How can you expand your online furniture store customer base in 2020?

29 May 2020 by Easymove

Are you looking forward to building a successful furniture business or boosting your existing business by increasing its revenue and sales? 

It is important to note that boosting your furnishing store revenue requires implementing the best furniture marketing strategies by experienced merchants?  

Then you need to  partner with Easymove

Easymove is on-demand marketplaces, which enables retailers to increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction by providing their customers with AR experience and same hour delivery no matter their location. 

In the last five months, Easymove, for instance, has enabled many furnishing stores, like ArtVan, Ambers, Value City , expands their service area, thus helping them to reach more customers than they could have ever imagined early this year.

Are you aware that most furnishing stores that partnered with Easymove early this year have continued to report an increase in sales despite the global business disruption caused by this pandemic?

Remember the income of your furniture store depends on the number of customers who can access to your products and thus the larger the number, the higher sales you are likely to make. To ensure your business has a vast pool of customers, Easymove has announced to launch operation in Tampa, Orlando,FL  and Atlanta, GA by mid-May, 2020.

One of the main challenging facing furniture stores in America is the COVID-19, which has seen many furniture stores face a dwindling delivery of their furniture sales to their customers.

In contrast, Easymove made some of the swiftest decisions to ensure its partners do not face such struggles, and this has seen massive demand in home furniture sales from those who have partnered with Easymove.

Moreover, working from home has seen many people starting to buy  furniture online and having Easymove deliver these items to their home doorstep within one hour after purchase.

Why is it that many people are shopping online at the Easymove market today?

Due to COVID-19, many people have resulted to buying online and having their items derived to the doorstep of their home by a reliable delivery company.

For instance, Value City Furniture has recorded over 266,000 sales of its furniture products in Chicago city since January 2020. Easymove has delivered all these items as soon as one hour after purchase, thus enhancing the customer satisfaction.

The furniture products sales in the U.S is projected to shoot to over 68% of the entire global sales, and this is due to the rise for the demand of furniture products resulting from lifestyles and tight working schedules of many Millenniums.

Do you know that the Easymove marketplace becomes the leading online furniture store in the U.S?

It has become possible since once a customer visits their online store they will see several furniture listings, use the augmented reality on how it will appear or fit in their interiors and then shop for it instantly.

One advantage of making your purchase using the Easymove marketplace, your items shall be derived to their doorsteps within one hour after purchase.

Easymove services have enabled many online furniture stores meet the ever-swelling demand for furniture in the U.S.

For instance, many people once they make their purchase from Ashley Furniture or even Sam’s Club, they choose Easymove delivery services to have these items derived to their place of residence within the same day.

All Easymove services are not only reliable but also affordable for most people in the U.S. Besides, Easymove local delivery services cater to small and large-scale furniture deliveries at any place in Chicago, Memphis, New York, Miami and more cities come soon.

The creation of an all-inclusive furniture delivery service by Easymove has made it possible for clients to purchase both small and large items and have them derived at their homes. This increases your customer base and loyalty.

Besides, Easymove will help your furniture store to reach more customers by offering online stores as well as use their immense experience. Moreover, their ability to provide a customer targeting approach speed up the sales cycle for your business sales growth within a short period.

How do the Easymove delivery services help online furniture stores increase their sales in the U.S?

Chicago, for instance, being a densely populated nation, has over 2.7 million inhabitants, and most people living there have no access to private space for a furniture delivery car.

For this very reason, a large population percentage end up browsing the internet to find out some of the most lucrative furniture deals available on the local delivery services.

The good news is the availably of an all-encompassing solution, the Easymove delivery services that have helped many of these furniture stores meet their local delivery services for their clients at the right time and cost.

Easymove delivery services have an already well-recognized client base and an adequate amount of helpful reviews, thus making it the best furniture delivery services in Chicago and the U.S.  Easymove furniture delivery services are not only rapidly growing but also creating the most favorable local empowerment through connecting furniture buyers and sellers directly. It also means a reliable and faster furniture delivery to the clients, thus increasing your customer loyalty.

Luckily, Easymove is preparing to recruit over 500 new delivery drivers due to the expansion of local furniture delivery operations in most U.S cities by mid-2020.

According to 2019 U.S online furniture stores statistics and facts, most online stores that joined and worked with Easymove had their sales accelerated to 65% within two months, while their customer loyalty shot 70% due to timely delivery of furniture items to customers.

For example, the listing of Sam`s Club online furniture with Easymove saw their sales increasing to 68% from 46% within three months while their customer retention and loyalty shot to 79%, thus commanding a substantial market in Orlando and Tampa.

Moreover, having reliable furniture delivery services during this COVID-19 pandemic is crucial, especially in densely populated areas such as New York, Tampa, Chicago, and Orlando. It, therefore, means that partnering with Easymove will enable your business to gain customer trust and loyally in addition to increasing sales and revenue.

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