How to move cheaply, decorate, and furnish an apartment with Easymove

03 Jul 2020 by Easymove

Last week on Wednesday, I was helping his friend, Cate, move to her newly bought apartment in Chicago  after she got a job transfer previous month, and honestly, the experience wasn't that nice. One of the main challenges we encountered was packing items in an orderly manner for transport and bearing in mind that some things like the table furniture and a TV set required a particular type of transportation.

For sure, it took us almost a whole day to conclude arranging these items, but alas! That wasn't enough yet to start our journey. We had underestimated the quantity of these items since the capacity of her pickup could accommodate everything according to our moving checklist.


The experience almost discouraged us, but fortunately, an idea about how to hire reliable local movers near me hit my mind.

The good news is that Easymove local movers' services had all forms of specialized transport means besides being quite affordable and at only $350 to her new apartment


So, how does the Easymove moving services works?

We agreed, and Cate's boyfriend, Jayden, proposed that we should hire local movers via Easymove app furniture delivers, and it turned to be one of the best home moving solution someone could have ever thought about today.

To our surprise, it was easy to hire Easymove moving services than we could imagine. Cate immediately contacted the Easymove pickup services to provide her new apartment address.
Besides, she preferred her items picked on Tuesday morning by 9:00 am so that they would be at her new apartment on the same day. To ensure that her flat-screen TV set and the delicate table room furniture remain in good condition while in transit, she further indicated that she had some fragile items that required special handling and care. She even went on to attach pictures of these items and her $ 350 budget, but after negotiating, she received a 3% discount after delivery.

Her preferred mode of payment was PayPal, and to her surprise, there were no additional or hidden costs since she paid a flat amount of $315 after her job was done accordingly.

Inevitably, Easymove turned out to be the most reliable and affordable means of moving our luggage. It was surprising to realize that we could have only spend less than a day to have all our items moved to our new apartment.

It is mainly possible due to their immense experience in creating an accurate moving checklist that can precisely estimate the required capacity to have all items transported at once.

Besides, all chores such as packaging, sorting among were undertaken by the Easymove local movers making our job easy than we thought.

Is it wise to use the old apartment furniture to decorate your new apartment?

On Thursday evening, Easymove local movers had already brought all her items in her new apartment, and you can imagine how happy she was. Surely moving to a new apartment is full of excitement and that sense of accomplishment.

You could notice her happiness on her face as she surveyed the interior of her new living rooms and structures. What delighted her most was the living room and the kitchen due to their unique design.

Everything was just okay until she tried to fill the interior of her new apartment using the old furniture from her old apartment in a similar manner to the previous design.

furnish an apartment cheap

She expected that the old furniture could fit perfectly in this new apartment, but unfortunately, it didn't work and all of a sudden, her happiness is gone. Admittedly, we didn't know that the interior design of her new apartment and that of the old apartment were different and that new furniture items were the only solution to this issue.

It, therefore, proved that it isn't wise to use the old furniture to decorate your new apartment but somewhat more knowledgeable to come up with a plan on how to decorate a residence on a budget and with the perfect outcome.

Do the Easymove offer high-quality interior design services?

Yes! Once you move to your new apartment, it was evident that you need a professional interior designer, and the good news is that the Easymove interior design services are always readily available and affordable.

Without hesitation, Cate took pictures of her new apartment using her phone camera and send them to Easymove designers for review. She then received an email to pick her favorite interior style, and within an hour, the Easymove app had already generated an interior design catalog.

Besides, Easymove can go ahead and connect you with a dedicated personal interior designer from whom you can consult on how to customize interior design affordably.

Can you furnish an apartment for cheap and still get a perfect home décor?

It was to my surprise that one could get their new apartment well decorated with approximately $1,000 or less.

Despite the current pandemic, Nick was lucky enough to secure a well-paying job in New Yolk early this month, and he decided to move to the new apartment he had previously bought on a mortgage.
Servicing a mortgage and decorating from scratch meant that he must embrace a low-cost home décor to save and invest rather than spending all of his entire income and at the same time without compromising high quality.

Since it is possible to have a low cost home décor for a new apartment and have the items derived by Easymove furniture delivery service providers within an hour after purchase, Nick had to change his address with the USPS. Note that changing address was necessary before purchasing his furniture items from a local furniture store in New Yolk so that Easymove could deliver them to his new apartment without inconveniences.

So how did Nick furnish his apartment for cheap and still got a perfect home décor?

General ideas on how you can decorate an apartment on a budget in 2020 by using Easymove app.

Remember, whenever you are moving into your new apartment, there are two main spaces that you must prioritize, and others follow. These are the bedroom, the living room.

Besides, it is crucial to focus on how the new furniture items will affordably and timely reach at your new apartment after purchasing them.

1. Buy a Coffee table worth $40 on Facebook Marketplace.

It should also match the interiors of your room. Do you know that you can quickly get a cheap but high-quality coffee table on your Facebook Marketplace today?

Since the next most important piece to consider for your living room is a double-duty coffee table or an ottoman. Don't get troubled wondering which is the best variety, quantity, or affordable delivery services.

Let the Easymove interior designers connect you with a dedicated personal interior designer whom you can consult and also customize your interior design according to items you wish to buy.

Easymove will also ensure timely delivery of your coffee table and probably within less than an hour after purchase. If the interior design of your living room allows, I would recommend you select a narrow, rectangular coffee table or ottoman that can work as well as a table or bench.

