Where to Buy Kitchen, Bathroom, Storage Furniture : IKEA, Houzz, Kohls, Walmart, Target

  • By Easymove
  • 21 Mar 2019
No matter how big your house is, you can never have enough storage spaces. There always has some
things that lack storage.

Have you ever heard someone complain that they have too much storage space? No!

People are always looking for ways to maximize the storage areas in their homes. The most affected
rooms are usually the kitchen, bathroom and storage space for your kid’s toys. One such way of maximizing
space is through storage furniture.

Here is a detailed outline on how to choose storage furniture for kitchens, bathrooms, and toys including where to buy them.


Storage furniture for the kitchen

They say your kitchen is as good as how well it is arranged.  The kitchen practically carries all the appliances and cutlery in the house. This raises the need for sufficient storage to hold all these items. Kitchen cabinets are the most common storage furniture for the kitchen. They are the kitchen’s backbone and thus should be carefully picked out.

kitchen organization

Factors to consider when choosing storage furniture for the kitchen.

If you want to achieve a tidy kitchen with sufficient storage, you should consider the following;

  Type of kitchen cabinet- this has a lot to do with your tastes and preferences. You could either go for custom cabinets, semi-custom cabinets or stock cabinets.

 Kitchen layout- the layout will help you decide on the best place to install the cabinets without cramping the kitchen area.

storage cabinet with doors

Storage space- kitchen cabinets with more space are easier to work with. Ensure that the cabinets have enough drawers, shelves, racks, etc. to maximize storage space.

Quality- high-quality kitchen cabinets ensure that they last long in their optimal condition.

Material- wood is the most common material and maybe oak, maple, cider, birch etc. Choose the type of material that you find easy to maintain. Ensure that it doesn’t need constant replacements and repairs.

You should also consider the cabinet doors. Preferably, the doors should perfectly compliment the style and décor of your kitchen.

Best practices on how to maximize kitchen storage.

Figure out which appliances can be fixed in the walls and which ones should remain on the counter.
Pick a finish that is durable and easy to clean.  Make sure you leave enough space for navigation as you work in the kitchen. Don’t forget to choose kitchen cabinets that have an attractive design.

Storage furniture for the bathroom.

Chances are, at one point in your life you have been in a hectic morning rush. How frustrating is it when you can’t find your hairbrush? With storage furniture for the bathroom, morning rushes aren’t so hectic anymore and it becomes easier to find your personal effects as you take a shower.

bathroom storage furniture

Factors to consider when choosing storage furniture for the bathroom.

Style and design- the decor and design of your bathroom should guide you in picking storage furniture. The cabinetry should be consistent with the bathroom’s design and style.

Storage space- if your bathroom is full of clutter, it is important that you choose storage furniture that is spacious.

The number of users- if the whole family shares one bathroom, you should go for bigger storage furniture.

Tips on picking the best bathroom storage furniture.

If our bathroom is small with limited space, you should consider floating shelves. To maximize storage space, make use of a wall niche. For those who don’t favor built-in storage furniture, hutches are a great option. You could also use a basket to store excess clutter that can’t fit on the shelves and cabinets.

Storage furniture for toys.

Kid’s toys have the ability to make a home look disorganized. The thing about children is that they always want toys but will drop them anywhere in the house. To prevent the house from looking cluttered, furniture storage for toys is important.

Factors to consider when choosing furniture storage for toys.

Style and design- bear in mind that your child will be a regular user. Go for storage furniture that is beautifully designed and has a fun aspect to it.

The number of toys- how many toys are there? How big are they? This will help you choose storage furniture with sufficient space.

kids room decor

Age of children- getting storage furniture that is high would not be suitable for small children. Pick the furniture based on the child’s age and height.

Safety- children are unpredictable. To avoid accidents, have the storage furniture fitted to the walls and be childproofed.

Buy storage furniture with some lockable compartments so as to store toys that require supervision. If you have little space for the storage furniture, consider installing floating shelves.

They provide great 
storage without making the house look congested. Consider having the lower part of the storage furniture open. This way you can store toys that your children frequently use.

Where can you buy storage furniture?

There are various places where you can buy all kinds of storage furniture. They include online shops and stores, local furniture shops, hiring a handyman, etc. All you have to do is conduct research on the best places to buy or ask for a referral from friends and relatives.

kids escape room

Are you looking for storage furniture?

Storage furniture is the backbone of most households. It helps you achieve a neatly arranged home even with all the many items around. Before buying, it is important that you consider the abovementioned factors. This ensures that the storage furniture picked is not only appropriate but also suitable for your home and which that makes your home look neat anyway.


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