How can you increase your online furniture store sales in 2020?

02 Jun 2020 by Easymove

Understanding how to increase your furniture store sales can be challenging since it requires a lot of experience and professionalism.

Look at these furniture sales reports generated early this year and see the future projection in the furniture industry.
Due to the demand upsurge of furniture products in the U.S for the last two years, the total sales of furniture and furnishing stood at $113.78 bn, compared to global sales of $200 bn.

Although the furniture industry in the U.S has proven to be one of the most profitable, this industry is facing challenges and hindrances that requires some deliberate measure to keep the sector soaring higher and higher.

For instance, the increasing consumer complaints has become one of the most significant risks towards the prosperity of this lucrative industry.
Last year, the consumer complaints resulting from a late delivery stood at 65%, which led to a significant loss of customer trust in some online furniture stores.
Besides, new delivery alone resulted in sales revenue loss of over $17Bn in the last two years.

Moreover, the rising freight rates and delivery cost is at 13% in addition to truck maintenance and levy fees, making delivery quite expensive in the U.S.

The closure of over 600 Mortal and Brick stores and more still projected to close by the end of this year has forced the online furniture stores to smart device strategies to keep the demand of furniture in the U.S at its pleasing proportions.

The need for a faster and reliable delivery company is continuously gaining momentum, and this is to curb the loss of 48Bn working hours that Americans have to wait for a successful delivery.

So far, Easymove has done better than anyone could have expected. Due to the lifestyle and the hardworking natures of most of Millenniums, most people opt for online buying and online furniture buying stood at approximately 65 M (68%). This projection has shown that more people will be buying online in the future, thus increasing the demand for furniture items in the U.S.


How to run a flourishing furniture store in 2020

Sincerely speaking, a furniture store should be one of the most successful businesses you can run today. Every household needs some furniture, which means that the demand for furniture products is ever-increasing. Still, ironically not many online furniture stores succeed, which brings us to ask a few questions.

1. Advertise your furniture market to attract and inform your potential customers.
2. Always have access to timely feedback about your customer comments and complaints.
3. Master how to offer the most competitive pricing
4. Cut down your operation and advisement cost.

Easymove will advertise your furniture market to attract and inform your potential customers.

Yes, you have to let your furniture known by the potential customers. Although some types of advertising are quite expensive, master the one that works well with your market and budget, Easymove group have all the experience for that work.

Easymove understands your market needs and will advertise your furniture targeting your customers' needs at any given time. You can also enhance this by capitalizing on your business strengths but never exaggerate them since this might raise their expectations beyond what you offer. Indicate whether you provide some free items or services.

Do you know that Easymove operates in the same way as the Intacart only that it deals only with furniture delivery?

In Easymove marketplaces, the furniture store owners no longer require substantial expensive showrooms since Easymove uses amplified furniture to display reality so customers can view any furniture and see how it fits in their interiors.

You will get timely feedback about your customer comments and complaints.

Easymove will continuously monitor your customers complains and complements concerning your furniture since such complaints can help you identify your mistakes or sharp points.

Besides, Easymove will give you feedback on your furniture sales treads since it has an advanced platform where customers can comment on items, share, like, review, ask questions), and this feature enables stores to understand customers better and engage with them.

Such feedback, in turn, will allow you to add the most fashionable and trending furniture collections and ensuring that products are always available at all times. It will also help you offer a wide range of products to ensure your customers have choices to pick their favorite options.

Easymove will help you master how to offer the most competitive pricing.

Let your customers find a reason to choose your furniture over those from other stores. By offering competitive pricing, you are providing value to your customers better than anyone else in the industry. Easymove will first figure out your market to identify the favorable prices for your demographic and location. It will help you set a price that is affordable by a significant market share. Besides, the increased sales have given Easymove a competitive advantage over other furniture stores, this cutting down its logistic expenses, thus enabling it to offer relatively lower furniture prices. Easymove is determined in the facilitation of mortal and brick stores to shift to online, thus improving the customer's expectation and satisfaction.

Cut down your operation and advisement cost.

Do you know that you can reduce the cost of training and maintaining the sales team in your furniture store once you partner with Easymove? This online furniture store has some of the most experienced sales representatives who have adequate sales knowledge cornering your products and the various pricing points. With Easymove, your sales will be on the fly because customers can compare prices, see how it fits house, purchase, and get in the same hour. No need to have expensive salespeople. Easymove helps to cut down operation costs

Increase your sales revenue by reaching more customers.

