3 tips for veterans to get hired in civilian job market

  • By Easymove
  • 06 Nov 2019

In 2018, there were more than 19 million veterans who served on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A large portion of these battle-hardened heroes who make up almost 8 percent of the civilian population aged 18 and above face many challenges when they try to transition from military to civilian life.

Entering the job market is one of those challenges because most veterans are clueless about how things work when it comes to employment search in the civilian world.

If you are a veteran, the best job winning strategy for you is to utilize the skills acquired during your service and try to find an employment that aligns with your talents, abilities and goals.

Here are a few things you should consider when you are in the civilian job market looking to get hired:

Take into account your skills when applying for jobs

If you take a look at the veteran employment data, you will come across certain patterns. These patterns will help you get an idea of the best job opportunities.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics data indicates that around one-in-ten veterans (9.8%) work in transportation and material moving occupations, compared with 6.2% of non-veterans.

The reason for a large number of veterans choosing transportation and moving occupations is obvious.
Certain physical and personal characteristics make these industries an ideal choice for them. Besides, these occupations don’t require a large investment.

Many veterans work as movers with EasyMove. All they need to enter the market and launch their career is a pick-up truck.

“Working as mover suits me because I can be my own boss and set my own working hours. I am 48-year-old and the idea of taking on an administrative or office job doesn’t appeal me,” said Hayley Mills, a Chicago-based veteran.

The same goes true for federal jobs. Veterans are far more likely than non-veterans to work for the federal government. In fact, 10% of employed veterans took up federal jobs, compared with just 2% of non-veterans.

Be tech-savvy

The technology has made incredible advances over the last couple of decades. You may have lost touch with what’s happening in the virtual world during your deployment in the far-flung and battle-torn corners of the world.

Now that you are entering the civilian employment market that values tech skills above anything else, you need to get yourself familiar with necessary online marketing tools.

Instead of treating technology as your enemy, you should understand its power and try to make it your friend.

For example here at Easymove, we make moving services extremely convenient for people as well as movers. In order to start working as a mover, you just need to download an app and respond to the requests for moving help in your area. In other words, technology makes it easier for our partners to get into the industry in no time and with little investment.

There are many government and privately-run online resources to help you find a job from the comfort of your home.
But in order to utilize these resources, you must have a working knowledge of how to perform job searches online and how to apply for jobs.

Don’t skip due diligence

Preparing a stellar resume, building your network, following the best job interview practices and marketing your past accomplishments are some of the tactics that will work as effectively for you as they do for a civilian job seeker.

Final thoughts

As a veteran, you have spent a large portion of your life serving the country selflessly, and your service is greatly appreciated.

By marketing your unique experiences and skills correctly, you can go through the job search faster and get hired quicker.