Important things to know before moving Hyde Park Chicago? Here is your local expert’s guide

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  • 29 Oct 2019
Home to the University of Chicago - one of the pioneering educational institutes in the nation, Hyde Park is considered Chicago’s most diverse and vibrant neighborhood, at least on the South Side. Hyde Park Chicago features such a rich culture and art scene that many call it ‘The Culture Coast’. Close proximity to downtown Chicago and the Lake of Michigan, a close-knit community, a large student population and green spaces are some of the features that make Hyde Park a desirable neighborhood.

Take a walk by the awe-inspiring campus of the University of Chicago and homes of the nation’s most influential people such as Barrack Obama, take a stroll along the Lake Michigan or go on a tour of the wonderful Museum of Science and Industry: There are many things to do and enjoy in Hyde Park.

If you are planning to move to Hyde Park, this guide will provide you with the most current and meaningful information about the important and best things to do in this beautiful neighborhood.

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University of Chicago (UChicago)

The University of Chicago has such a huge impact on the demographics and economy of this neighborhood that it definitely calls for a separate mention.

The biggest impact this popular university has had on the area is the diversity. The students from all over the world come to study in this university which has given the world over 80 Nobel laureates. UChicago has been instrumental in many scientific breakthroughs including discovering the link between cancer and genetics and is considered one of the notable tourist destinations of Chicago.

The university has contributed to the local community’s development in the fields of health, education, economic growth, and the arts. They are also the largest private employer on the South Side.

Convenient Location and accessibility

One of the things you would love after moving to Hyde Park Chicago is its location. It’s one of the most desirable neighborhoods on the South Side in Chicago and is located just 7 miles from downtown. It means that the area is just 15-minute drive from downtown Chicago.

Hyde Park is located on the shores of Lake Michigan on the South Side. It contributes to the area’s popularity among tourists. The local residents can walk to the beautiful beaches within minutes.

A lot of public transport options are available connecting Hyde Park with the rest of the city by bus and train.

By bus: Hyde Park is connected with many areas through CTA buses. If you want to get to downtown within minutes, you can take Routes #6 (Jackson Park Express) and #4 (Cottage Grove). The 55/Garfield bus connects Hyde Park with Midway Airport. The #171 connects UChicago with the Museum of Science and Industry.

By train: Getting to the Loop is extremely convenient and inexpensive thanks to the Metra Main Electric Line. Most neighborhoods of Chicago are accessible by train from Hyde Park.

Attractions, beaches and green spaces

The biggest attractions in Hyde Park are undoubtedly University of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry. The museum was part of the ‘White City’ which once was an architectural wonder until it was dismantled. Tourists are often blown away by its awe-inspiring architecture. The Museum of Science and Industry is he Western Hemisphere's largest science museum.

Another feature that you will love about Hyde Park is the green spaces. There are many big and small parks in the area including Nichols, Elm, Bixler and Florence Stout. Since it is located adjacent to Washington Park to the west and Jackson Park to the east, the greenery dots all the adjoining streets. Walking through Midway Plaisance – one of the biggest parks of Chicago connecting Washington Park and Jackson Park through Hyde Park – feels like a treat.

If you want to spend quality time with your friends and family on a beach, just head to 57th Street and Promontory Point. These are two of the most famous beaches in Chicago. They are not overcrowded like most other beaches; the water is clean and there is enough parking space. Both the beaches are in close proximity to Hyde Park.  

The Seminary Coop Bookstores, Jackson Bark, Doc Films, The Point, Botany Pond are some of the other places where you would love to hang out

Art and culture

As already mentioned, Hyde Park is also known as ‘The Culture Coast’ due to the presence of many famous museums and historical places. Some of the notable places include:

·        DuSable Museum of African American History,

·        Museum of Science and Industry,

·        Oriental Institute Museum,

·        the Renaissance Society,

·        Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House,

·        the Smart Museum of Art and the Reva

·        David Logan Center for the Arts

·        Court Theater,

·        Hyde Park Art Center,

·        Little Black Pearl,

·        Hyde Park Historical Society,

·        Blackstone Library,

·        the Civic Knowledge project,

·        Hyde Park Jazz Society.

This first seven museums are situated on Museum Campus South of University of Chicago.

Hyde Park Diversity

A large student population has turned Hyde Park into one of the most diverse communities in Chicago. People from all over the world and many ethnic and religious backgrounds have migrated to this community area drawn by its desirable features such as high employment rate, good quality education and desirable neighborhoods.

There is a healthy population of people with Chinese, Thai, Indian, Middle Eastern and Maricon ancestry, all living on the same streets. This diversity reflects in the culture and food scene of the area.

Hyde Park Chicago restaurants and shopping

Restaurants, bars, diners and coffee shops offering global cuisines are just around every corner.

Take a walk on E 56th Street, E 55th Street, E 53rd Street, E 57th Street, South Lake Park Avenue, East Harper Court, South Blackstone Avenue, Easy Hyde Park  Boulevard and walk into any of the restaurants and bars that dot these areas. 

Hyde Park is not very famous for nightlife, but there are a few places on the popular streets such as 53rd Street where you can hang out with your friends or family.

Moving Company Hyde Park Chicago

There are many shopping malls and restaurants in Hyde Park. The area is particularly famous for bookstores. Some other places to shop for a verity of things from handicrafts to grocery and furniture include Artisans 21, the Freehling Pot and Pan Company, the Fair Trader, the Hyde Park Shopping Center, Harper Foods and University Market, Village Foods, Hyde Park Produce and Farmers Market.

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Real estate market: Homes to buy and rent in Hyde Park

Homes are comparatively affordable in Hyde Park. The median listing price is $265,000, according to the National Association of Realtors. The market is currently not very competitive, so you can probably negotiate with the home sellers and get favorable terms when you are in the Hyde Park housing market to buy a home. You will find nearly 200 homes listed for sale in Hyde Park most weeks.

If you are looking for a place to rent in Hyde Park, you will have a lot of options – from condos to single family homes with a price range from $655 to $4.8K per month. It means that you can easily find a home to rent in Hyde Park in any budget.

Schools in Hyde Park Chicago

Here are some of the notable elementary, middle and high schools in Hyde Park.

·        Ray Elementary School

·        Murray Elementary Language Academy

·        Shoesmith Elementary School

·        Harte Elementary School

·        Kenwood Academy High School

·        Hyde Park Academy High School

Final thoughts

There are many advantages of moving to Hyde Park in Chicago. Though the cost of living is on the higher side, Hyde Park homes are affordable. It features a very learned and opinionated community. Lake Michigan is close by and University of Chicago makes this neighborhood a very vibrant place to live in.

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