Learn simple steps to follow when purchasing a new home today.

11 Oct 2020 by Easymove

Are you aware that owning a home in Chicago is one of the most amazing dream among many Americans?
Yes, many first
time home buyer can attest how amazing it is to make this dream a reality especially in or around the major Chicago suburbs and neighboring towns. Although owning a home can prove to be a simple process, it is important to note that there are certain steps to be followed when buying a home. 
Surely, you don’t want to settle in a place where you won’t be comfortable together with your family or incur some unnecessarily expenses relocating from your current location to your newly bought home.

Moreover, you aren’t supposed to sell your valuable home at a throw away price due to inadequate information about your home value. Besides, you need a reliable moving company that will ensure all your items including furniture and other household gears reaches your new home safely, timely and also at a reasonable price.

For instance, the Easymove delivery company will ensure all your items are securely moved to your home. Remember these steps ensure that you are adequately prepared to own a home through the guidance of a reliable
Chicago real estate agency so that you can select the right home and location without facing some unnecessarily problems. Below are simple steps to follow when you decide to buy a new home.


1. Make a plan on how to save for the down payment.

It is rather obvious that you need certain of amount of cash in order to purchase a home using a down payment plan. However, due to some other burdens such as debts and other obligations, sometimes saving the total amount required to pay for your home becomes a challenge .

It is for this reason why most lenders require you save at least twenty percent of the down payment. Remember you opening a saving account is one of the most reliable way of ensuring your saving are secure and readily available when needed. Remember your saving should include for other critical expenses such household delivery expenses.


2. Get pre-qualified or pre-approved.

Yes, before you begin your home buying process, ensure you know how much can you afford at the time of purchasing.  In other words, it refers to how much loan can you obtain at that given moment.

Pre-qualification is a process in which a reliable mortgage company makes consultations with the home buyer to get clarification about the buyer’s finances such as the current debts and other obligations.

Such an interview gives an estimation of the amount the buyer can afford. Pre-approval on the other hand involves running a credit check to determine the amount available for down payment.

Besides, the lender will investigate the implication of other owed debts and also if the buyer is buying for the first time. The final verdict is determination of the available or an estimate of pre-approved amount which is ideally favorable than pre-qualification.

3. Choose your ideal home location.

Once you know how much you can afford for the down payment, it is the right time to search for the details of the place you wish to live. There are several factors that influences the settlement location such as family preferences and working conditions.

Although you may have an ideal on where to settle, it is important to consider all the available options such as suburban versus urban locations. Remember the difference between suburban and urban is that the former are located at the city outskirts while the later are within the city.

However, the good news is that Easymove  on-demand moving  will help you to find local movers to move all your household items regardless you decide to settle in the urban or suburban.

4. Pick a reliable real estate agent.

Although you can complete your home buying transaction without a real estate agent, it is very important to work with one as they can be a helpful tool in your dealings.

For instance, Chicago real estate agents are better informed and can accurately predict the current Chicago real estate market on how to buy a home at the most reasonable prices and in the best upcoming Chicago suburban.

Remember a reliable real estate agent can significantly save the home buyer much time and frustrations faced by first time home buyer. Ensure you get reliable recommendations from a family member, friend or trusted review company and always ensure to pick an agency with good reputation .

The agency should be dedicated towards working in the buyer’s best interest rather than just making profits. Some of the reliable Chicago real estate agents include but not limited to:
• RE/MAX Excalibur Realty
• Hayley Westoff/ Chicago Real Estate Agent
• West USA Realty
• Best Chicago Properties
• Amanda McMillan
• Americorp Ltd-Matt Laricy Group
• RM Luxury Group /Luxury Chicago Real Estate
• Debra Dobbs –Realtor Chicago
• Ryan Hardy / Luxury Real Estate Agent
• Savvy Real Estate Agents Chicago
• Chicago Real Estate Source
• Jon Dimetros –Chicago Real Estate Broker.
• Castle Real Estate Group
• Ryan Hardy / Luxury Real Estate Agent
Natan Kaplunskiy Chicago Real Estate Agent

Besides, the real estate agent you pick should listen and answer your questions without any problem.

For instance, they should be in a position to give recommendations on how you will move your household items once you buy the new house.


Why you need a reliable moving company when relocating to your newly bough home?

Are you aware that most first time home buyer find themselves in a dramatic situations as they try to figure out how to move their items from the old home to the newly bought home?

Yes, such issues are bound to happen in case of poor planning on how to relocation. The good news is that Easymove has so far helped thousands of first time home buyers move their items at a reasonable price and within the set time irrespective of distance from the old home to the newly bought home.

Besides, the Easymove moving app allows first time home buyer sell the old house furniture items online and without worrying about the delivering those items to their clients.

Why is the Easymove delivery company the leading moving company in Chicago?

Do you know that you can buy brand new furniture items for your newly bought home through the Easymove App and have them derived within less than an hour anywhere in Chicago and the neighboring suburban?

