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 1 year ago

Why to book Easymove for any on-demand local delivery needs in Chicago

Every once in a while we all find ourselves in a rather difficult position. We managed to get a promotion at work and with the extra income we decide that it is time for...
 1 year ago

5 Reasons You Should Use The Uber-like App For Moving

New mobile apps are making our lives easier and taking services to the next level Easymove is an app like Uber for moving, integrated with furniture delivery, junk re...
 2 years ago

Easymove partners with House of Gigs. Now Easymovers will get No-Fee Bank Account.

The news is spreading like flames that Easymove has made a partnership with House of Gigs, the back-office the platform aimed for the gig workers. And it just strengthens...
 3 years ago

Easymove: the Number One Moving Platform | Digital Journal

Easymove: the Number One On-Demand Moving and Furniture Delivery agency in Chicago, Miami, and Austin. The Uber of moving, as it is popularly called, Easymove is very si...