Why to book Easymove for any on-demand local delivery needs in Chicago

09 May 2020 by Easymove

Every once in a while we all find ourselves in a rather difficult position. We managed to get a promotion at work and with the extra income we decide that it is time for a new sofa, wardrobe or pretty much anything else that is large and practically immovable.

The problem with this type of expansion is that items do not magically move themselves and most people do not have the space in their car for furniture delivery or removal.

Chicago is a densely populated city with it's 2.7 million inhabitants and so people do not tend to own their own vans or other types of transportation vehicles. This creates a rather large problem with many people scouring the internet the find the best deals on local delivery services.

Luckily there is now an all-encompassing solution that will help you meet all your local delivery needs- and it's name is Easymove.

Easymove is On-demand Local Delivery Service in Chicago

With an already well established client base and a copious amount of positive reviews, Easymove is the hottest new player in the Chicago transportation game.

The rapidly expanding app-based service creates local empowerment by connecting its users directly with van and truck owners for any of their personal delivery needs.

Do you want to move house? Easymove can find you a truck.
Do you want someone to take that old wardrobe to the garbage dump? Easymove will find you a van.

Local delivery services are in huge demand throughout the city of Chicago and it's surrounding areas. According to The Chicago Tribune over 266,000 people moved to Chicago in 2017. That means over a quarter of a million people in need of removals! But meeting ever increasing demand isn't even the best thing about Easymove.

On-Demand Local Delivery Service in Chicago: Delivers from Grocceries to Furniture.

Unlike its immediate competitors such as Dolly, another app-based delivery service in Chicago, Easymove has decided to cater not only to large scale removals but also double as a local delivery service that will drop off goods such as groceries and auto-parts.

According to L.E.K Consulting the US delivery market was on track for tripling in size between 2018 and 2023. Expansion of this magnitude requires companies to be up-to-date with the type of delivery services they provide. Taking a look at another close competitor for the small item delivery niche we have TaskRabbit. While they offer a freelance pick up and drop-off service, they will struggle with helping you move any extensively large items.

Easymove creates an all-inclusive option for delivery services.

Instead of looking for one local delivery service to pick up smaller items, such as the before stated groceries, and a different delivery service to move furniture, you can now do it all from a single app!


On-demand delivery technology enables anyone to take control of their local delivery needs.

Sorting through different truck owners on local sites or bulletins can be a hugely time consuming process. In terms of moving home, one of the most stressful events in the modern world, the last thing that anybody looking for a local delivery service needs is additional headaches.

This is where Easymove comes in with its quick-connect integration system. The app can help you find the perfect van or truck in literal minutes, turning moving home into a simple task for anyone without the need of extensive research.


With the tragically growing COVID-19 pandemic having a reliable delivery service in densely populated areas such as Chicago is ever more necessary.
With governments around the world advising their citizens to stay indoors it has left a lot of people in difficult situations, unable to procure essential items such as food.
Many senior citizens are more vulnerable to the virus and are therefore in need of a reliable home delivery services to help them during this difficult period.

But it's not just food, the Easymove app also allows you to set up deliveries for other items such as clothing, pet supplies and even offer a pharmacy pick-up.
Not surprisingly junk removal is also an essential part of keeping the risk factor of vulnerable people at a minimum, making it an invaluable part of the current local delivery market.

Now in 2020, app-based services are becoming ever more the norm, making Easymove an accessible option for most people. This accessibility is well-timed as the majority of the population now spends more time on their smartphone than they do traditional desktop PC's.

Increased compatibility such as this allows you to book deliveries or removals easily and remotely without the need to visit specific websites or to access a computer making Easymove a better alternative to web-only competition.

Life can often throw the unexpected at you and it is quite common to see people waiting until the last minute to book important services such as a home removal or delivery.

Though not a habit you want to curate yourself, it is understandable that with our hectic lives of juggling work, kids and other responsibilities we tend to forget simple yet important tasks.

The great thing about Easymove is the sheer speed at which they can connect you with someone to pick up your item. Unlike the bulk of delivery services in Chicago, they will have your item picked up within an hour if you need.

Local delivery services can often be day-dependent in terms of availability.

It may be more difficult to hire a traditional moving van for Sunday's when many people are off work.

However Easymove has drivers available 7 days a week so you can schedule a pick up and drop-off time that is suitable for your needs. Being able to plan around your schedule is a vital part of any delivery service and any company that fails to do so will likely not last long in the current market conditions.

All in all Easymove appears to be the best option for local delivery services in Chicago for 2020. Ever more people need trustworthy delivery companies that have an all-encompassing delivery objective. If you combine their services with app functionality you have the perfect answer to all of your delivery needs. Just head on over to the app store and download the app today!

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