Important things to know before moving to Rogers Park, Chicago

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  • 15 Oct 2019

Home to over 60,000 residents, Rogers Park is considered one of the most diverse, vibrant and peaceful neighborhoods in Chicago.

The people from over 70 nationalities call Rogers Park their home. These residents have brought with them their culture and this diversity reflects in every aspect of life in Rogers Park – from food to housing. A large student population (thanks to the Loyola university), the neighborhood’s popularity among tourists and work-from-home entrepreneurs (given its proximity to the shores of Lake Michigan), comparatively affordable homes to buy and rent, top-rated schools and close proximity to Chicago’s most desirables communities including


Edgewater and Lincoln Park are some of the factors that make Rogers Park desirable for people from all walks of life.

If you are planning to move to Rogers Park in Chicago, this guide will help you gain a better understanding of this beautiful community. Here at EasyMove, we’ve helped a lot of people including students, young professionals, families and empty nesters move to this neighborhood. Download the EasyMove app to start negotiating with movers and helpers and make your move to Rogers Park seamless and hassle-free.

The art and culture scene

The best thing about living in Rogers Park as a homeowner or renter is that the neighborhood offers a good quality of life. Rogers Park is the perfect choice for you whether you are looking to live in a vibrant community with lot of bars, restaurants and theaters or you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Chicago and want to embrace quiet beach life. This is the most beautiful lakefront community in Chicago.

Since Rogers Park is known for its beach life, many people find it hard to believe that it’s also considered a heaven for art and theater lovers. Leather Archives & Museum, Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre at No Exit Café, Rogers Park Art Gallery, The Factory Theater and Lifeline Theatre are some of the attractions that draw art and theater lovers to Rogers Parks in large numbers.

rogers park art gallery

If you want to enjoy nightlife, just head to Glenwood Avenue, the Red Line and Jarvis Red Line stop.

This unique blend of beach life and rich culture make Rogers Park stand out from other communities in Chicago.


Easily accessible, quality public transportation and great location with beaches

Rogers Park is located on Far North Side, adjacent to Evanston. If you are going to travel frequently to the north or south from Rogers Park, you will love the easy accessibility. However, the west part of the city is a bit long drive from Rogers Park.

There are many public transportation options, and if you own a car, you will find enough parking spaces.

The CTA Red Line connecting Rogers Park with downtown has a few stops. If you are planning to live on the Northern part of Rogers Park, you can take the Purple Line at the Howard stop.

The most attractive aspect of living in Rogers Parks is that it sits adjacent to the Lake Michigan shoreline. If you get to find a home on one of the several streets on the shores of Lake Michigan, you can walk to the beach within five minutes. The neighborhoods are well-developed – dotted with tree-lined streets and there are a lot of green spaces. People come to Rogers Park to see the sun set and rise over the lake. There are over 10 beaches in this community area, more than Edgewater and Lincoln Park.

Some of the beaches in close proximity to Rogers Park include:

·      Lee Street Beach

·      Leone Beach

·      Juneway Beach Park

·      Tobey Prinz Beach Park

·      Hartigan Park & Beach

·      Howard Street Park & Beach

·      Marion Mahony Griffin Beach

·      Rogers Ave Park & Beach

·      Kathy Osterman Beach

·      Foster Avenue Beach

rogers park beaches


Since Rogers Park annexed to the city in 1893, it has seen a lot of gratification, but preserved its tranquility and peace. The immigration to this area started exploding in the late 20th century. As already mentioned, people from over 70 nationalities live in Rogers Park today and about 40 languages are spoken here. No wonder the area is very diverse, both culturally and socioeconomically, and has an urban feel.

This diversity reflects in everything – from food to housing. The majority of the homes are new, but they have been built with a verity of architectural designs.

The people from all age groups, ethnic, racial and religious background live in Rdgers Park including families with kids, young professionals, college students and retirees.

A close proximity to Loyola University and Northwestern University has had a great deal of impact on the area’s demographics and diversity.

Rogers Park restaurants: Best places to dine & drink

It’s said that you can find at least five restaurants and bars within five minutes walk from any place in Rogers Park, and it’s absolutely true.

The food scene offers cuisine from around the world. Morse Avenue, Glenwood Avenue, Clark Street, Sheridan Road, Devon Avenue and several other places in Rogers Park have many famous restaurants offering a verity of global cuisines including Indian, Middle Eastern, Mexican, and Caribbean.

Crime rate

Rogers Park was affected by gang crime till late 20th century, but as the population grew and the area became more diverse the crime rate has come down substantially. The gang crimes are still reported in some pockets of Rogers Park, but it is considered one of the safest areas in Chicago now.

A wide range of housing options

Despite being a competitive market, Rogers Park is still comparatively affordable for buyers and renters. You can easily find a lakefront condo for $200,000. Since Rogers Park features a large student community and self-employed individuals, you can find a place to rent for as little as $1000 per month.

If you are in the Rogers Park housing market looking for a home to rent or buy, you will have a lot of options. You will find over 250 homes listed for sale most weeks, while over 500 residential properties listed for rent in Rogers Park. However, an important thing you should know is that this area is currently a seller’s market. It means that there are more buyers than the number of homes listed for sale or rent. This makes Rogers Park a competitive market, so you should be financially prepared to compete against other buyers and renters.

Rogers Park schools

One of the reasons for the popularity of Roger Park is that its neighborhoods are served by good quality public and private schools. Following are some of the notable elementary, middle and high public schools in Rogers Park:

Primary Schools

·      Armstrong G Elementary Intl Studies

·      Kilmer Elementary School

·      Swift Elementary Specialty School

Middle Schools

·      Armstrong G Elementary Intl Studies

·      Chicago Math & Sci Elementary Charter

·      Kilmer Elementary School

·      Swift Elementary Specialty School

High Schools

·      Chicago Math & Sci Elementary Charter

·      Senn High School

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