Scary Indoor And Outdoor Halloween 2018 Decorating Ideas

  • By Easymove
  • 19 Oct 2018

Halloween eve is the only time when you get the chance to scare everyone around. Dressing in weird costumes is something you can do all day. But what if you could scare the people with your home decor? We have some amazing indoor and outdoor decoration ideas for your place because Halloween without fear, isn’t Halloween at all. 


Outdoor Decoration Ideas:

Decorating the outdoor can be a tough and tedious work for you. The scary, whimsical and spooky decorations can easily be made at home with the below mentioned Halloween decorations DIY. You can also get the listed Halloween decoration items delivered to your place via Easymove. Halloween decorations outdoor include-

  1.   Decorations for Door :


·  Magnetic Spiders – The spiders are the most associated theme with Halloween. The gang of spiders invading your door can turn out to be a funny and spooky surprise for your visitors. You can either get the magnetic spiders or hot-glue black plastic spiders and attach magnet to them. Cover all the metal surfaces to give your house a Halloween look.


·       The Halloween Mummy Door – You can save your time and money with this creepy mummy door idea. You can use the white tape or simply criss-cross the white strips to mimic mummy bandages. Also draw a shadowed face with scary wide eyes to scare everyone out when there is dim light.



·       Halloween Candy Door Hanger – Trick and Treat is the best part of Halloween for children. Hang the candy hanger at your entrance and treat the little ones with candies. 


·       Halloween Garlands – The doors are the first part of your house to be seen by the visitors. So, remember to choose the best Halloween decoration for doors. The Halloween garlands can easily be hung at the entry door to give your house a spooky look.


·       Jack-O'-Lanterns – You can use the orange tissue paper balls and give them a look of the pumpkin with facial features. Use the glue to stick the facial features to the tissue balls. These cute little lanterns can enhance the beauty of your stoop.



·       The Black Wreath – You can trim some of your favorite garden marigolds to create a beautiful seasonal wreath. Or you can also buy the black wreath to hang on the doors for a witchy atmosphere at the entrance. 

 2.   Decorations for Garden and Porch :

·       Skeleton Display – Create a spooky skeleton display to your outdoors this Halloween. This decor can be amusing during the day but will be frightful at night. You can buy the plastic skeletons to caper from your porch to the rooftop.  

·       Punk Rock Skeletons – The Halloween decorations for outside can enhance the funky Halloween appearance of your house. The Rock on – Punk band skeleton display can rock the latest fashion trends on your porch. You can buy the broken or used instruments and make the skeletons pose your way.

·       Giant Spider and the web - Use the combination of spiders, web, and skeletons to create a horrifying look right outside your door. This decoration might seem humorous during the day but is terrifying at night.

·       Hide and Seek pose – Arrange the skeletons on top of the tree and in front of the tree tied to the barks with the fishing line. These caught climbing tree skeletons can be terrifying to look at night. Remember to buy your choice of skeletons from the wide range of posing skeletons available.

·       Easily made Scary Pumpkins – You can decorate the pumpkins by making them hollow and cutting the facial features on them. Use the small bulbs to lighten the inner area of the pumpkin. Dress the area around your pumpkin with candles, tea light holders and creepy spider decorations.

·       Ghouls in your garden – Place a few Zombie Gnomes in your front garden. Add creepy bone-chilling ghouls to your decorations and spook everyone out.

Indoor Decoration Ideas:

The DIYs and Halloween items available online can make it easy for you to decorate your indoor this Halloween. Include some basic DIY ideas and have the best indoor decor. The 15 Halloween Decoration ideas indoor include:

1.    Halloween quotes banner – The “Double Double Toil and Trouble” and “Be afraid.. Be very afraid” banners are some popular decorations for Halloween. You can even re-create these banners at home and hang them on the walls or doors to contribute in Halloween ambiance.

2.    Fairy Lights – Fairy lights are the necessary part of all events. Decorate your house with the fairy lights all around. Switch off the lights and let these fairy lights create a spooky look over your scary decorations.

3.    Glow in the night – Place the devilish candles in horrible holders and cast a gloomy glow. You can also paint the jam jars with black. Rub off some paint when dried and give them a ghost semblance.

4.    Spooky Fireplace Crackles – The fireplace is the perfect place to do the Halloween decorations. Create a spooky twist this Halloween by throwing the ghoulish items around the fireplace. You can also add the lighting objects to give an aesthetic look.

5.    Witch Leg Chandelier – Combine the pair of striped stockings, umbrella and old damaged shoes to create a chandelier. This cute hanging can give a shocking surprise to your guests. You can also add LED lights to give it a ghoulish look.

6.    Balloon Spiders at the ceilings – Create giant balloon spiders for your rooftop. You can use black giant balloons and black striped paper to create these big, spooky spiders that stick to the walls or ceilings.


7.    Hanging Witch Hats – Halloween is all about the belief in wackiest supernatural phenomena like ghosts, witches and goblins. The idea of witches can brighten up the nooks and crannies of your house. Simply hang the tall, black witch hats all over the ceiling with a wire. This can create a spooky illusion all over the place and make your guests think of ghosts and witches. You can also hang the broomsticks to improve the decor.


8.    Mini-pumpkin Spiders – The small pumpkins can be as useful as the big ones. You can turn these pumpkins into an artistic candle or the little spiders. Use sharp carving knife and some pipe cleaners to give them the look of little scary black spiders. These can be used to decorate the tables.


9.    Bloody Candles – The most common denominator of Halloween ambiance and costumes is Blood. Adding one or two bloody Halloween decorations to your place can be a nice idea. A cool mix of red candle wax and a few tracks making white candle appear to be bleeding can be a perfect horrifying touch. Position it at the places where it can get maximum attention.


10.    Dollar Trees – You can build a creepy centerpiece to tie up all of your Halloween décors together. These Halloween decoration dollar trees can help to gather all of the little decoration items together. These can be placed on the tables or around the fireplace even.


11.    Candy corn Box – Candy corn, a perennial favorite Halloween treat makes the eve as sweet as scary it is. You can create a perfect foyer table with the unique shadow box. You need a glass box, a few patterned items, some silhouette cut-outs and candy corn for creating the box. Customize the design as per your choice. The best part about this decoration is that everyone can see the candy corn but no one can take it.


12.    Pumpkin Lanterns for windows – You can easily create the paper lantern with the look of pumpkins. All you require to create these lamps is – design template, a wireframe and some pipe cleaners. Create the lamps of desired sizes and hang them in your front windows so that they can be bathed in natural light.


13.    Pumpkin Patch – Finding creative ideas to create best Halloween themes is the best part about decorating the indoors. Balloons stuffed with candies can be inflated and decorated like pumpkins or goblins. The candies keep the balloon stationary so, you can create a number of them and place them together to give a spooky look.


14.    Spray Paints  – The spray paints can do a lot in adding up the spookiness to your Halloween decorations. You can turn a staid village into a dark and spooky Halloween village using the spray paints. You can also make the unique arrangements by adding the spider webs or LED lights to the village. This creates an illusion of cold, foggy and terrifying Halloween night.

Black Cats for your curtains – Do not forget to decorate your curtains and windows while decorating your indoors and outdoors. Hang the black cat curtains or the bat curtains on your room windows and accompany it with the LED lights. This gives a spooky scene to the window and can be easily seen by your neighbors too.


Halloween is a great opportunity to give wings to your creative power. Making the home décor unique and terrifying this Halloween is not a tough task. Just follow the above-listed DIYs and make your work easier this time. You can also get the decorations delivered to your place through Easymove.