Home remodeling: The average room size in a house in United States

14 Mar 2019 by Easymove

We all like to think about the glamor of a new home more than anything else when it comes to home remodeling. The ideal home remodel is always focused on what the final look is like and pays little attention to size. That is because, American home remodeling like anything else we do, is always aimed at bigger.

However, it is best you know what room size you want before you go into the furnishings. Knowing what room size you want for the various rooms in the house allows you to plan for your remodel or new home better. 

average room size
Your preferences should come first. It doesn’t matter what most people are going with, what you
want should be right up there with other important factors.

While common room 
size may play a part in the final decision, only you know what size of the bedroom
you want. Don’t go for the overly spacious master bedroom when you want a small nook for yourself.


Average room size

When it comes to average room size, first you have to think of a room size that will remain proportionate all through the house. But we still have to define the average room size in terms of actual figures. According to the International Residential Code (IRC) of 2018, which is accepted as the standard in most of America, the average gross floor area for every dwelling unit should be not less than 120 square feet. Other rooms should have a gross floor area of a minimal of 70 square feet with the kitchen as the exception, which should not be less than 49 square feet.

power home remodeling

Image Source: Every homeowner should know these numbers

A lot of starter homes in the US, typically 3 bed 2 bath double garage, range between 1200 to 1500 square feet. This translates to around 150 to 200 square feet for the living room, kitchen, family rooms and dining area, 400 square feet for the garage, with the baths varying from 70 to 150 square feet.


The average living room size

The average living room size as of Oct. 1, 2018, was 330 square feet even though this varies widely depending on the total square footage of your home.

average living room size

A living room that measures 12x18 feet is a fairly small one while the large type likely to be found in custom homes would measure about 22x28 feet.

Homes in the range of 2000 to 2900 square feet had an average living room space of 319 square feet.

Homes of 3,000 square feet and larger can have living rooms averaging 393 square feet.

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The ever-expanding kitchen size

The American kitchen has been expanding with newer and better-performing appliances fighting for counter space. Despite the tiny house movement which seems to have garnered a following, the large kitchen still remains an allure for many homeowners.

standard size of kitchen

The larger sized kitchens even include a 20-25 square foot island. The foodie culture makes it even more appealing to have a kitchen that performs all sorts of operations when you are trying out that new recipe.

Aside from this, you have, also, to consider the type of kitchen you are going for. Is the dining area part of the kitchen or not?
A 10 x 10 kitchen is the standard when it comes to remodeling cost estimates. However, this floor space can easily go up to 175 – 200 square feet if you want a kitchen that incorporates some space for the family to sit together and eat.
Large custom homes with the square footage of about 2,900-3400 can have a kitchen spanning 17x17 feet with an additional 130 square feet of floor space for opening dining.

kitchen remodelling

There is no average to speak about when it comes to the size of your kitchen because it is very subjective. The most logical number of these is 175 – 200 square feet which give you some overflow dining area.

book local movers 
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The average bedroom size

The master bedroom is obviously much bigger than the other rooms and it gets bigger with increasing house size. Your measurements should consider the bed size and clearance around the bed. Aside from bedside clearance, you should also think furniture like a bedside locker, dressing table, desk, and wardrobe.

average bedroom size

A 7x10 sized room is perfectly okay for a twin bed. This typically applies to the kids’ rooms and a guest room. These dimensions could easily go up to 13x13 for the master bedroom where you will have the king size or super king size bed.

bedroom sets

Walk in closet size

Closets would typically take up 146 square feet in the typical home. Even so, the closet space for larger homes can increase and go up to 201 square feet.

A small home would only manage 106 square feet for closets. 
The medium home can only manage 125 square feet.

standard closet size

The average bathroom size

Remember those glamorous bathroom photos you downloaded just as a rough idea of what you want for yourself? Look at them again, this time taking note of all the fixtures and appliances you see. You want a bathroom that can accommodate all your creature comforts.

standard bathroom size

A small bathroom typically measures about 45 square feet with average size at 60 square feet and the large size coming in at 84 square feet.

The master bathroom is, of course, bigger 
than the other bathrooms and can range anywhere from 54 square feet to 160 square feet.

The average Foyer/Patio size

The smaller type of foyer would measure about 12 square feet while a medium sized one would measure around 80 square feet and the large kind would measure about 120 square feet.

chandelier size for foyer

While it is good to work with such averages just to know 
what to expect, it all comes down to the kind of house you are planning for.

Work closely with your contractor and they should direct you towards the kind of house you have envisioned in your mind.

Get ideas for what people around 
your area are doing and what the average pricing is by typing home remodeling near me in your search engine.

Good luck on your remodel and always get what 
you know you really want without compromising too much.

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