Yes, you should as well add a tray on your coffee table to set your drinks easily. The good news is that many coffee tables include internal storage for magazines or blankets.

2. Purchase an affordable Sofas ($ 250) on Easymove Marketplace.

Yes! One of the advantages of purchasing your furniture items on local furniture stores such as on Facebook Marketplace is that you get a wide variety of things to buy in terms of price, model and shape Buy Sofa that matches the interior of your living room color.

It is essential to understand that there are various models, shapes, and sizes, and each of these factors determines the overall sofa price, so ensure to invest wisely.

For instance, a more massive sofa that can fit well on one side of a large living room is better than having three small sofas on one side. One the other hand, if you are dealing with a relatively small living room, you can still get plenty of medium apartment sofas that are not only comfortable but also stylish just like the larger ones.

On average, a classic sofa set will cost approximately $ 250 at most local furniture stores plus an additional $ 20 transport cost.

The good news is that Easymove furniture delivery services are now available in all states, and this means you can receive your items within an hour after purchase via Easymove.

Besides, you get Easymove promotional bonus when you purchase on a large scale, so ensure you order all your items via Easymove to enjoy this bonus.

How to purchase from local furniture stores and have them derived next to your door by using Easymove app

After her online graduation two months ago, Jane decided to relocate from her small house in Florida to a bigger home in Mississippi where she could settle.

Her main challenge was on how to furnish an apartment for cheap and still get an ultra-modern living and bedroom.

She, however, managed to provide her new apartment by purchasing cheap furniture on Facebook Market place, which was then derived by Easymove furniture movers.

furniture delivery same day

So how did Jane manage to have affordable furniture equipment?

• Using her phone camera, Cate took several high definition pictures of her new apartment and sent them via her Facebook app to the Easymove interior designers. Note, it is essential to have a clear picture of the new apartment.
They help the interior designers process the most suitable furniture items for your room.

• She chose her favorite style. Remember, each modern apartment requires a unique style, and this will enable the Easymove interior designers to generate the most favorite inter design. Once she got satisfied with the final interior design created by Easymove interior designers, she then went on to purchase the recommended items.

• Saving on transport cost was another priority, and this meant she had to buy most of her furniture items from Facebook Market place and then have her furniture items derived via Easymove local furniture deliveries.


How much does it cost to decorate a dining room on a budget?

In most cases, moving to a new apartment is an expensive activity. It involves incurring transport costs, purchasing new utilities, late bills, and deposits, among other unseen expenses.

However, these shouldn't be an excuse for not decorating your new apartment and living in a well-decorated and comfy home. One such strategy to have your new apartment well decorated is embracing the low cost home décor plan.

It involves purchasing cheap, but high-quality furniture items on local furniture online store and picking a reliable and affordable delivery means to reduce the transport costs.
There are several furniture items you can easily purchase on your local furniture store and have them derived by Easymove movers within less than an hour after purchase. They include. Tables and chairs roughly $ 500. It is prudent to choose multi-purpose tables that you can use for several purposes.
You better spend much on your meals that have a perfect display and then have a secondhand chair if it isn't possible to buy both at the same time.

Remember, if your kitchen will still apply as your dining room, then consider including a tall bar table rather than having two dining tables.

A relatively taller table setup can as well serve as your breakfast and dining table, storage spot, food prep, and mini office space. Window treatments. Your new apartment can only appear finished when you have well-covered windows.
Besides, window curtains and blinds help you get the privacy that you need. Whether you choose simple curtains or blinds, always ensure to include window treatment to the living room of your new apartment.

Don't know where to buy cheap furniture?

There are several online furniture stores where you can get high-quality furniture items. For instance, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are two popular local sellers across the U.S. Once you purchase your favorite window blinds and curtains, you have them derived to your next to your door by the Easymove movers within an hour.

The transport charges are usually affordable and still negotiable. For instance, last week, I bought ten large curtains on Facebook Marketplace for my sisters' new apartment and paid only $ 30. It took only 45 minutes to have them derived. It was a great experience ordering via Easymove delivery

Things you must keep in mind when planning to furnish an apartment for cheap.

1. Personalize and layer your new apartment with your newly bough accessories.

One of the best ways of turning your new apartment to be more comfortable and welcoming is having everything personalized according to your taste and in every unique style.

However, this is possible only when you have professional and dedicated personal interior designers. For these reasons, Easymove can also connect you with such interior designers for consultation and customization of your new apartment interior design. Undoubtedly, your new apartment feels homier after personalizing.

Tips on how to personalize your new apartment.

• Get high quality and affordable floor lamps. They are flexible and help you keep your tabletops free to accommodate more books and other items.
• Rugs help you wipe any dirt from floors besides helping your room stay warm.
• Curtains and window blinds help add beauty to a sterile space as well as muffling noise, maybe from particular noise neighbors.
• Both tall shelving units and long ceiling curtains touching floor help enhance the vertical aspect of your room, thus making it appear relatively more significant.
• Peel off wallpaper, posters, paintings, wall decals, and fabric on stretchers enable dress up your apartment wall even when no art is allowed on the walls.

Don't know how to purchase the above items?

The sure thing is that decorate an apartment on a budget requires sacrifice and discipline. One way to accomplish this is by having an affordable market and delivery services. Visit your local furniture store today, for instance, the Facebook or Easymove Marketplace and make your order and let Easymove deriver your items next to your doorpost. The extraordinary thing about Easymove furniture deliveries is that you can negotiate for the delivery cost. Besides, you get your details derived within one hour after purchase.

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