Yes, for instance, after John Adan promotion to a top managerial position in a local bank thought of relocating his family to Lombard (Chicago) from Los Angeles and his main concern was how to sell the old furniture so as to make an order for the brand new furniture items. Although John didn’t knew about the Easymove furniture delivery company, his friend who works as a real estate agent in Ryan Hardy, proposed that he take some photos of his old furniture and post them in the Easymove App where he could easily find a potential buyer.

To his surprise, he got a potential buyer within four hours after posting and the Easymove on-demand moving app handled the moving of those items to his clients place at a reasonable moving cost. The transaction happened so efficient that John felt motivated to place an order for new furniture for the newly bough home in Chicago. Surprisingly it took less forty minutes after payment to have his brand new furniture derived.

Relocating to Lombard must have been one of the most interesting moment for the john’s family where they now live happily.

5.Visit available properties.

Now that you have determined your home type, location and also obtained the key services of your real estate, it is the right time to view some of the available homes within your location. It is the most interesting bit since the real estate agent you’re working with will screen and locate several houses that match your pre-set taste and preference. You can agree with your real estate agent on the date and time to make a potential visit to those properties.

6.Shop and make an offer.

Once your real estate agent identifies the perfect home for you, it is the right time to place an offer on the selected property. Here is where the real value of a real estate agent comes in. Using their long term experience in home buying, they will base your property price based on the value of comparable homes that have been sold in that area recently. Besides, the agent come up with a draft that is agreeable by both the home seller and buyer.

Remember the contract should include the property prices, terms and conditions of sale leading to a successful transaction. Besides, the agent should ensure the contract meets all the mandatory legal requirements before entering into the contract.

7.Let your home get inspected.

Ideally, you should make your final purchase offer after a home inspection since it helps access the level of structural damage or other items that need fixing so that the cost of repairing is deducted from the actual value of the home or fixed before the purchase.

Your real estate should help you organize how a legit home inspection will be done within the shortest time possible. Remember you can withdraw the offer incase inspection reveals considerable structural damage.

8.Work together with a mortgage banker to secure the mortgage.

After the approval of your purchase offer, the buyer gets a green light to apply for the mortgage. This is achieved by completing the mortgage application form. It will take a few days for a successful mortgage application especially when a person has a pre-qualified or pre-approved documents.

9.Coordinate the paperwork.

As you are aware, there is plenty of paperwork involved in selling and buying of a house. Your lender should make arrangements on how you will get a reliable title company that can handle the entire paperwork such as verifying that the seller is the legal owner of the house you are about to buy

10. Close the sale for your home.

Here you will be required to complete the documentation for the entire purchasing process such as signing all the legal documents including the loan documents. Besides, you need to make an arrangements how you will relocate from your old home to the newly bought home.

Why is it important to sell your home via a reliable real estate agent?

Are you aware that a reliable Chicago real estate agent can help you save significantly on your purchase? A good real estate agent in Chicago should help you save over $ 50,000 and should transact at least 1.7 times more than an average agent.

Yes, the right real estate agent will help you save hassle and time since they won’t allow your home to overstay in the market as it loses its value. Similarly they should help you buy a home that is worth your monies rather than taking advantage of your trust.

For instance, the Chicago real estate agent you pick should protect your buyer’s rights through provision of referrals to particular buyer’s agents targeting your area of choice.

How to identify a reliable Chicago real estate agent today. The agent should understand that the buyer’s rights are paramount and that a buyer can terminate the deal if not 100 % satisfied. They should offer free initial consultation about the buyers buying goals.

Offer professional evaluation of the selected property and also recommendations for a reliable team that can help you purchase your home such as lenders, attorney and inspections.

Best Chicago neighborhoods for a family settlement.

Most family people opt for suburban areas particularly due to the availability and accessibility of social amenities such as more schools, large playing yards and also larger homes with large play grounds.

Some of the best Chicago suburban you can buy your home today include the Near North Side. The area between the Chicago River and Lake Michigan is one of the greatest destination due to the plenty of beautiful waterfront views and trendy nightlife.

Besides, the amazing Victorian buildings all over surrounded by skyscrapers makes both the visitors and locals enjoy a mix of modern and traditional life in this suburban.

Lakeview area located above the Lincoln Park and Wrigley Field is best known as the Chicago Cubs home. The place has some amazing recreational centers like the Playground Theaters, The Lincoln Park Zoo among other notable destinations enjoyable to both the tourists and residents.

Other places include the West Town, Skokie, Evanston, Lombard, Park Ridge, Downers Grove, Orland Park, Oak Park Oak Lawn, Glenview and Des Plaines.

Urban areas on the other hand are characteristically more expensive but since they are considered as the city’s heart, plenty of activities, restaurants and culture, they are usually dense populated compared to rural areas and small towns located outside the main cities.

Remember, it is very important to visit the potential place you wish to settle so as to get a clue of what your family expects and if it can match your family’s lifestyle.

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