Influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Startups on Moving & Delivery Industry

  • By Easymove
  • 26 Oct 2018
It is good to see how Artificial Intelligence has been helpful for a number of startups to reach the topmost position in their particular fields, let it be Uber, Amazon or any of the other companies who have achieved utmost success and have also been successful in bringing about a positive change in people’s lives. Talking about the Moving and the Delivery related startups, it has really been a tough task to manage them throughout various cities or maybe even overseas to tackle with the varying problems without any AI interference, solely with human efforts. Before talking about the reforms which have been incurred in the industry with the introduction of AI, let us discuss the problems that these industries have been facing beforehand.

How has Easymove strengthened its Brand name in the field of Moving Industry with the Incorporation of AI?

With the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence, Easymove has been capable of finding the befitting movers for the prompted request from the customer’s side. Easymove App matches all the nearby available moving services with the customers’ need and provides him with the best possible solution sitting at the comfort of his home.
The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence has not only made the hectic work for the customers only, but Easymove also helps the movers to make the business much more cost-effective and human-efficient. Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence ensures the reduction of manpower requirement to great extents and reduces the overall human efforts.
One of the major problems prevailing in the packing and moving industry is the breakage of the products while on the go. With the application of Artificial Intelligence, Easymove ensures that the customer and the mover himself is capable of keeping a real-time check on the movements of the vehicle. You can come to know as to how the moving container is being handled and driven thus solving out a major problem.


Problems prevailing in the Moving and Delivery Industry and their respective Solutions with Implementation of AI:

The Delivery Time Slot: Most of the delivery services usually offer a wide range of time slot for receiving the delivery, for example, let us say the delivery slot of 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. It would be really difficult for the recipient to wait for such a long period of time to undertake their package. However, with the implementation of AI has enabled the startups to shorten this time stop to as short as 1 hour, which has turned out much more convenient for the recipient, as well as the delivery employees. On the other hand, there have been certain routing set up behind this huge influence which needs to be developed further, on which the research is going on at a good pace with implementation of AI techniques.
The Billing Issues: Another major issue that needs to be simplified in the moving and delivery industry is the billing of the products at an unimaginable scale. A Prowler, UK based machine learning startup has been successful in developing a program which has the capability to make decisions about the billing process and along with solving complex issues related to the billing process. With the implementation of this technique to an Easymove a moving and delivery startup, within a month a vast positive reform was noticed along with the implementation of digitized and intelligent monitoring of the trucks and the vans.

The above-mentioned are some of the major issues that have been tackled by the AI startups in the moving industry, taking up more reforms for the same is under the process and surely is going to bring about a reform in the industry for the betterment of client experiences throughout the world. Talking about the more advanced introductions in the industry which have been bringing about a complete transformation to the moving and delivery industry, let us read on:
Introduction of Self-Driven Vehicles: Self-driven vehicles can be a boon to the moving and delivery industry. The implementation of Machine learning to develop intelligent programs which keep expanding their knowledge with each occurring experience has enabled the development of such a wonderful technology. Self-driven vehicles incorporate millions of programs which are capable of instructing the vehicle of the whereabouts and the movement of the vehicles as well as its surroundings. Just for examples, if some of the programs are guiding the vehicle about the pedestrian movements, some other programs might be busy deciphering the road signals which enable the vehicle to perform accordingly. However, the introduction of self-driven vehicles has not been successfully implemented in the field; however, the upcoming future is surely going to experience the same and bring about a huge reform for the companies.
Consumer Tracking: Once the parcel had been dispatched from the shipment end, not a long time before, the whereabouts of the parcel was not much known by the shipment agent as well as the recipient. However, with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence, the tracking of the parcel at each and every step of its movement has been made possible along with the recipient being aware of the whereabouts of the parcels and when to expect a delivery or a delay in case of any unforeseen incident. Implementation of machine learning has been the core reason behind this huge development which does not only increase recipients’’ comfort but also allows the product provider to ensure his services.

Decreasing Human Efforts: This vast industry required a lot of human effort in transferring the shipments from one place to another, in a lot of cases, even overseas. Moreover, the billing process, managing process, the tracking process, and the packaging process, all involve great human working hours and energy. With the implementation of AI and digitalization of almost every aspect of the service, the human efforts required at such a great scale has been majorly controlled, moreover, it has also been successful in incorporating more professional staff which has made the industry more organized and much less messy.
Prediction abilities: Artificial does not only enables the moving and delivery companies to control and handle the current situations in a better way but also is capable of forecasting the future incurrence with the help of huge database which is already available to the company, however, lying unused. The huge data acquired by the delivery companies about their market trends and customers can be fed to machine language to churn out meaningful data which can be used to make future predictions to manage the companies working accordingly Moreover, Artificial Intelligence does not only warns the companies about the future incurrence but can also find you out a suitable solution.
Artificial Intelligence has surely brought about huge positive impacts on almost all of the industries around the world, as well as the human lives. Moving and Delivery industry remains a core part of almost every existing service provider in the world and any kind of improvements in the same can be helpful for each and every one out there. Artificial Intelligence has surely been successful in taking this industry to a whole new level and is expected to continue doing so in the upcoming future.
If you have any moving or delivery needs, use Easymove and enjoy the difference.