Ultimate tips how to move Pool Table in an apartment

  • By Easymove
  • 27 Dec 2018

Moving a pool table will involve an almost complete dissembling and a good healthy power of muscle to move all the pieces that can not be disassembled.

Before doing it without hiring movers make sure that you are well prepared. All that you need is to be very organized, handy, have good skills in carpentry, some specific tool equipment along with a few very strong friends. Get at least 3 friends or maybe even better to have 4 or 5. Moving a pool table with taking all the strength you can muster. The biggest and heaviest piece is made out of a bulky wood or a rock.

Now, if you would have hired a local pool table movers, you would not have to do it yourself. Also, do bear in mind, taking a pool table apart is a lot more complicated than you may think. It is not as if it was a dining table, that has a few legs that you have just unscrew and then take it apart. It is one of the trickiest pieces of furniture move. Remember, taking a DIY approach can really be dangerous both for you as well as the pool table.

You can hire professional pool table movers to disassemble it, which will cost you on average $200 - $450 or do it by yourself and save money.

If you feel the urge to move the whole piece through hallways, doorways and up/down the stairs without taking it apart, you would be making a huge mistake. Start disassembling the table and label each part carefully as you do so so that putting all the pieces together will not be a messy process. To Label Pieces, we recommend using Sharpie or sticker label paper which you can buy in any office supply stores.

To make your  pool table moving easy follow these steps:

  • Remove the Staples Under the table. So as to undo 6 side pockets. You may need a screwdriver for this as well.
  • Unscrew the Bolts holding the Rail. There are usually three bolts for each rail. Use flat or cross screwdrivers, depends on your screws.
  • Remove the Rails.  Some tables may have two horseshoe-shaped rails on either side, which can be lifted separately. Look at the manufacture guide.
  • Remove the Felt. The felt is usually either glued down or stapled to the wood backing of the slate. If it is stapled, remove each staple carefully to avoid tears. If glued, pull the edge of the felt backward very gently (never up or forward), working your way around the table
  • Remove the Slate. Unscrew the state, be aware that this can be really heavy, so you will need multiple people to help to move this part.  
  • Remove table Legs. Remove the rail bolts with a socket wrench and detach them from the table. If two lengths of rail are connected at a corner, you may need to flip them over before you detach them gently

Now go and detach the outer frame, wrap it up and move. Also, wrap the legs and rails. Make sure you have kept all the bolts and screws in proper bags understanding where each one of them goes. Use Sharpie to mark each bag. This will make reassembling a lot more simple.


That is it, just assemble it back when it is in the room you want to set it up.
Just be sure of one small thing. You will need to put the legs or the base back together on the frame with the pool table being upside down.

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