Easymove partners with House of Gigs. Now Easymovers will get No-Fee Bank Account.

  • By Easymove
  • 27 Apr 2019

The news is spreading like flames that Easymove has made a partnership with House of Gigs, the back-office the platform aimed for the gig workers. And it just strengthens both of them but those who have become stronger are the easymove drivers. House of Gigs is all set to bring facilities that an easymover always dreamt of. Let us check on those freebies.

A Free Bank Account

An easymove driver gets a new lease in terms of his finance. With House of Gigs, a driver gets the first base of keeping his earnings safe and secure. With a bank account, it becomes easier to manage the finances. And when that bank account comes at no fees, it becomes a lot more attractive option for the drivers.

Often times the easymovers do not have a bank account designed for their earnings as an independent worker, because they have to pay a nominal fee to open an account along with a monthly fee. Now House of Gigs providing a free one, they will definitely have their accounts opened.

House of Gigs

                             Source: House of gigs

And of course a Business Account

Yes, it is great news for the easymove drivers who often do not have a bank account, let alone a business account. Some might have personal accounts that they use for saving up the earnings from Easymove or House of Gigs.

These independent works give them a scope for extra earnings. But if those extra earnings are not managed wittily, it goes away the way it comes. When an easymover has two separate accounts and one is meant for business only, he can easily check out the debits and credits from his account and this makes him smarter to handle money easily.

A Free Debit Card Also

It is ridiculous to expect someone to pay in cash these days. Then why easymovers would be bereft of it. Everywhere they go, they get shopping cards, customized debit cards in the form of plastic money.

Similarly, partnering with House of Gigs, qualify the easymovers to have their business visa debit card. The card that has been designed to take care of their expenses is not expensive. Indeed, it is free. And that makes the deal hotter for easymove drivers. They might not have imagined they could use that debit card in 32000+ ATMs around him.

Now the Tax Manager

House of Gigs has tapped on the right chord. Taxes are really really painful to manage. Unless you were super good in mathematics, you can hardly feel motivated to sit down and sort out your tax deductions.

As Easymove and House of Gigs have partnered, every easymovers can enjoy this facility by House of Gigs.

A tax management facility that is always available on the go will definitely be a huge relief in managing this earning from independent works. When an Uber driver saves around $1500 in tax filing, just imagine how much an easymover can save up.

More and More Gigs

An easymover knows the value of these little independent works in a bit. Because when all these works sum up at the end of the month, it becomes huge. And when Easymove and House of Gigs become together, an easymover will be the happiest because he knows there will be more gigs available for him at House of Gigs.

More gigs mean more works.

So, it is the easymove drivers who would engage in merriment with this partnership between Easymove and House of Gigs. It's time to celebrate for the riches to come


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