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  • By Easymove
  • 08 Aug 2018

Easymove: the Number One On-Demand Moving and Furniture Delivery agency in Chicago, Miami, and Austin.

The Uber of moving, as it is popularly called, Easymove is very similar to the popular transportation agency, with the only major difference is that instead of being used for transporting people, Easymove is used for retail store delivery,junk removal, donation drop-off, home depot, menard pickup or delivery, Craiglist delivery, offer-up delivery, let-go pickup or delivery, storage moves, and every other kinds of property movement or transportation



                                                         Easymove Coverage area

                       Chicago, IL                                                  Miami, FL


About Easymove

Founded in Chicago, Illinois, Easymove is a start-up on-demand moving and  furniture moving agency. They have recently expanded their services to Miami and New York, with plans of moving to Austin real soon.

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