10 Must Know Facts While Moving by Yourself and Hiring Movers in Chicago

  • By Easymove
  • 21 Mar 2020

Are you planning on moving? You can choose to either move by yourself or hire a moving company to help you. Moving by yourself can be very stressful but is less expensive.

When you hire a moving company the whole process of changing homes becomes much easier and less stressful. However, it is important that you select the right company to help you move after all they are the ones who will be handling your treasured possessions.

Once you have identified a company make sure you conduct a thorough research on them before enlisting them.

Check for their proof of license, insurance and physical address to ensure that you do not fall to fraudulent deals.

You also need to conduct an analysis of how much money it will cost you to move.

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Here are some of the things you need to take into consideration for a do it yourself move or when you hire a moving company:

1.Organize Yourself Early

When you are moving by yourself it is advisable to start packing at least three weeks prior. Once you have determined the date, come up with a deadline and start working backwards. Take into considerations the logistics for example, if you will require a moving permit or the kind of equipment that will be demanded.

2.Get Rid of the Things You no Longer Need

When you are moving by yourself it can be very stressful and expensive to be taking with you things that you no longer require. So it`s important that you scrutinize your belongings and do away with the things that you don`t need. You can donate those items or hold a garage sale and get some money that will help you with paying for the cost of moving. Don`t torment yourself carrying around clothes that no longer fit.

3.Ask Friends for Help

Whether you are moving across the city or just down the street, when moving by yourself the more help you can get the better. Your friends will come in handy and if you include some pizza or friend chicken and some beers then it won`t be a boring affair.

4.Know Your Moving Options

Review all the transportation options carefully when you are moving by yourself. Depending on the amount of items that you are moving you could opt to go for a trailer, a moving truck, a container or even use your own personal vehicle.

5.Consider the Distance When you Choose a Moving Company

Moving companies will charge you based on the mass of your items, the size of your house, the time it takes to load and unload and the distance of moving.
If you are moving within the city or just down the street you should enlist local movers to help you.

The average cost of moving a one bedroom is $350 + $100 truck fee with 2 hours minium book and a four bedroom will send you back $1,500 + $230 truck fee once you book traditional moving company.

While booking Easymove you tell your budget and local helpers bid and you can choose the most affordable one and pay only flat cost. 

Easymove does not have hidden charges, deposit. You pay only once job is done.  The average cost of moving a one bedroom is $335, not truck fee and minium hours to book.

But if you are moving across states for instance, if you are moving from Denver, Colorado to Chicago, Illinois then long distance movers are your go to guys.

Moving a one bedroom will cost you an average of $1,050 over 1,000 miles when moving across states. A four bedroom will cost you $5,000 over the same 1,000 miles.

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6.Proper Timing

Moving is not as simple as just picking a date on your calendar. When moving, timing is everything because the time of day, day of week and time of the year generally influence the cost of moving. So this means that you will have to change the day, time, week or month of moving to take advantage of low costs.

Easymove is on-demand moving & furniture delivery service and cost does not depends on date, time. 

7.Conduct a Proper Research In order to Get the Best Deal

It is important that you conduct a thorough research so that you can get the best value for your money. Check to ascertain that the company is insured and licensed. Read the reviews to see what past customers`s experience was like. Look for a company that is recognized in the industry and is therefore, of good repute.

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8.Look For Affordable Moving Supplies

Moving supplies like stretch wrap, tape, boxes and plastic bins can dramatically increase your cost of moving. Look for moving companies that provide these supplies for free at a low price. This will save you a ton of money.

9.Select the Right Liability and Valuation Coverage

Knowing that your valuables are protected when you are relocating will make you feel at ease. The federal government requires moving companies to provide their clients with coverage.

There are two main types of coverage:

Basic Released Value Protection (BVP) this is popular with local moves, the cover is 0.60 cents/pound of cargo.

The second one is Full Value Protection (RVP) here the movers are held accountable for any damaged or broken items. In case of damage they will have to settle with cash or buy a similar item

10.Moving Can be Stressful

Moving can be an extremely stressful affair because of these reasons: moving is very expensive and there is risk of losing a lot of money.

A moving budget will help you keep track and manage your expenses. Time pressure is a real thing, most of the time you will barely have enough time to move.

You will have to do so many things in a limited amount of time. This is where you will have to do proper time management. Fear of the unknown is one of the psychological effects of moving that you may have to deal with.

These are the fears of making expensive mistakes, sorrow of leaving a familiar place and leaving friends and family.

Elite Movers in Chicago

Some of the best traditional moving companies in Chicago. Do not suprice if you will get charged for Truck and Moving supplies.

1.S & L Express Moving Services.
2.All-Star Movers.
3.Move Masters.
4.The Mooney Moving & Cleaning Inc.
5.Just Us Movers.
6.Mobile Services Moving Labor.
7.Packed Moving Services.

Modern Moving Service

1. Easymove - Tell moving budget, negotiate the cost with local movers, know movers upfront and pay flat cost.Choose the number of helpers and truck size which you need.

2. Dolly - Get upfront price, get helpers with pickup truck.

3. Bellhops - Get upfront price and college student as movers.

Popular Neighborhoods in Chicago

Here are some of the best neighborhoods that people are moving into in Chicago:
1.Near South Side.
2.River North.
5.West Loop.
6.Printers Row.

Statistics of People Moving to Chicago Since 2013 in-migration to Chicago has reduced an out-migration has increased.

About 266,000 people were reported to have moved to Chicago in 2017 compared to 292,000 in 2013. Between 2017 and 2018 the population of the city decreased by 7,000