10 Facts Why You Should Move to Chicago

  • By Easymove
  • 02 May 2019
Are you bored with your current residential place and planning to move? Well, a move to Chicago is here for
you.  But before packing up for a relocation, it's essential to get knowledge of your next location.

the third most populous city position in the United States, Chicago has a lot of goodies and services to offer. You will have a lot to experience alongside a variety of things to do at the Illinois State capital city. In this article, you will have detailed information about what to expect in Chicago.

Benefits of Living in Chicago

1. Favorable job opportunities.

The city has a variety of industries such as food processing, finance, 
publishing among others. You will have somewhere to work for sustainability once you step foot in Chicago.
Planning to start your business?

chicago job growth 2019

Go ahead since the more than two and a half million Americans will provide you with a ready market. Chicago boasts a 24-hour growing economy that will help you achieve your financial goals. Almost every job in the city will allow you to cater for yourself in terms of basic and even luxurious needs. Different economic sectors welcome you to showcase your skills and be part of the growth of Chicago.

chicago unemployment rate 2019

In the greater Chicago metropolitan area, education and health services had the largest employment gain from February 2018 to February 2019, adding 18,700 jobs. Local employment growth in the education and health services supersector was concentrated in the Chicago division, which added 17,900 jobs. 


2. Easy and affordable housing.

Finding a house to settle in a new place can be stressful. But that is not the case when you move to Chicago. You will easily find a rental, an apartment or a permanent home once you are in the city.

chicago housing market
Source: https://www.realwealthnetwork.com

Considered as one of the best home bargains in the Northen Ameican region, you will easily get an entry house giving you ample time to settle and think about your progression.
Purchase your home between $200,000 to 320,00 or a rental house for less than $200,000.

chicago real estate forecast 2019
Source: https://www.realwealthnetwork.com

Chicago house moving

Chicago is the Sport City

Would you love to spend the weekend watching basketball, football among other games? Chicago fulfills your wish. Famously known for the incredible 90s Chicago Bulls basketball team, you will have a chance to experience the magic and relate to the era at the United Center Arena. 


Some of the most popular Chicago teams include the MLB standouts Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Cubs, the NFL Chicago Bears as well as the hockey Chicago Blackhawks

4. Cultural diversity.

Meeting various people helps widen your knowledge and social skills. Chicago has people from all over the world. You are likely to meet a new person at the workplace, game, social gathering and even in a public transport medium. Exposing your family to a diverse city will play an essential role in their social and spiritual growth. Meeting new people and observing their social and spiritual lifestyle will help you widen your knowledge and strengthen your social life.

what is chicago known for

5. Easy transportation

The transport sector will enable you to enjoy a comfortable and low cost of living in Chicago. You necessarily don't need a personal car to operate in the city since the $2.50 per ride "L" Train service and $2.25 per ride buses will get the job done. Still, in the CBD, you can opt to walk on safe and convenient pedways that connect the Central Business District. Scared of being caught up in traffic?

ridesharing companies

Chicago has the biking service to enable you to move swiftly. Establishment of Divvy bike rental stations will ensure you get a bike whenever in need. Cabs and ride sharing through smartphone applications like Uber will keep your operations smooth and memorable, moving and delivery app like Easymove will make you moving a breeze

6. Chicago Beaches.

Watching the Chicago skyline will leave you mesmerized. Besides that, you will enjoy viewing and basking on several beaches like Montrose Beach, 31st Street Beach, Oak Street Beach among others along Lake Michigan. You will enjoy Volleyball matches, free concert music, great views of the city among other fun activities on these precious beaches.

chicago illinois beach

7. Chicago heritage.

The city has its way of celebrating the traditions. Stepping foot in Chicago means you have to be part of the St. Patrick day celebrations. You will have to join thousands of residents and tourists to celebrate the memory green Chicago River day. Being the cradle of dance music, you will have an opportunity to attend outdoor dancing festivals alongside other interesting events like free outdoor food festivals. How about bumping a blues mixtape in your car or house as a Chicagoan identity?


8. Recreational activities.

Famously known for amazing architectural masterpieces like the Willis Tower, Navy Pier among others, a visit to will leave you fascinated with the amazing view of Chicago's skyline and panorama. Various restaurants will help you schedule special days like birthdays, anniversaries and dates to celebrate with incredible dishes.

willis tower hours

Look out for the oldest zoo of the North American region at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Ready for the weekend out? The Millenium Pak offers you a 25-acre area of exploration and fun.

chicago lake shore drive

You will have the time to bond with family and friends by spending time at Chicago's precious recreational facilities.

9 Chicago Weather

As you may have heard, Chicago has one of the most extensive Winter Season. It may be weird for you to love cold environments. But if that's the case, you have the right reason to move to Chicago. However, there is still more to enjoy as the city experiences. Summertime between May and October will unleash your partying spirits. Thanks to the planned season celebration consisting of food, traditions, and music in many neighborhoods.

10. Strategic location.

As a businessperson, living in Chicago alone will help a lot in flourishing your business. You will access the North American region without any problem. The Chicago International Airport will enable you to make frequent moves to business destinations.

o hare airport hotel

You will also connect to the outside world due to the amazing standards of the airport. Enjoy flights to other cities like New York, Los Angeles and fulfill your personal and business goals.

The cost of living in Chicago will favor you. Whether you are on your own or with the family, the Illinois State capital city provides services that will see you grow economically, socially and emotionally. No need of staying in a place that keeps disturbing your inner peace over and over again. Chicago welcomes you to experience an incredible American city lifestyle.

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