The Easymove marketplace includes an Omni-channel marketing that is responsible for the distribution of furniture listings to other online wholesalers such as the craigslist, Facebook marketplace, Offerup, and Letgo others. According to recent online furniture reports, most stores who partnered with Easymove had their sales shooting to over 50%, while also cutting down their logistical expenses with about 68%. For instance, the Ambers Furniture listed their furniture in Easymove early this year, and since then, their sales have increased, and demand for their products has expanded too many places in the U.S. The number of referrals increased since most people who bought furniture were referred to their friends after experiencing outstanding service delivery.

Always have high-quality furniture products in your store.

Note that advertising will only bring either existing or new clients to your furniture store, which will make these clients purchase from your furniture store is the quality of this furniture. Anything below customer quality standards is like a disease to your business and hence doing a disservice to your company and yourself.

When you offer high-quality furniture products, you command not only respect but also reliability and reputation better than your competitors. Always learn how to benchmark what you are offering and what your competitors are offers and whether your products are what your customer value.

What factors contribute to running a successful furniture store?
• Age of your potential and existing customers
• Gender
• And Location.

Although there isn't a specific strategy or formula that we can conclude will work for all furniture business and get similar results, some rules are standard to make your furniture store successful.

For your products to offer value to your clients, ensure you understand the nature of the community, you are targeting. It is a must to understand their desires, needs, and lifestyle aspirations. Such an understanding helps you develop the best mechanisms for pricing and advertising.

Remember, factors such as the gender, age, location of your clients can help you predict the best furniture for your customers.
For instance, the furniture finish and fabrication can drastically bring in some gender sensitivity and perspective in a particular furniture.

In Los Angeles, the LBD chair, for instance, has some of its material made from those of a black dress, and despite having a definite and geometric shape, it is considered a feminine seat.

The good news is that once you partner with Easymove, you will see statistics of your buyers, age gender, location, which will help to optimize marketing efforts.

Why is it partnering with Easymove can increase the sales and revenue of your furniture business in 2020?

Do you know that establishing a thriving furniture business demands requires more than just creating beautiful furniture?

The reason is that most furniture buyers consider purchasing high-quality furniture as a long-term investment. That is why your products should always be at your customer's eyes and at the right time. Besides, ensure your products still have a positive and lasting impression on your customers.
However, remember this requires a lot of effort and dedication since it won't happen by accident. A superhot furniture marketing strategy should be your blueprint in establishing potential customers who will think and buy your brand once they are fully committed.

1. Easymove will ensure your website is updated regularly this saving your website maintenance cost.
Remember, most people will get vital information about your company through online research before they can come to your store or make an order online. Therefore, it means an attractive and more user –friendly website can play a vital role in attracting and retaining customers. Once you join the Easymove , your furniture store website will be fully optimized to support 3D and augmented technology functionality, which can help your website display the actual furniture features to your customers.

2. Easymove will help you strategize digital marketing for your online furniture store.
At this time of digital marketing, your furniture store should never be left behind. Marketing your furniture online is a must; otherwise, you will be losing significant sales.
There are several ways of digital marketing for your furniture store, such as search engine optimization, offering costly contest to your customers, pay per click, videos, podcasting as well as social media marketing. Moreover, understand that both traditional and digital marketing has great potential to improve your business sales.

3. Use social media for advertising your business.
Today, social media is one of the most potent advertising and marketing tools you can use on your advantage. However, just like other commercial marketing, you must identify the best channel that will target most of your potential market.
The good news is that Easymove does all that for stores on your behalf, and this means your business will reach more potential customers even without your efforts.

For instance, if your furniture store has some of the most fashionable items, Easymove will post them on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook since most of your potential customers could be there.
Besides, Easymove will enable you to connect with a wide range of customers so that if you sell traditional or classic housewares and furniture, your business will make more sales than you could expect.

With Easymove, you always be ahead of your competitors by outshining their marketing strategies.

4. Maintain your existing customers so that they can keep coming back to your store.
Is the cost of gaining a new customer more considerable than retaining the existing one? Customer retention is critical in any business, including your furniture store, and this means you have to keep your customers engaged in your furniture brands. Ensures your customers are at any given time, feel engaged and appreciated, thus making them come back to your business once again.

The good news is that Easymove does all that stuff for you; unloaded discount coupons to Easymove and users locally will get notifications.

Remember, once you support and value your customers, they become loyal to your business and even refer their friends to purchase from your store.

Final verdict.

As stated above, running an online furniture store should not never give you a sleepless night. Let Easymove do everything for you, including the timely delivery of your furniture and household items to your customers.

Moreover, Easymove will open you to open your online furniture shop even though COVID-19 has slowed that most stores are not ready to sell online, and this means your furniture store will have a completive advantage over other stores.

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