The Best places to live in Tennessee (Guide 2019)

  • By Easymove
  • 20 May 2019

Moving into a new neighborhood can be a scary thing, especially when you have no friends or family to show around. You have to worry about the neighbors you are going to have, the security of the area, and the provision of basic social amenities like schools and hospitals.

If you are trying to start your life afresh in a new state, Tennessee might just be the place for you. It has beautiful scenery and great cities that will surely impress you.

The following are the best places to live in Tennessee. 

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Brentwood is a Nashville suburb with a population of just over 40,000. It has been rated among the most livable places in the Tennessee thanks to its low crime rate, which is fourth lowest in the state.

Most residents here own their homes and this can be credited to the huge salaries they make, giving the town the best median household income in the state at $148,340.

brentwood tennessee

The town has many restaurants, coffee joints, and a total of 13 parks. The education system is also high quality, with Brentwood high school posting a nearperfect graduation rate of 96% in 2017.

brentwood tn

Brentwood offers you the best suburban experience of living in Tennessee. However, the only issue is that this city has a high cost of living; the median home cost of $555,800 dwarfs the home costs in other Tennessee cities.

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Germantown is another constant feature in the list of best towns to live in Tennessee. At 3.7%, the rate of unemployment is the 8th lowest, thanks to various opportunities available to make a decent living.

It has a population of 39, 213 with a median household income of $107,376. The school system is rated higher than most school districts around and you will find lots of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and parks.

germantown tennessee

Despite all these great attributes, Germantown, surprisingly, has a low cost of living, with homes going at an average cost of $296,300. You can find a nice suburban home to rent here and settle seamlessly into your new life in Tennessee.

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Located some 30 miles outside the downtown region, Collierville boasts one of the highest growth rates in Tennessee cities.

Its unemployment rate is 10th lowest in the area and ranks 2nd on the highest adjusted income. Majority of the 48,000 residents living in the town are well-moneyed when you consider that it is among the most affluent regions near the big city.

collierville tennessee

Families earn a handsome $110,084 on average, thanks to a low unemployment rate at just 3.8%.

Generally, living here is quite affordable and you can find yourself a gorgeous mansion at a price of around $278,600.

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Spring Hill

Spring Hill has a population of 34, 364 and is famous for having a high-quality education system. The once sleepy little town has transformed into a budding urban center, boasting a strong economy exploding with employment opportunities.

This has helped to push its unemployment rate down to 3.6%, which ranks as the 10th best in the region. The fast growth experienced in the city has been able to attract high-profile companies, including General Motors, Pioneer Manufacturing, Kroger, Ryder Logistics, among others, that have played a huge role in elevating the average household income to approximately $78,000.

spring hill tennessee

With a median home cost of $225,800, Spring Hill is a great place that you would want to move your family. The schools are great and the opportunities for a well-paying job abound.


Franklin town is located in Williamson County and is home to more than 70,000 residents. It has a high ranking on the most livable cities in Tennessee, which can be credited to a low unemployment rate at 4.2% and low crime rate which ranks 18th in the region.

It is a great city to settle your family with a highly rated public school system, not to mention that a number of big-name companies are operating in the town.

Franklin Tennessee

With homes selling at an average cost of $342,900, Franklin provides residents with a nice suburban experience. There are several parks, coffee houses, and eating joints around that you can go for a wonderful time.

Signal Mountain

This town has a small population and boasts a low crime rate, making it the ideal place if you are looking for a low-lying lifestyle.

Most of the 8,500 residents living in Signal Mountain have well-paying jobs, as a result of the low unemployment rate at 4.3%.

But the high incomes have also hiked the cost of living in the region, as evidenced by an average home value of $325,900, the fifth highest in the region. The long commute to work is another problem for residents of Signal Mountain.

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