6 Reasons why you should move to Edgewater in Chicago

  • By Easymove
  • 03 Oct 2019

If you are planning to move to Chicago, you must be looking for the best places to live in the Windy City. Whether you are searching for Chicago neighborhoods online or consulting your friends and family about this, you must have repeatedly come across the name of one neighborhood: Edgewater.

Edgewater is one of the most sought-after community areas in Chicago, and for good reasons. Diverse community, close proximity to amenities, low crime rate, top-rated schools and beaches are some of the desirable attractions making Edgewater a popular destination among families and individuals alike.

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Here are some of the reasons why you should consider Edgewater after moving to Chicago:

Opportunity to live on the shores of Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is popular among not only the Chicago residents, but holidaymakers also. One of the five Great Lakes of North America, Lake Michigan is a major tourist attraction in Chicago and by moving to Edgewater, you get the opportunity to live close to the lake and enjoy the beauty and charm that this popular destination adds to the area.

lake michigan chicago tourism

A wide selection of beautiful waterfront homes is another reason for the area’s popularity among home buyers as well as renters. Going by the number of listings on Zillow, Realtor and other real estate websites, you will find about 100 homes and apartments listed for sale in Edgewater most weeks. It means that you’ll have a lot of options when you are in the Edgewater housing market looking for a home to buy. And the best part is the listing price begins at just $150,000, so you can easily find a home in your budget despite the fact that it is the most beautiful lakefront community in Chicago. There are also a lot of options if you are looking for a place to rent in Edgewater.

You will love the beaches near Edgewater. Kathy Osterman, Foster Avenue, Montrose, Thorndale Avenue, Lane Beach Park, Tobey Prinz, Leone and Hartigan Park are some of the popular beaches near Edgewater where you can enjoy a wide verity of activities and spend a great day with friends and family.

Low crime rate

Compared to most neighborhoods in Chicago, Edgewater is a safe area to live in. There are a total of 77 community areas in Chicago. Edgewater ranks among the 10 safest communities. The crime rate crime rate is 3.3 (violent crimes per 1,000 people), compared to citywide 9.3.

Diverse community

Regardless of your ethnic, religious or racial background, you will feel right at home after moving to Edgewater. Drawn by its family-friendly environment, a lot of people from different ethnic backgrounds have settled down in Edgewater and now call this beautiful area their home. It is for this reasons that Edgewater is now home to people of all ages, incomes, cultures and walks of life.

Almost 25% of the population is aged between 25 and 35 years, so it’s like living in a young person’s town. It is a good place to celebrate international festivals, such as Chinese Moon Festival, Chinese Dragon Boat Festivals and so on. You can also celebrate Indian, Arabic festival as well.

Enjoy a vibrant life

Are you a food lover? If so, you would love living in Edgewater. There are many popular international restaurants in and around this area where you can enjoy all kinds of dishes such as Chinese, Indian, Mexican, African and Vietanese. Edgewater is also a favorite destination for parties, particularly during the spring, summer and fall time. You can play some games near the Edgewater beaches or simply go for a jog with your furry friends.

Despite all this hustle and bustle, Edgewater neighborhoods are where you can stay away from the crowd and noise of Chicago! It's known as a quiet place to live with plenty of daytime activities and quiet pubs and restaurants to while away the evening hours.

Top-rated schools

One of the reasons why families love Edgewater is that many top-rated public and private schools serve this community. Here are some of the notable elementary, middle and high (public) schools in Edgewater:

·        Hayt Elementary School

·        Peirce Elementary Intl Studies School

·        Swift Elementary Specialty School

·        Rickover Naval Academy High School

edgewater schools

Tourism-based economy

While you can find employment in a verity of industries in Edgewater, you will particularly love to live in this neighborhood due to easy job opportunities in the tourism sector.

Students and people looking for side hustle can easily find part-time jobs here. A lot of students and young people work as part-time movers with Easymove. You can get a lot of opportunities to make money as a mover because Edgewater draws thousands of temporary residents every year. Besides you can find part-time jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry or at any of the hundreds of restaurants, bars, cafes and nightclubs in the area.

Best neighborhoods to buy a home in Edgewater

Edgewater is home to many popular neighborhoods. Andersonville, Edgewater Glen, Broadway and Sheridan Road are some of the most sought-after neighborhoods. Homes are available for all levels of household incomes. The median listing price for single-family home is about $450,000, while the median listing price for condos is just $150,000.

edgewater chicago neighborhoods

High-rise condominiums and apartment buildings dot the lakefront buildings. As already mentioned, you can buy a lakefront flat for $150,000.

Final thoughts

Edgewater is rated as one of the top four neighborhoods on Chicago’s North side, alongside neighboring communities of Lincoln Park, Lincoln Square and North Center. Low crime, great homes and other cultural assets are some of the features that make them desirable to live in.

So if you are moving to Chicago, you should definitely explore Edgewater neighborhoods. And if you need help with moving your stuff in Edgewater or any other Chicago neighborhood, Easymove has got you covered!

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