30+ Stores in Your Area That Buy Used Furniture

03 Mar 2020 by Easymove

If you want to get rid of your old furniture because you are moving or want to declutter your home, one of the first things you must have done is run this google search – ‘stores that buy used furniture near me’.

With a $113 billion furniture industry, the USA is definitely a mature market for buying or selling new as well as used furniture.

According to Statista, the estimated online furniture and homewares sales in the US were close to $200 billion in 2019 alone.

A survey by Statista indicated that 40 percent of U.S. homeowners purchased and/or imagined themselves purchasing second-hand furniture for their living room.

Thousands of searches for stores that buy used furniture are performed online every month. There is a lot of information out there, but this information overload sometimes becomes quite overwhelming.

In this guide, we are going to make it easier for you by listing the top 30-plus places that buy used furniture.

We are confident that at least some of these places are in your area.
This guide will also explain how to list your furniture for sale online without having to actually visit a brick-or-mortar store.

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Here is the list of all the places potentially near you that buy used furniture:

1.     Craigslist

Instead of going to stores in your area that would buy your used furniture, you can make them come to you by listing on Craigslist.

Apart from regular buyers, many stores actively look for people selling used furniture on Craigslist.

So by listing your furniture on Craigslist, you expand the pool of potential buyers.

If you are worried how you would deliver the furniture after selling it on Craigslist, we have got you covered!

Easymove offers on-demand
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list of cities where you can order any type of moving help with a just few taps on your smartphone.

2.     Facebook Marketplace

Local stores are usually active on ‘buy and sell furniture’ groups on Facebook in search of good deals.

Don’t believe us? Just search for ‘stores that buy used furniture near me’ on Facebook Marketplace, and you will find a lot of groups where you can list your items and start getting offers on them.

3.     Local classified ads

Newspapers are still widely read and trusted. You can list your furniture for sale by publishing a classified ad in prominent newspapers of your area. Find out how much they charge for a classified ad.

In some cases, it’s free. Classified ads are a great way to get enquiries from local store owners as well as regular buyers.

4.     Easymove marketplace

Easymove app not only provides on-demand moving help, but also gives you access to a list of all the stores in your area that will buy used furniture from you.

Easymove is a hyperlocal moving app connecting furniture buyers, movers and store owners in real time.

5.     Selling furniture to consignment stores in your area  

Consignment stores are in almost all big neighbourhoods throughout America. You will definitely find a consignment store near you to sell used furniture.

The best part is that you don’t need to be bothered about pricing your used furniture.

The store owner will put a price tag and sell the furniture on your behalf.

The store owner will get a percentage from the proceeds of the sale.

6.     Selling furniture to antique stores in your area  

Is your furniture antique? If the answer is yes, you should try antique furniture stores in your area rather than selling it to a regular furniture store.
You will likely get a better price.

7.     Used Furniture Stores

Used furniture stores are different from consignment stores. These stores buy furniture from you and then sell it for a profit.

While selling to a used-furniture store, make sure that you price your items properly and know how much to sell them for.

8.     Garage sale or estate sale

Be ready to haggle as most buyers will offer the lowest price possible. Whether to organize a yard sale or not depends on the type and condition of furniture items.

If you don’t want to organize a garage sale on your own, you can make a list of all the yard sales being organized by other people in your area.

Contact these people and ask if they can accommodate your used furniture items also in their sale.

Estate sales are different from garage sales. If you have inherited an estate, you can hire an appraiser to determine how much to sell used furniture for.

Alternatively, you can organize an auction and sell furniture items to the highest bidders.

9.     Reddit

Many people use Reddit sub-directories to find consignment and used furniture stores in their city. Reddit helps them connect with the store owners and also discuss and get answers to their questions related to selling used furniture in the forum.

If you live in a large city such as Chicago, you can definitely find a relevant Reddit subdirectory dedicated to selling and buying furniture items.

1.     Letgo: Free is free.

2.      eBay: You can organize an auction or sell at a fixed price. You will pay a 13% commission fee on the final selling price.

3. Listing fee is $1.

4.      Etsy: Up to 6.5% commission fee on the final selling price.

5.     Chairish: Commission is 30% of the sales for items less than 10. The commission is reduced to 20% if you are selling 10 or more items.

6.      Viyet: The platform has minimum price threshold. For furniture, the minimum price is $1000. The platform charges you 40% of the sales price.

7.      AptDeco: Listing is free, but you will pay 21% of the sales price as commission fee.

8.     1stdibs: One of the best platforms to sell antique and vintage furniture. You need to submit a dealer application in order to get approved and start listing your used furniture.

9.      Apartment Therapy Marketplace: Listing is free. You pay $1 per listing to promote your listing.

10. Route 66 Furniture: You get 50% of the final sales price.

11. Oodle: List for free and meet the potential buyers in person.

12.OfferUp: Listing your used furniture is free.

13. Recycler: Listing is free. Submit as many as 25 listings at once.

14.Bonanza: It’s a good alternative to Amazon and eBay. You can set up your own online store.

15.Pinterest:  Like Facebook, Pinterest marketplace is one of the best social media platforms to sell used furniture.

16.eBid: An alternative to eBay. Commission fee is 3%.

17.Bookoo: Best if you live near a military base. Listing is free.

18.Ruby Lane: Best if you are planning to sell vintage and antique furniture as a profession. Open your online store on Ruby with a $100 sign up. You pay a monthly fee and listing fee and also a commission fee of up 3.75% on each item sold.

19. Furniture Finders: Best suited for selling office furniture in bulk. The platform connects with local dealers.

20. Geebo: Known for ‘Safe Trade’ transactions (in which you meet the buyer at a local police department), Geebo is a good option if you live in a big city such as Chicago.

21. It’s free to list your furniture on this classified ads platform.

22. Remoov: Suitable if you want to make a quick buck from the clutter. You receive 50% of the sales price.

23. Southby’s Home: Best suited if you have expensive designer furniture to sell. You receive 50% of the sales price.

24.Trove: You can list your items for free, but you pay a 10% commission fee.


Hope this guide answers to your search for ‘places that buy used furniture near me’. Finding a used furniture store or consignment shop in your area doesn’t necessarily have to be cumbersome.

As already mentioned in this guide, you can get the list of all the stores near you on the Easymove app. You can go through their listed inventory to determine whether they buy the type of furniture you want to sell.

You will also get an idea of the price and how much to sell used furniture for by comparing listing price for various types of items. So let’s say for example, you have a dining table.

You can look at all the dining tables listed for sale on the Easymove app and compare prices for tables that are similar in size and condition.


If you are using an online platform to sell used furniture, it is recommended that you use high quality images and provide a very good description.

This will make your listing stand out, improving your chances of selling fast and for the best possible price. 

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