How to Hand Pick the Perfect Storage Unit Size

  • By Easymove
  • 15 Dec 2018

Selecting the correct storage unit might be a real headache if you moving out, renovating your house, or for any of the other required purposes. You might need to keep your stuff in the storage unit just for a season or maybe for a longer time. There could be an endless number of factors which could affect the size and the type of storage unit that might be ideal for you. Let us have a better understanding of the storage unit and discuss the points which can actually help you out in selecting the size of the storage facility that would be the perfect one for you.

Choose the right storage unit size


How to go about choosing a Storage Unit:

·         Make an Inventory of the Items to be Stored: The first and foremost thing that you need to do before going ahead for the selection of a storage unit is to take an inventory of all the products that you need to keep aside in the storage unit including the smallest of the things. Put up all the moving boxes and crates together to have an idea about the space that they might acquire and measure them with a measuring tape to get a rough idea about the required space.

·         Take the Use of Storage Unit Guides: Sometimes, a person might get surprised by the number of items a small storage unit can behold, including all your storage bags and storage containers along with the bigger appliances and the furniture. However, sometimes, the storage size might also get affected due to the surface area that you might require for bigger appliances which cannot be stacked one over the other.

·         How often would you be using the Unit: Many times people tend to pick up storage units when they are moving somewhere else and might need to open the storage only once they are back. However, you might even require going for a storage facility due to excessive items at your place. If you tend to retrieve things from your storage unit often, you might need a bigger unit to move things around and make space for movement; however, people who might open the unit only after a long time to retrieve all their belongings at once might require a smaller unit size.

·         Packers and Movers: The perfection with which all your items are put up and packed by the storage pickup and delivery guys might also largely affect the size of the storage unit you might have to go for. A properly packed storage consignment might need much less space as compared to a haphazardly packed consignment. You may even look up for moving tips that might help you pack your items professionally and move them with ease, also to prevent any need for excessive storage unit space.

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How to Choose Storage Company:

The below-mentioned points must help out choose the most convenient Storage Facility for your excessive items:

·         Storage Types Offered: Look out for the size of the storage units that the facility offers. Do not lock on the company before confirming the availability of the size that you require. Also, if you are about to store some stuff that might get damaged due to climatic changes, look out for facilities that offer climate control for the storage units. They might get a bit expensive but save you a lot in the long run.

Also, asking the below-mentioned questions might do the job easy:

1.       Do they offer safe and secure moving of your stuff? Or can they point you towards a reputable mover?

2.       What are the Payment Options available? What are the automatic and advance payment possibilities?

3.       What security measures they use on site? Cameras? Door Alarms? Motion Sensors?

4.       Do they provide you with moving carts and elevators to make your move quick and easy?

5.       Do they have a pest control system in place?

6.       What insurance facilities do they offer?

7.       Is there a maintenance team available on site as and when required?

Asking these questions can easily get you through choosing the company selection process for your stuff without any hassle.

How to get the Correct Prices for Storage Unit Facility?

Getting an expensive storage unit might burn up a hole in your pocket. Choosing a budget-friendly yet a facility that provides all the mandatory services turns out to be really important if the storage unit renting is going to be a long time thing.

Before heading to your local storage facility, go through the online information and compare the available price range to benchmark a suitable monthly rent as per your convenience. Making a list of the prices offered by the facilities with the storage moving services provided by them should do the thing. Paying out even a little extra for the storage unit on a regular basis might become a tough fight if not chosen correctly. A regular 5’ x 10’ storage unit can cost you anything up to $75 a month. Do your research properly and start hunting.

Choosing the Storage Unit Size:

Most of the Storage Facilities have standard storage unit sizes to offer which have pretty much standard specifications about the items that they can behold. Going through these standards and choosing the befitting Storage Unit for you can turn out to be really helpful and time-saving. Below mentioned is the standard sizes that can help you out to compare your stuff and choose accordingly.

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Based on the above-mentioned points, you must easily be capable of making out the decision for the size of the storage unit that you might require to store your items. Storage facilities have been of great help for people for saving out on money and also for taking out long trips without any worries about their belongings. So, just chose the perfect size of the storage unit as per your requirement and set out on your hunt for a new flat or maybe head out for a long trip. 

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