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21 Mar

10 Must Know Facts While Moving by Yourself and Hiring Movers in Chicago

  • 2 weeks ago by EasyMove

Are you planning on moving? You can choose to either move by yourself or hire a moving company to help you. Moving by yourself can be very stressful but is less expensive...

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13 Mar

What should you know before Moving to Chicago after College?

  • 3 weeks ago by EasyMove

Chicago offers abundant job opportunities and added more jobs at the rate of 0.6 percent in 2019. Almost every sector of the economy recorded higher employment rates last...

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21 Feb

Top 10 Neighborhoods in Chicago to Move and Live In This Year (Chicago Guide)

  • 1 month ago by EasyMove

Going to live in another city that is not yours can be very intimidating and confusing. If it can be Chicago, they can offer you several neighborhoods to meet all kinds o...

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01 Feb

Moving to Northbrook, IL? Your 2020 Guide to Best Places, Apartments, Shopping & Schools

  • 2 months ago by EasyMove

Whether you are moving to Northbrook permanently or looking for an apartment to rent, you will definitely fall in love with this beautiful village located on the north sh...

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06 Dec

Where to donate used items and how donation pick-up works

  • 3 months ago by EasyMove

Are you worried about how you would get rid of old furniture, clothes and other things that you no longer need when you are moving to a new place? Well, you have two opti...

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06 Nov

Should you move to Logan Square Chicago? Here’s what you must know

  • 4 months ago by EasyMove

Logan Square in Chicago is known for its bars, shopping destinations – particularly the Farmer’s Market, thrift stores, and restaurants offering global cuisines. It’s one...

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29 Oct

Important things to know before moving Hyde Park Chicago? Here is your local expert’s guide

  • 5 months ago by EasyMove

Home to the University of Chicago - one of the pioneering educational institutes in the nation, Hyde Park is considered Chicago’s most diverse and vibrant neighborhood, a...

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15 Oct

Important things to know before moving to Rogers Park, Chicago

  • 5 months ago by EasyMove

Home to over 60,000 residents, Rogers Park is considered one of the most diverse, vibrant and peaceful neighborhoods in Chicago. The people from over 70 nationalities c...

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03 Oct

6 Reasons why you should move to Edgewater in Chicago

  • 6 months ago by EasyMove

If you are planning to move to Chicago, you must be looking for the best places to live in the Windy City. Whether you are searching for Chicago neighborhoods online or c...

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21 Sep

6 Important Things to Consider When Moving to a New City Alone

  • 6 months ago by EasyMove

Are you planning to move to a new city by yourself? Well if the answer is yes, we would like to tell you that you are not alone. Over 40 million Americans – roughly 14% o...

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20 Sep

When is the Best Time to Move and Book Movers?

  • 6 months ago by EasyMove

The percentage of Americans that moved in 2018 equated to 14% of the population (or roughly 40 million), according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau report. People move to...

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30 Jul

How often are you moving ?

  • 1 year ago by EasyMove

Let’s be honest, regardless of how many times a person has to move from one place to another it NEVER seems to get any easier. At times, apartments and house moves appear...