7 Top Stores In Chicago where to buy cheap kitchen cabinets

  • By Easymove
  • 18 Feb 2019
How much time do you spend in your kitchen? Preparing, cooking and serving food, washing pans, and pots
and even baking breakfast cakes and pies consumes a lot of your day time.

Therefore, making the kitchen your first priority in a home improvement project is a great idea. Modernizing it especially the cabinets to make it more enjoyable to work in, to add extra time-savers and conveniences is ideal for every homemaker.

But all these things are limited by one thing, your kitchen budget. Making every kitchen expense fit into
your budget expects you to take your time in planning it.

Having perfect cabinets in a kitchen within your preferences as well as your budget is awesome, but you
need to work hard and have some patience in exploring the best stores that offer cheap kitchen cabinets.
If your budget is tight, look for cheap but quality kitchen cabinets for sale that are beautiful and appealing.
Here is a list of some store who is selling cheap kitchen cabinets in Chicago:

- CSJ Cabinet Supply
   Salesroom showcasing a variety of bathroom vanities & kitchen cabinet designs including countertops.

discount cabinets chicago

- Rebuilding Exchange

The Rebuilding Exchange is a non-profit social enterprise and our mission is to create a market for reclaimed building materials. We do this by diverting materials from landfills and making them accessible for reuse through our retail warehouse, by promoting sustainable deconstruction practices, by providing education and job training programs, and by creating innovative models for sustainable reuse.

rebuilding exchange donations

- Consumers Supply Company

Consumers Supply Company specializes in plumbing, heating, kitchens and bathrooms. Their plumbing and heating supply counter stocks all the hard to find parts with experts on staff to help you in any project big or small. Their kitchen and bath showroom displays all the popular brands with designers on staff to help your dream kitchen or bath come true. 

plumbing supply store chicago

- G & G Cabinetry

They have been building furniture since 1984. All made from solid woods for your residential home and commercial business. From living room sets, dining rooms, bedrooms and so much more. See our work under completed jobs as well as jobs in the process.    

best kitchen cabinets chicago

- Cabinets City

Cabinets City is the premier supplier of affordable yet quality cabinetry from the top manufacturers in the country. We focus on creating a functional and elegant kitchen for your home by addressing your storage needs.

used kitchen cabinets chicago

- Kent Kitchens

From start to finish, Kent Kitchens is your complete new cabinet installation, cabinet refacing, custom cabinet, and countertop company.
Kitchen design can be a very confusing and complicated process for the average homeowner. That's where Kent Kitchens comes in. Kent Kitchens has kitchen designers that can come into your home and design a kitchen for you where you want to see it….in the comfort of your own home. We believe you should see what your kitchen will look like before you put out any money!

kitchen cabinets liquidators

- Granite Design of Midwest

Granite Design of Midwest is a leading fabricator of kitchen and bathroom countertops, specializing in fabrication and installation of granite, marble, limestone and quartz materials. Our goal is to provide the highest quality countertops at the best price, focusing on the client's needs.
From the initial measurement to final installation, our team tries to achieve our goal by carefully listening to our customers, offering the best craftsmanship and delivering the final product in a timely, courteous and thorough manner.

- Euroluxe Interiors

A wide-ranging mix of modern European furnishings, including vanities, small kitchens & accessories

modern kitchen cabinets

How to choose quality and cheap cabinets

Choosing the perfect, quality and cheap cabinets requires thorough research and serious shopping. However,  here are a few tips to help you save money as well as get quality and cheap cabinets for your kitchen.

1. Make a plan

Before rushing to the market for shopping cabinets you should sit down, take a pen and a pad and give some careful thought on determining the kind style you like. Keep a sort of your kitchen overall style in mind to compliment the entire décor. Make sure you select from a wide range of materials with your budget plan in mind. Keep in mind what exactly you want to put on display to help you choose the appropriately sized cabinet and the exact number of shelves to be installed in it.

2. Do online shopping

A variety of great deals can be found on the internet. Some can even be cheaper than what you get at your local store. Browse to look for what you exactly need with a far better deal than what your local store offers, delivery included. Ikea kitchen cabinets offer best and cheap deals but they do not offer delivery. You have to fit them in your car, or can request Easymove   IKEA Delivery service. You will get Truck and Movers within 15 min.

3. Dress up your cabinet

Just jazz up your cabinet with cabinet “jewelry” to turn it from ordinary to an immaculate piece of your kitchenware. Some hardware like handles pulls, and knobs come cheap and with easy installation. Just browse through your local store to get what compliments and suits you.

4. Consider used cabinets

In most cases, cabinets that have been used for a short time are customized to fit kitchens. Don’t think that used cabinets will compromise the quality: if the wood is of high quality, it will last longer. In fact, kitchen cabinets liquidators are the best to consider. If going for rustic or country look, used cabinets are the best option. Just do a little repair or re-sanding if needed! 

You can find used kitchen cabinets in the local facebook group,  ask for the facebook recommendations or search in facebook marketplace " Used Kitchen Cabinets" " Kitchen Cabinets". Also, ask some contractors, they might have used cabinets, which you can buy for cheap.

free used kitchen cabinets near me

Beside Facebook Marketplace, you can find cheap kitchen cabinets in Offer up or Craigslist.  Search using keyword "     kitchen cabinets" and all listings will show up. 

Offerup " Used Kitchen Cabinets Listing"
used kitchen cabinets for sale chicago

Craigslist " Used Kitchen Cabinets Listing"

used kitchen cabinets for sale craigslist

5. Kitchen enriching

Plain and simple cabinets hide a lot of potentials. Choose a cabinet that reflects your lifestyle. Go through the extras and try to visualize the kind look you want: wines shelves and racks can be rolled out to create more space.

How to remodel a kitchen on a budget

Have you been thinking of remodeling your kitchen? Then there are plenty of ways to do this and save as much as possible. Here is how to remodel a kitchen on a budget

1. Don’t move anything

If you are happy with the basic layout and square footage of your kitchen, you can save a lot of cash by keeping all your appliances, gas hook-ups and plumbing in the same place.

2. Be your own contractor

You can cut out the middleman and do everything yourself. Just purchase all need in advance and hire your own carpenter, tiler, plumber, electrician, and counter-installer for specific jobs: this can save up to 25 % of your money.

3. Consider custom-made Kitchen Cabinets

You can save a lot of cash by having your cabinets custom-made by your local carpenter. Just go through commercial catalogs to determine cabinet layouts and designs you like or want, then get quotes from at least 3 carpenters to get best and cheap services.

4. Save on the right places

You can save cash on items like cabinetry hardware, sink basins, lighting, faucets, and discounted appliances. Free up more money for your limited budget by looking for areas where you will safely save more.

5. Purchase energy-saving appliances

Energy-efficient appliances will save a lot of money on future electricity, water and gas bills. Remember to go for stainless steel. Once you need appliance delivery service use delivery app like Easymove.

Your dream kitchen design and layout with quality and cheap cabinets you love is a place to be. Save a lot of money when planning to install, remodel or buy any kitchen item by following the above guidelines.

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