How to Make Extra Cash doing Easymove

  • By Easymove
  • 25 Dec 2018

Earning real money through the internet is tricky and tough. Every one of us keeps searching such opportunities that can pay us, in real.

Thanks to Easymove, now you can earn money by moving stuff for people.

Make Extra Money doing Easymove

What is Easymove

Easymove is the app that helps people tap on the muscle power of the best, professional movers. It helps you do away with the traditional way of moving things through rented trucks.

Easymove offers cost-effective moving options where the customer can directly negotiate with the movers who have been tested and trained in a continual way. With a single tap, the customer can easily connect with the local movers available.

At the same time, it provides you with the opportunity to earn some extra buck by becoming an easymover. What you need are a smartphone and a carrying truck. You can easily earn $35-55/hr.
Thus, Easymove makes moving easy for the customers by connecting them with the movers who enjoy lending their trucks for them.

How to work with Easymove

Easymovers are professionally trained for their job. To be one, you need to pass through a number of tests. The primary requirements are you need to have either pickup trucks or cargo vans or box trucks. They also check what kind of smartphone you are using. They even check with your brands. Both Android and iOS smartphones are compatible with their service.

What do They Expect from You

1. You must be able-bodied. As the work suggests, it requires a lot of muscle work.

2. You must have an Apple Iphone or Android Phone preferably of Samsung, HTC, LG or Sony.

3. You must have a valid driving license.

If you fulfill these three requirements, you are just at the right place that can help you add some extra buck to the paycheck.


Steps to Become an Easymover

Step1. Visit Easymove official website and select Become Easymover in the menu section. Otherwise, you can directly visit 

Step 2. Fill the form

Step 3. Pass the tests

Step 4. Become an easymover and earn money

Let's check on the steps in detail.

Know Your Role

The easymovers are known as either drivers or movers. Driving an easymove delivery can fetch $35-55 per hour. This can depend on the number of orders in your locality. With Easymove you will work as a contractor, not as an employee. But Easymove will take care of training and update your skills in a timely manner

Fill the  Form

You need to fill the form that contains a questionnaire as they require to understand your capacity as a prospective easymover. Stay ready with your name, date of birth, phone number and email id while you fill out the form. The form asks you what kind of vehicle and smartphone you have. Select the ones you have from the drop-down menu. Even if you have understood the work completely, you need to assure once more that you are able as well as willing to lift 95lbs over the head. You have to be ready to lift large, bulky items once you are selected. Once you submit you will have to wait for them revert and if they make the selection, you will have to undergo some professional tests.

Easymove Driver Application

What are the Tests

Once you have registered yourself as an easymover, they will check your background. It is a professional need as they prefer easymovers who maintain the quality of works. Once you pass the background check, you will have to pass the drug test. Then you will be trained with AMSA and you need to pass Quality Assurance also. Once you are done your status as an easymover will be activated and you can earn that extra money for yourself

Download the App

 Once you are done with the formalities, you need to download the app. It is available

  1.iOS devices

  2.Android devices

 It is by downloading the app you will come to know about the available moving works in your locality.

What will be your Task

As an easymover you will do the movings on behalf of the customers. They expect you to do all the things necessary while they scroll their news feed. The task might be delivering furniture from Craigslist. They may ask you to pick up their Amazon packages or Fedex or UPS packages. Sometimes you have to do an apartment moving or business office moving. Let's understand the tasks carefully.

Apartment and House Moving

House moving refers to the work that needs you to move their stuff like furniture and other goods. In the pursuit, you will have to be careful in wrapping up the goods and maintaining their safety.

Small Moving

You might receive orders for moving mini items like couch or sofa.

Craigslist & OfferUp Pickup

You might be of immense help to the customers in picking up their favorite Craigslist Offer.

Amazon, Fedex, UPS Packages

You are needed to pick up and drop off their Amazon packages at the communicated address.

Junk Removal

Sometimes you just have to remove old furniture and let go stuff.

Storage Moving

Help people with their storage moving.

Whatever the service you provide the customer will contact you through phone or chat. You will have to be in touch with them while answering their queries. Another thing you will have to handle is the negotiation. Easymove provides its customers the freedom to negotiate with the easymover.

How Easymove Works

As a furniture delivery app, Easymove helps customers by providing a plethora of services mentioned below...

1. Small-scale moving,

2. House moving

3. Craigslist and Amazon pickup

4. Moving business office

5. Retail store delivery

6. Storage moves

7. Junk removal.

 Customers have to provide pickup location and the delivery address. They describe the item, set the time and expected budget. The easymovers will not only do the delivery safely but also place the items wherever mentioned. They will have to pay the negotiated price. A great thing with Easymove is, it does not charge the customers any extra hidden money.

Cities Where Easymove is Available

In spite of its growing popularity, Easymove is yet to become a nationwide service provider. The cities Easymove can be availed in are

l    Chicago

l    Indianapolis

l    New York

l    Miami

l    Austin


The good news for everyone is that Easymove is in constant up gradation mode and the service area is being expanded. If your area does not come in this list, don't make a sad face. Instead, put your zip code in their system so that they come to know the growing expectations in your city. Do not forget to check in to inspect if their service has expanded into your city.

How do customers Benefit by Using Easymove

Easymove promises the customers that they will not have to lift their fingers. Customer satisfaction is what Easymove is all about. It does all the moving on the behalf of them. The benefits they enjoy are

1. They can schedule their Easymove as per their wishes. Flexibility in choosing time and date is maintained.

2. An easymover arrives within 15 minutes.

3. Their stuffs are protected by insurance worth multi-million dollar.

4. Easymove's great service saves customer's time and energy.

5. They get to see the mover's profile where they can check their background, drug test results and experience.

6. They get to negotiate the price with the Easymover.

7. The website has a 24×7 live chat service.


Easymove is the best option for the customers because it is with Easymove they get the best moving & delivery service available in their cities.

How Much Money can Easymover Make

Easymove is the best option out there for you to earn that extra money you require. With Easymove, you might earn $35 to $55 per hour. Based on the orders this might change. For a big package, you can earn $35 per hour. In case of moving and delivering huge items, you can even earn $55 per hour. If you have a 53ft truck, you can be able to deliver bigger loads to local warehouses. It is estimated that in a day you can earn from $300 to $1000k if you work consistently.

Benefits of Working with Easymove

An easymover works to help people. In the process, he gets to earn some money depending on the amount of work he does. If you want to work according to your convenience, this job is for you. With just a little more power of your backbone, you can definitely earn some good money. The benefits an easymover enjoys-

1. He works as an independent contractor.

2. He gets paid weekly and the money is directly deposited in the bank account of the easymover.

3. They are given training by AMSA.

4. Every easymover enjoys flexibility in work. Work as per the schedule.

5. Someone who drives a truck can also work as a mover in his spare time.


 Finally, it can be said that Easymove has successfully managed to find a solution for both the parties- customers and movers. This is a grand opportunity for earning legally by working as an easymover. The work itself is a grand one because here you earn a living by helping other people.