How to find and rent an apartment in Chicago

  • By Easymove
  • 31 Jul 2018

The third most popular city in the United States, Chicago is the most significant in terms of architecture and also is the city where skyscrapers where born. So having said that it is quite understood why someone wants to reside in this city.  But moving to a new place isn’t that easy. The first need is an apartment; within budget and place of your choice. With this come questions like:

1.       Should I buy or rent an apartment?


2.       What neighborhood is best? How to find that?

3.       Which place has the best connectivity?

The questions go on. Let’s find out how you can resolve these questions.

Zillow real estate search Trulia : find perfect apartment  in Chicago RedFin | Find, Sell, Buy real estate

Affordable apartments

ling beats the satisfaction of having your own place. When you think of buying a house, the first thing that comes is affordability. So where to find them? You can take help of Zillow or RedFin to buy your affordable apartments in the city. They can help a great deal in locating affordable accommodations in Chicago.


But if still, your budget isn’t allowing you that or if your stay isn’t for long or any other reason, you can use Zillow or Trulia again to find apartments for rent.




Life isn’t just inside your home but also your locality/neighborhood where you are about to stay. In Chicago, you will find four neighborhoods: River North, Gold Coast, Wicker Park and the South Loop.

·         Wicker Park

“Because of its infrastructure, one of the easiest neighborhoods to get in and out of,” says Thaddeus Wong, co-founder of @properties which is a real estate firm in a Chicago. It’s the best place for people who are in serious need of moving, regardless.


·         Gold Coast

The characteristic of this neighborhood is stunning lakes and also if you’re a Hollywood buff, Oprah too once lived here. This makes it your favorite.


·         River North

If you’re an artist or businessman, this place is for you. Prior slum now turned upside down and turned into a real estate attraction by Albert Freidman.

·         South Loop

This area is known for its tourist attractions and also home to Chicago’s largest Media and Arts College.

But if you’re still unsure, we have collected a data which is interactive in nature and helps you find and navigate through neighborhoods of Chicago. Use Jumpshell which familiarize you with the area and also provide you with other facilities which that area has like gyms, parks, connectivity etc.


Apps to find apartments

With a tech-savvy population, people prefer using apps which are accessible in one touch. Therefore, we give you a list of apartment apps and sites which you can choose according to the device you use (Android or IOS).

Your apartment guide

If you’re a person who likes to research yourself and in-depth knowledge is what you do before stepping into something then you must check out your in-depth guide to find apartments in Chicago.

 For people who are lazy and can’t go to these individual sites we mentioned, to know how to look for an apartment in Chicago then Domu apartment finder provides with everything you need to know about apartments in Chicago. You can also sign up which allows you to mark your favorite apartments with that it gives information regarding the neighborhood too.

Now that you when are done with where you going to move and in what apartment, then comes the toughest and exhausting work which is to move your stuff. You can hire you can use Easymove- affordable on-demand moving company services as your movers and packers.

Hope it was fun hunting apartments in Chicago with us.