The Best Moving Box Alternatives You Need know in Chicago

  • By Easymove
  • 08 Aug 2018

U-Haul Ready-to-Go Boxes


U-Haul Ready-To-Go Box makes moving faster and unpacking easier. Rent moving crates to pack and unpack at your own pace. Keep the plastic moving boxes for as long as you’d like and return them when you’re done.


Redi-Box is very simple. Choose a package and a date desirable for your move. After payment, we will conveniently deliver the boxes to your door. You get to use the boxes for your move. Redi-Box will pick up the boxes when you are done at your new location. That’s it, Really!


If you’re storing boxes, plus some extras, MakeSpace is the right choice for you. MakeSpace lets you choose how much space you need, from space that can fit a closet’s worth of stuff to a room that’ll fit everything in your 2-bedroom apartment. Then, request as many boxes as you need – they’re free! – and MakeSpace will bring them to you. On top of all that, they’ll pick up more items to bring to storage and bring individual items back to you anytime you need it.

Whether you’ve decided to buy boxes or rent them, Easymove to help you move them. No matter what kind of boxes you have, we’re here to help make your move a breeze.