The best way to move a pool table by yourself

  • By Easymove
  • 28 Dec 2018
Do you own a pool table and you are planning to move to a new apartment? Then you need to plan how you will move the pool table to your new house.
Moving a pool table is not an easy task and that why you should get help from a professional if possible. Some pool tables will weigh up to 1200 pounds and this weight makes it difficult for you to move the pool table on your own. While it is recommended to hire local pool table movers for the task still not everyone may afford it. If getting a professional mover for your pool table is not within your budget then it may be possible for you to move it on your own with the help of relatives or friends. By considering the following tips then it will be a bit easy for you to move your pool table without the help of a professional.

Prepare the Room

The room is the most important factor that you should consider when moving your pool table to your new house. You should make sure that your new apartment has an extra room with enough space where you will place the pool table. Also, make sure that the room does not have any kind of carpet as it will be very difficult to level the table on carpet especially thicker ones. This will make the game more fair and fun.


Prepare moving toolkit

When planning to move your pool table without the help of a professional you should make sure that you gather the necessary equipment for the task. You need to get: staple remover, socket wrench, screwdriver, drill, and thick moving blankets.

Hire a moving van

Depending on the size of your table you will be required to get a moving truck from a truck rental center. You will have different rental centers to choose from when moving the pool table

Measure staircases and doorways

It will be a good idea to measure staircases and doorways where you will pass through. This will help you to determine how you will maneuver the table and its parts through the house. Also, remember to open the doors and protect your walls and floor before you begin to move.

Take the pool table apart

To move your pool table with ease you will need to disassemble it. This way it will be very easy for you to maneuver through stairwells and doorways. Moving the table as one can lead to serious damages to the table and also put you with your helpers to risk. Take the pool table apart carefully and pack all the parts.You can consider labeling the parts

Reassemble your pool table

Getting the table together again can be a bit difficult but it is just the opposite of separating it. You will start by assembling the legs and the frame. Remember to assemble it while its upside down. After assembling the pool table you will need to apply beeswax to the screw holes and seams. Use a paint scraper to smoothen any wrinkles.

By following these steps it will be easier for you to move a pool table without the help of a professional.

Why should you prefer to get professional mover?

If you don’t have experience in moving this kind of item then you should think of getting a professional for help. This is because the item is a bit fragile and you can easily damage it or even injure yourself. The task can also be daunting than you thought. Getting local pool table movers  will be the best idea