How to prepare for a Move: Traditional and Modern Moving Companies

  • By Easymove
  • 21 Jan 2019
Moving, for many people, is a stressful event. You will need to figure out how you will get your family and belongings from the old house into the new one. This requires you to do a lot of serious research and make some considerations to ensure your belongings arrive safely and with minimal to no damage.

Fortunately, the advent of modern moving companies has made the entire process a lot easier and stress-free. In this article, we will look at preparation for moving, the moving to do list and how traditional and modern moving
companies differ.

How to prepare for a move.


If you are looking to move houses, we highly recommend that you start your preparations early. Ideally, start preparing the move two months in advance.

Define the Budget.

Moving is not cheap. Hence it is quite crucial that you create a budget to help you decide how much of the moving work you will need to outsource, and how much you can do on your own to keep the costs manageable.

Decide what to move.

You also need to decide what you will move with to your new home, and what you will let go of. Some of the practical considerations you need to make include;

• Will your furniture fit in your new place?
• Does your current style fit your future home and location?
• Are you upsizing or downsizing?

You need to understand that the more you move the higher it will cost. So take your time to sort through your stuff to decide what you will move and what you can do without.


Find packing supplies

If you are not using a full-service moving company, you need to purchase packing supplies such as;

Quality cardboard boxes (in various sizes)


If you will be packing your stuff on your own, make sure to do it in a way that minimizes damage and maximizes the ease of unpacking in your new home.

Here are a few packing tips;

Do not over-pack: use as many boxes as you need to safely pack your items
Put papers in your breakables and then wrap them in bubble wrapping
Put things in things: do not leave empty spaces that can be filled with smaller things. For instance, put spices in your pots. This ensures that every available space if properly utilized
Label your boxes and keep an inventory list or moving checklist to keep track of what you have packed

how to prepare to move

How to move out / in Apartment / House

When it comes to the move, you have two main options. Opt to do it the traditional way or use the modern way through moving app.

The Traditional Moving Company

If you are looking to move the traditional way, you will need to call several moving companies and schedule an appointment with them. The companies will each send a representative who will walk through your home to give a ballpark estimate of your moving cost. However, since estimates are not set in stone, there is usually a high likelihood that the price could change on your moving day.

You will also have to do your due diligence to choose a moving company whose insurance and license are current. You need to do some research on the company’s experience, reputation and check out reviews to choose a reliable mover. You will need to repeat this process for several movers to choose the right one.

This entire process works to add more stress and pressure to your moving.
Fortunately, the modern moving companies are making the entire a whole less stressful.

The Modern Moving Company

Modern moving companies like Uber for moving furniture, Easymove makes the whole process simple, easy and stress-free.

Easymove is an on-demand moving service that works a lot like Uber for moving. Their commitment to professionalism friendliness and the highest quality services provides a welcome change from the stressful traditional moving experience.

Easymove App :  Furniture Delivery  Easymove App: Moving Company in Chicago
   Tell Easymove your Moving Need               Pay only Negotiate Price

All you have to do is simply key in your old and new and what you are moving. They use this information to provide an all-inclusive rate, meaning you will not have to worry about any extra or hidden charges.

You can request for a mover and will have them picking up your furniture within an hour. If you want, you can schedule an Uber truck to get the pickup done in a few days’ time or on a specific date and that will be done too.

After that, you will receive an instant quote from a licensed and vetted moving company. When it comes to pricing, the modern way offers some of the cheapest solutions.

The average cost of moving into a studio apartment is roughly $200 whereas moving into a 2-bedroom house can cost up to $456.

With all the important decisions one has to make, moving can be a stressful project. Fortunately, Easymove makes finding the right moving company easy. Easymove ensures all your belonging are moved safely and securely at a price at an affordable cost.

Easymove :  cheap Moving Company

They take the time to vet all their movers as well as ensure the quote you receive from the onset does not change. This allows you to move with ease and peace of mind. Book Easymove, make your moving easy, hassle-free.  

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