Should you move to Logan Square Chicago? Here’s what you must know

  • By Easymove
  • 06 Nov 2019

Logan Square in Chicago is known for its bars, shopping destinations – particularly the Farmer’s Market, thrift stores, and restaurants offering global cuisines. It’s one of the most desirable housing and rental markets in Chicago. Many institutional and non-institutional investors have invested in a verity of housing stock here, so if you are looking for a place to rent, you will have a lot of options in Logan Square.

Homes are relatively expensive with a median listing price of $550,000. The home price in some of the most popular areas go up to $10M. And since artists, theater lovers and professionals have moved to this neighborhood in large numbers over the past couple of decades, Logan Square offers mixed suburban feel and a vibrant lifestyle. The greenery, top-rated schools and a healthy job market are also some of the top attractions drawing families and individuals to Logan Square.

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Here are a few things you need to know about Logan Square before packing your stuff and moving here:

Rich art and culture scene

Logan Theater is the most famous landmark in this neighborhood. Its bar and lounge that hosts events like live comedy and movie trivia are the favorite destinations for liberals and artists who you would find engaged in conversations over a wide range of topics from politics to Hollywood whenever you happen to be here.

Logan Square Art Festival is one of the most popular events for music and art lovers in Chicago. Apart from music well-known brands, you can also enjoy food from local vendors, beer and wine. This festival will take place on Milwaukee Ave and in Logan Square Monument Park.

If you are a street art lover, you would definitely love to be in Logan Square. Go for a stroll in W. Fullerton Avenue, W. Armitage Avenue, N. Milwaukee Avenue and Medill, and you will find many famous murals. Some of the notable pieces of street art include Logan Square Mural, You Are Beautiful, LUCHA, It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Frank Quintero, Greetings From Chicago, Chase Bank mural, J.W. Butts mural, Family Thrift Store murals, The Bike Lane mural, 90 Miles Cuban Cafe mural and Underwater Beauty.

The famous squares in the neighborhood including Logan Square and Palmer Square host many cultural events and festivals from time to time. They are excellent places to get a feel of the neighborhood and mingle with locals.

And if you are getting bored for any reason, just head to Logan Arcade. Grab a beer and try your luck at any of the pinball machines and old-school video games.

Shopping in Logan Square

If you are into thrift store shopping, you are in the right place. There are many thrift stores in the area selling furniture and an array of ‘antique’ products.

While you can find farmer’s markets everywhere in the U.S., the Farmer’s Market in Logan Square definitely stands out as people love the verity of produce the place offers.

Spend a few hours on a Sunday morning here and enjoy shopping for soaps, spices, free acupuncture, herbal remedies, diet foods, sweets, jams and honey, mustard and sauces, oil and vinegar, cheeses, meats and crafts while listing to live music.

N Milwaukee Avenue, N California Avenue, W Logan Boulevard, W Fullerton, W Armitage, W Diversey, N Kedzie Boulevard are some of the popular places to go for shopping in Logan Square. You will find stores selling books, accessories, jewelry, stationery, used furniture and all sorts of things.

Here are some of the popular shops in Logan Square:

·      S Uncharted Books

·      Toy de Jour

·      Fleur

·      Meyvn

·      Tusk

·      Bric-A-Brac Records and Collectibles

·      Boulevard Bikes

·      Fat Tiger Workshop

·      hop 1021

·      Steel Petal Press

·      Logan Hardware

·      Katherine Anne Confections

·      Wolfbait & B-Girls Boutique

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Food & Drinks in Logan Square

Logan Square is considered a paradise for food lovers. The neighborhood teems with popular restaurants, bars and diners. Head to N Milwaukee Avenue, W Logan Blvd, Kedzie Ave, W Diversey Ave, N California Ave, W Armitage Ave, N Western Ave, W Fullerton Ave and W Diversey Ave to enjoy a variety of global cuisines including Cuban, Italian, South East Asian, Mexican, Indian, French and British.

Kyoten, Middle Brow Bungalow, Mini Mott, The Spice Room, The Moonlighter, Park + Field, Lonesome Rose, Giant, Mi Tocaya Antojeria, Paulie Gee, Daisies, Lula Café, Fat Rice, Wyler Road, Chicago Diner, Cellar Door Provisions, Billy Sunday, Scofflaw are some of the notable restaurants and cafes in the neighborhood.

Top-rated schools in Logan Square

Logan Square is home to nearly 50 elementary, middle and high schools – some of them featuring a Greatschools rating of 9 or more. Here are some of the popular public schools in Logan Square:

·      Drummond Elementary School

·      Burr Elementary School

·      Pulaski International School of Chicago

·      Goethe Elementary School

·      Ames Middle School

·      Wells Community Academy High School

The fact that Logan Square homes are served by a high-rated school district makes the neighborhood a popular choice for families raising kids.

Diverse community in Logan Square

Regardless of your ethnic, religious or racial background, Logan Square will make you feel right at home. Hispanics make up a large chunk of the population.  Nearly 60,000 people call Logan Square their home. The residents enjoy a feel of close-knit community in most areas of the neighborhood. Community events are organized on a regular basis, giving new residents great opportunities to develop social ties.  

Logan Square housing and rental apartments market

The features such as tree-lined wide streets, parks, playgrounds, community areas and amenities make Logan Square a desirable neighborhood to buy or rent a home in. You will find about 500 homes listed for sale most weeks which means that you’ll have a lot of choices if you are in the Logan Square housing market looking for a home.

According to the National Association of Realtors, Logan Square is currently a balanced market meaning that there are roughly the same number of buyers as the homes listed for sale.


The neighborhood also features a wide selection of homes. The home prices begin at $300,000 and may go up to $10M. As already mentioned, the median listing price is $500,000.

You can easily find a rental accommodation in Logan Square as about 350 rental properties - from flats to single family homes - are available to rent most weeks. The rent begins at $850 per month. 

Final thoughts

Moving to Logan Square is a big step that you should after taking into account all the pros and cons.

If you can afford the cost of living, Logan is definitely a great place to live in. When it comes to shopping, restaurants, schools and diversity, Logan Square is one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago.

When you are ready to haul your stuff, download the EasyMove app to make your move to Logan Square hassle free.

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