How to Move During the Holidays | Christmas & New Year

  • By Easymove
  • 05 Nov 2018

Holidays – the very mention of the word makes our hurts flutter with feelings of excitement and happiness. In fact, they are the busiest times of the year given all the shopping, decorating, cooking and overall- the merrymaking with our friends and family. However, what if you have to move during these busy times and that too if that move involves a considerably long distance? Our hearts sink a little during these times considering how overwhelming it can be given all the mall traffic, the never-ending lists of requirements and of course if the weather conditions are also adverse. However, the good news is, a move during the winter holidays may actually turn out to be a smart thing to do and when planned methodically, it definitely would no longer seem so difficult.

Here are some tips that can prove to be very helpful if you are planning to do the holiday moving:

Book in time
Holiday time control for moving and delivery

This actually applies to any season of the year that you choose to move in. It is important that you make the bookings in advance. It becomes all the more pertinent during the holidays as the moving companies usually have rather tight schedules during these times and will almost certainly be not able to help you if you inform them just a night before. Their availability remains very limited and if you do not book at least a month ahead, it might actually be a mistake. With them, it is very convenient to get your stuff delivered safely, but as we mentioned, an advance booking is definitely a smart choice. 

Again, if you are also up for the DIY apartment moving, keep in mind the heavy traffic on the roads with the numerous X-mas tree deliveries, revelers and of course shoppers

Plan the Expenses

Who knows it better than us that Holidays turn out to be some of the most expensive days of the year? With the pressure of decoration, foods, and gifts, the holidays can be very taxing, economically. Now if amongst all these expenditures, you also have to include your big move, the expenses can skyrocket. So once you have decided that you have to move, make it a point to start saving up as per your budget. This budget would include two things – the cost of the moving company as well the expenses you might have to incur buying new furniture and belongings. Added to this is the amount of money you need to pay your house-owner for the security deposit. All these together would definitely sum up to a sizeable amount and without planned savings, it might become a rather daunting task.

Give the decorations a skip!


You might be fond of putting up decorations. But if you are moving houses, it is a smarter idea to do away with the decorations this time. The labor involved in putting the decorations up, maintaining them and putting them down again is a very tedious work and you can give it a skip as decorating the house you are going to dispose of is useless. Wait until you move into the new house, settle down and then you can take your time and decorate your new house to your heart’s content.

Give the Elaborate Parties a Miss

This might sound cruel given the holidays are here. However, if you have to plan ahead and plan properly, this is a crucial part of the planning. The parties and the labor associated to host these parties, let alone the cooking and after-party cleaning and other works, would be too exhausting if you are also planning to move during this time. Do not worry because your friends and family would certainly understand your plight. Once you are all settled down in the new house, you could have all the time in the world to host parties


Start Shopping Early


We know moving is stressful and of course, we know shopping is also just as stressful. The traffic in the mall is outrageous and the stores remain tightly packed. Now since you have planned a move during the holidays, it would always be a better idea to start shopping early and get your checklists updated. So if your move is scheduled during Christmas, the ideal time to start shopping is late in October or even early November prior to the tremendous rush of the Thanksgiving. If you are not a fan of the crowd, the online stores can come to your rescue. They also have good deals and discounts, which will ease your pain of shopping to some extent. In case you decide to move across the city, you can also consider shipping your stuff to the new address via reliable Craiglist moving companies through or moving and delivery apps like the Easymove App, which will facilitate your move a lot.


Consider Donating to Charity

While packing your stuff before the move, you are bound to come across things, which you might not have used much or might not even use in future. Instead of stuffing and packing these for the new house as well, you may consider donating them to the hapless who will find better use of these things. There are several charities who will take the responsibility to pick these items from your place and deliver them to the needy for free.


Although this does not sound very exciting, it carries the Goodwill donation of the holidays and what’s more is that, if you can care to save receipts, you can also avail tax benefits. So it is a win-win situation. 

Last and Foremost

Since you will be moving, if you have kids, it will be a trying time for them. They would have to join new schools in the middle of the year and the adjustment will be tough. You have to help them out during this phase and make sure that all the pertinent documents are kept in safe custody. You will need to produce them at the new school and if in the hassle, they get lost, it will be no less than a nightmare to get the admission in any new school for that matter. Your old school might also be able to suggest ways of transferring the papers safely. As for getting your child prepared for the change, try utilizing the vacation between Christmas and New Year’s and let your child take his/her time to adjust.

Apart from all that we have already mentioned regarding apartment moving, also keep in mind the hidden costs, which can also burn a considerable hole in our pockets. There are various issues like delayed delivery, extra fuel costs due to the heavy traffic and longer idling periods and of course the weather, which is in no one’s control. No amount of planning can do away with all problems at a time. But just keeping these few small things in mind can go a long way and keep you prepared for exigencies. Stash away some extra money for these emergencies and never again will you be caught off-guard by emergencies. Handle your holiday move like a pro and have a great time settling down in your new house. Let movers worry about your furniture delivery, while you start your life afresh.

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