How much is average bathroom remodel cost?

  • By Easymove
  • 04 Jan 2019
This is an interesting topic, but the truth is that there is no specific average cost for a bathroom remodel. The pricing may change based on the materials, the size of the bathroom and on the budget.

Usually, when someone wants bathroom renovations the first thing to do is to find licensed plumbers or contractors, so they can go personally analyze the bathroom to see the size, what type of materials the client wants to use and finally give an average cost, but obviously the number of working hours and the number of workers needed to complete all the renovations will influence the costs, but the one thing we do have to remember is to find a good professional and make sure that you can trust him.

There are some questions that everyone should ask the professional right away, should ask for the number of projects that he is running at the time, ask about his specializations, the number of people who will be working on this new project.

If you are stuck and do not know what to do with your bathroom you should ask the professional that is going to work on your bathroom to see some samples of the past bathroom renovations that he did.

To get a renovation done we all need permits and if the professional is not willing to get the working permits it might be a sign that he is not licensed, and everyone should pay attention for these details.

Is the pricing equal to every single bathroom?

No, the pricing depends on the location as well. Will depend on the type of bathroom you want to remodel, for example, it can be a kid's bathroom, guests bathroom or master bathroom, and some people even want to change the size of the bathroom, obviously, all these details will influence the closing price.

What type of measurements are used on bathrooms?

Usually, the pricing is given by square foot, for example:

          Guest bathrooms: it is usually $150 square foot
          Master bathrooms: usually $250 square foot
          Kid's bathrooms: usually around $100/$150

Bathroom Remodeling Cost

What is the average total pricing?

The average costs are around these values:

          6x6: $1200 - $3500
          8x5: $3500 - $6730
         10x6: $6730 - $7200
         12x10: $7200 - $15000

I have done an example of an online costs generator that I can show you as an example.

In California if I had a bathroom with 50 square feet, used basic material quality in a bathroom on the first floor it would be:

   50 square feet: $3445 - $4032

   Project Labor: 78 hours $4999 - $7022

   Project Supplies: $838 - $954

What would give me a total of $9281 - $12009 depending on my choices.
The final cost is always up to the client, obviously the square feet and the project labor pricing may not change but the materials and the actual change that you want to see on your bathroom is totally up to you.

How can I save money with a bathroom renovation?

Nowadays, with all the online businesses we can save money buying online, obviously we must be conscious, but we can save money on bathroom storage online our even restore our old bathroom storage. When we do not have a really a big budget we should think about keeping some of the things we have in our bathroom, for example, the floor tiles and general bathroom accessories.

Some bathroom remodels ideas.

We all need a change from time to time, the thing is we do not really need to change every single bit of our house, most of the times changing the color of the bathroom walls does it just fine.

Bathroom Remodel IdeasDream bathroom Shower
                                            Source: Pinterest Bathroom Ideas

When it comes to bathroom renovation there a few ways to cause a bigger impact with slight changes, for example, replace the bathtub or update the countertop, nowadays it is trending to stick with the classic, rustic or vintage idea, but it will obviously influence on the final pricing.

Changing or adding some color to your bathroom and buying matching accessories will make have the feeling of a total renovation. You can also change the light and mirrors, if you have a small bathroom it might make you feel that it is bigger than it is.

Remember not to you use dark colors on the walls and floor of a small bathroom it will make it look smaller than it is if you do like dark colors try using them off the storage and accessories

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