Top 10 Neighborhoods in Chicago to Move and Live In This Year (Chicago Guide)

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  • 21 Feb 2020

Going to live in another city that is not yours can be very intimidating and confusing. If it can be Chicago, they can offer you several neighborhoods to meet all kinds of lifestyles.

There are peculiar residential neighborhoods for families, including very high-end lofts for young people who are dedicated to the most important sectors of the economy, also before nature and art. All of them will find their place in this city.

Moving to Logan Square

apartments  in Logan Square

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Population: 135, 439
Median Age: 32.1

- Logan Square: it is located in the downtown area of ​​Chicago. It is full of a large community of urban creatives and trends.

Palmer Square is a favorite among locals. This seven-acre green space was envisioned back in the 1870s as part of the city’s boulevard system and still serves as a popular congregating space for residents today.
Pack a picnic, bring a book or just pause for a moment to appreciate this unique Logan Square park.

You can walk on Logan Boulevard, go see a movie at the Logan Theathe (it's an old theater from 1915).

The average rental of pisps is around $ 1,200.

There are also several restaurants where you can go to eat, you can find from Michelin-starred places, to noodle shops or pizzerias.
There is a one-year Sunday Farmers Market, minimal boutiques and coffee shops. For the night, you can go to bars where they will give you high-end concteles or local breweries. 

Moving To Avondale

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Median Age: 32.2

- Avondale: they are booming as a good neighborhood for young people. It is being revived due to the nightlife and the more or less current influx of restaurants.

Although there are places of historical interest that you can visit, such as the Basilica of San Jacinto, or see a show at the Prop THTR (it is a store theater that presents original works that were in classical literature).

If you like shopping, you have a wide variety of pop stores. You can get close to the restaurants inserted in buffets that come from the old munfo or the hamburgers instilled in Iron Maiden among others.

You can enjoy local and craft beers in the taverns or inc good bars where they prepare the cocktails you want. The average rental price is about $ 1,100.

Moving to Lake View

Moving company in Lake View

Population: 168,180
Median Age:30.7

- Lakeview: is one of the quietest neighborhoods to move to Chicago during the day, but it's full of life at night. It is one of the most important centers for nightlife, since it connects the 4 small party cities.

During the day you can go to local boutiques, vintage record stores with other shopping areas.
You can walk the Lakefront Trail.
Apartments in Lakeview Chicago may often be described by their relative distance from the neighborhood’s most famous landmark, Wrigley Field.

The second oldest baseball stadium in America can be found at the corner of Addison and Clark, and the buzz that surrounds the park on any given game day fuels a micro-neighborhood, aptly named Wrigleyville, comprised of the surrounding taverns, restaurants and apartments.

Aside from the happenings at Wrigley Field, Lakeview has much more to offer residents. 

The average rent is usually about $ 1,700.

Moving to West Loop

movers in West Loop

- West Loop: it is an old neighborhood that was responsible for packing the meat, it has been transformed into a gastronomic paradise.
In particular, it is worth noting the Restaurant Row with the best menus to try high-end, other ramen stores or sandwich shops.

In addition, you can also visit the National Hellenic Museum. You can visit old stores in Fulton Market, also art galleries, boutique hotels and unique vintage stores.

In summer, there are live music shows.

The average rental price is around 2,400 dollars.

Moving to Edgewater

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Median Age: 36.2

- Edgewater: This Chicago neighborhood is located on the shores of Lake Michigan, so it offers one of the best views of the city.
It is an old neighborhood reminiscent of the 20s of Chicago, with well-preserved architecture and shopping centers that are old.

You can visit the Broadway antique market. It is a neighborhood with a great variety of cultures about European and African immigrants, especially.
The average rent for an apartment in this area is around $ 1,200.

Moving to Lincoln Park

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Median Age: 30.7

- Lincoln Park: surrounded by the best-kept gardens in Chicago, with historic ponds and gardens. The residences have green spaces facing the lake. It has some attractions such as free zoos such as the Lincoln Park Zoo or the Theater at the park.

There are places where you can have an ice cream with a multitude of flavors throughout the world. You can also see historic houses and old boutiques.

There are restaurants that give you a unique experience such as Alinea, here they offer an internationally renowned menu.
The average rent for this neighborhood is around $1,900 dollars.

Moving to Pilsen

Moving to Pilsen

- Pilsen: it is one of the best neighborhoods to live in Chicago, it is loaded with Latin culture. You can see its murals, its music venues and restaurants that make it stand out among other neighborhoods.

It has a colorful street art, both buildings and other structures, you can also see works by emerging artists in the Gallery Nights that are held every second Friday of the month.

As for gastronomy, you can enjoy the best Mexican food with bakeries, wineries and different family restaurants. You can enjoy art at the Museum of Mexican Art with large exhibits such as Frida Khalo's portrait.
The average rent is around $ 1,400.

Moving to Lincoln Square

- Lincoln Square: it is a neighborhood that offers a bit of Germany and where the family can travel all kinds of cobbled streets of the Old World full of shops and restaurants.

It is one of the best places to make local purchases like toys at Timeless Toys. It can also be a good place as a local gastronomic destination such as the Chopping Block. You can find French restaurants and bars with the best cocktails. You can go watch the movie at The Davis Theater.

The rent in this neighborhood is usually around $ 1,200 on average.

Moving to River North

- River North: it is a very elegant neighborhood that offers a good urban life in Chicago. It is full of art stores galleries, it is home to the best night scenes where there are options to go to trendy bars and exclusive clubs.
It is the ideal place for people who like art, design and party.
You can eat and dance in TAO, a restaurant and club with a fusion. The average rent is around $ 2,700.

Moving to Bucktown

- Bucktown: it is a good opportunity for a neighborhood for singles. It gives you ideal dating places. You can also visit record stores and noodle restaurants, along with other stores that are second-hand.

You can go to the best coffee shops, art galleries, bookstores and other very elegant restaurants in Chicago. You have a great nightlife with bars, pubs and clubs very well located.
It has a good connection with bike lanes.
The average rent in this area is around 2,000 dollars.

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