How often are you moving ?

  • By Easymove
  • 30 Jul 2018

Let’s be honest, regardless of how many times a person has to move from one place to another it NEVER seems to get any easier. At times, apartments and house moves appear to be a skill you can never achieve perfection at. It’s like a non-fiction mission impossible which you deliberately, out of complete consciousness signed up for. There are so many unplanned things staring right at your face and you straight up dismiss them, because at the back of your mind you know it’s only a matter of time and before you know it you’d be unpacking your belongings at a place which is yet to be called home.

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Say you have to move to another place for the certain reason, what do you do? If your answer is rent a truck to load all your stuff and get shifting’. Well, you’re not the only person with a mind so traditional but you’ve got to admit; it’s actually not that easy. Bear with me for a second; you will carry your items that weigh a ton all the way to the truck and end up tiring out.

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You drive all the way to your new place, stressing that you’d break something in your bumpy ride. Upon reaching to your destination you unload your bulky goods to your new place which will not only strain your limbs but might lead breaking a thing or two if you’re not careful enough. Next, you unpack them, the moving boxes full of your belongings which will take forever (take my word for it). And finally, you’ll start arranging them. Jeez! What a nightmare!  

Fear not! Geteasymove is here to the rescue! What’s that, you ask? Oh, just the Best moving company in Chicago. That’s right, you can become an easy mover which means; you can move easily wherever and whenever you want.

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Easymove app enables that opportunity and you can avail it as easy as it sounds. Small and medium moves are now a piece of cake. Simply, place a request in your app, set your pickup location and destination, choose the size of vehicle that is right for you, negotiate the price with movers and when you would like us to arrive.

2-4 well-built, Herculean men will arrive at your door sharply on time, which you will recognize as your movers. With extreme precaution and care, they will carry your goods and chattels to their hauler, secure it, and promise to meet you at your destination with everything in one piece.