Black and White

Give your bathroom a vintage look with narrow étagerè for holding towels, toiletries. Decorate the marble floor with a Byzantine pattern. Let the sink, bathtub, and faucet in compliance with the floor. You can also use an old chandelier at the center ceiling.

                                                Source: Decor

Exaggerated Floral Theme

Go floral. It is always trendy. Shop floral cabinet storage, sink, and faucets. You can use floral printed towels and toiletries. Keep a natural plant also.

                Floral Bathroom Ideas
                                              Source: Vigoindustries

Large Mirror

A large mirror on the wall can do wonders. It will fill the ambiance with regenerative energy. It helps your small bathroom look extra-large. At the same time, it looks simpler.

                 Bathroom Mirror ideas
                                           Source: Tagandtibby

Pebbled Theme

Pebbled tiles can be used from the floor to the ceiling. Combine it with sand inspired hues. From the sink to the bathtub, go on with this idea.

                 Pebbled Shower Floor
                                           Source: Beyondtile

Mural Art

Decorate your wall with black and white artwork, especially mural paintings. This will give your bathroom an enlarged look. Go with it and explore the beauty of the mural painting.

                Mural Art Bathroom
                                              Source: Wallbeard

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