Easymove Online Marketplace soon for furniture and appliance retailers

  • By Easymove
  • 15 Oct 2019

Easymove strives to bring convenience to all stakeholders of the moving industry including retail brands, people seeking help with moving, movers and helpers. Taking one more step in this direction, Easymove is announcing to launch a new service for the furniture and appliance retailers by early next year.

Easymove will launch a mega online marketplace catering exclusively to the local furniture and appliance retailers. The retailers can list their inventory on the marketplace, sell the products and most importantly, have the products delivered to their customers within the same hour.

Easymove is a platform which connects consumers and retail brands with local truck owners and helps them to get trustworthy moving service and in-house delivery at a negotiable flat cost.

easy move app

With this launch, Easymove aims at providing retailers a new platform which helps them increase online exposure free of cost and at the same time, provide value to their customers with instant and reliable delivery service.

“There are many online marketplaces today, but we stand out because our goal is to help furniture and appliance retailers integrate their business with their community. It means that their business gets hyper-local exposure at no additional cost to them. They gain trust and positive feedback from their customers by providing convenience of shopping and instant delivery,” said Easymove CEO Emin.

Emin said that unlike other marketplaces, Easymove will enable furniture and appliance retailers to control delivery.

“The customers of retail stores can negotiate the moving cost on our app in real time. In most cases, the movers will arrive at the store in 15 minutes, so the delivery will be almost instant. This will result in better customer satisfaction,” Emin adds.

What it basically means is that Easymove will help retailers easily access local community members, drive more sales and control delivery and customer satisfaction.

While working with popular retail brands in the U.S, Easymove has found that the quality and speed of delivery plays an important role in shopping experience for customers.

Emin said," buying and selling furniture or appliances will now become seamless on Easymove marketplace, especially with the same hour in-house delivery. Our goal is to create Amazon like platform for local household items, but with a difference. We’ll offer instant delivery and a better approach to local furniture and appliance shopping ".

Easymove founder

He said that many retail brands - Sam`s Club, Goodwill, ArtVan and Mattress Firm to name a few – have shown interest in this solution.

“Easymove already provides moving and same hour delivery service in Chicago and Memphis and our target is to expend to other major cities by early next year. We hope to disrupt the retail industry with the launch of our hyper-local online marketplace,” said Emin.