Tips How to find a roommate for an apartment in Chicago

  • By Easymove
  • 31 Aug 2018

Many people who don't desire to rent an apartment alone are not sure how to find a roommate they'll live with. There are compelling reasons for wanting to live with a roommate. A roommate will offer companionship, convenience and savings - you'll split the rent and utilities). However, if you're not careful, roommates may produce issues.


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Moving towards a brand new city is actually hard enough, but plus to it attempting to seek out a decent person to share a comparatively small space—it’s enough to form a person simply come in their parents’ basement and hibernate.

According to U.S. Census information, roughly twenty five percent of Chicago’s folks are between twenty and thirty-nine, which means a quarter of the city’s population is in their prime roommate needing years. With the typical rent for a two-bedroom coming in at $1800 and a one-bedroom at $1400, you'll save a reasonably penny by splitting a two-bedroom apartment with a roommate. Somehow, increase that the cable, internet, and utility bills you’d be sharing and therefore the savings can add up quickly!

Here are some tips and tricks to assist you find a great friend for your Chicago apartment.

Deciding whether you want a Roommate:

First things first! Before you act trying to find the right roommate, you would like to make your mind up whether having a roommate is actually what you would like. There are solid reasons to live with roommates, however there also are strong arguments for living alone. 

Finding the right Roommate:

Many people who don't want to rent an apartment alone are not certain a way to realize a roommate they will live with. Reciprocally for a bit time and effort, you'll confirm that sharing an apartment with another person seems to be a positive and satisfying expertise for each you and your roommate.

Advertise on-line:

Websites like Craigslist, Padmapper, Roomie Match, Roomster will assist you notice the proper roommate for you. Such sites enable you to make a profile or post an ad seeking out a roommate to satisfy your desires.

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Ask friends for leads:

As your friends know you well, allow them to know you are seeking a roommate. Allow them to know to pass on any leads to you. As your friends recognize your habits and life-style, they will probably to be able to point you within the direction of a compatible match.

Ask about a potential roommate's life-style:

Some roommates merely are not compatible. Think about your personal living habits and raise about the opposite person's habits. Make sure the two of you have got an identical way thus you will not clash too much.

Figure out why they are searching for a new place:

If you are having somebody move in with you, ask them why they are searching for a new place. This could be a decent thanks to determine red flags. If somebody incorporates a reasonable need to move, like wanting to be closer to work, this is often a decent sign. However, people that cite things like roommate drama could also be troublesome to live with.

Check any references:

It's fully acceptable to raise a roommate for references. Ask for the amount of their previous landlords and a couple of previous roommates.

Do a background check:

If you haven't known somebody for a while, it is usually smart to assay that they are safe. Ask to run a basic credit check and criminal background check, which may simply be done on-line. You’ll even have a possible roommate get their credit checked and present you with the paperwork.

Meeting and Screening Potential Roommates:

Once you have found a candidate or two, it is time to see if any of those people would make an honest roommate for you.

Financial planning with your roommate:

Before you sign a lease with a roommate, you have to make sure you see eye-to-eye on financial problems. Most significantly, you need to decide what quantity you may every contribute to the rent and utilities, and how a lot of you may budget toward alternative living accommodations expenses, then put it all in writing. You may additionally wish to think about problems like renter's insurance.

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Key problems you should both address:

Once you’ve found some those who could be sensible candidates, you’ll wish to interview them in the flesh to examine if it’s a good work. Besides being attentive to however you are feeling regarding the person (if you sense it might not be an honest work, follow that feeling), you’ll wish to talk of key problems before your roommate signs a lease.

Things to seem out for:

The biggest mistakes that you’ll want to look for are somebody who can’t pay the rent on instant time and someone who can’t respect of others.

To remove a candidate who would possibly commit these offenses:

·        Requesting their credit score.

·        Asking for previous roommates as references.

·        Asking what they are doing for a living.

Some ways that to avoid living with those who aren’t respectful of somebody else’s space are:

·         Talking to them on the phone and/or meeting up face to face.

·      Requesting contact info of previous roommates and calling them.

“Living with somebody is such a private issue, and that we suppose that it's unbelievably vital to foster an honest relationship. Being up front with a possible roommate before moving in is much easier than unraveling a troublesome situation, and a part of that method is knowing what's actually vital to you.

If you found the prefect roommate and want to move in, request Easymove for your moving and delivery needs