Ultimate Guide on how to deliver furniture from Ikea, Costco and Other Retail Stores

  • By Easymove
  • 01 Oct 2018

Are you planning to buy furniture from Ikea or Costco? In case you are, it is only likely that you’d want to get them delivered at home. While these stores come with excellent delivery options, most of them turn out to be time consuming or expensive.

And this is exactly why you need to try alternate furniture delivery outlets that’ll get your stuff 
delivered as quickly as you’d want. Yes, there are several options for retail store delivery that practically delivers every kind of furniture right at your doorstep.

So whether it’s 
a sofa, mattress or an entire bed- you can absolutely count on these outlets for quick and timely deliveries.

In case you’re still skeptical about online deliveries and are looking 
to know about the process in detail- here’s a complete scoop on everything you want to know.

How Does Online Furniture Delivery Services Work?


The very idea of online furniture delivery is simple, easy, and absolutely hassle-free. All you need to do is choose a company that delivers to your location, completes the relevant paperwork, and finally wait for your stuff to be delivered.

Usually, the smaller deliveries are carried out in 1-3 days, while the larger ones might take up to 7-14 days. Most of these companies also have an option for fast deliveries. So if you want any furniture to be delivered urgently, then to these experts will come in your assistance.

Costco Delivery

Right after choosing a company, you will be required to communicate the details about your preferred delivery slot and location. Once you do this and pay the fees, the order will be placed almost immediately. After placing your order, you will also receive a receipt with a unique tracking code. You can then use this code to track the status of your impending deliveries.

Furniture Delivery by Easymove

For some companies, you might also be notified around 24-48 hours before your delivery slot. During this time, you will receive a text message detailing about the exact time of your delivery slot. In addition to this, you are also likely to receive yet another text on the morning of your delivery. This text message will give you a tracking and notification link that will let you check real-time updates from the delivery professional.

Since IKEA delivery is usually carried out by experienced professionals, you can absolutely count on them for reliable and timely services. These experts will take complete care of your products and ensure that you receive them in your desired time-slot.

What To Expect During Online Furniture Deliveries?

In case it isn’t evident already, online furniture delivery is exactly like any other online delivery. All you have to do is choose a company which you think is reliable enough to offer you best-in-class services. Usually, the leading furniture delivery companies come with a team of licensed and experienced professionals, who handle the entire process from the beginning.

On placing the order, these experts will first carry out an initial checkup to see the kind of furniture you’re looking to move. So if you’re planning to move furniture directly from Ikea or Costco, then to they’ll visit the stores, check the furniture and carry out every subsequent proceeding.

These experts will then carefully load your furniture on 
their vehicles, specifically ensuring that the furniture is uncrated, well-inspected and well-positioned. Right after that, the transfer will be carefully carried out, once again ensuring that everything remains damage free.
On reaching the location, they will carefully unpack and assemble the furniture. So whether you’re planning to move big stuff 
or small accents- these experts will always come handy.

How Are They Better Than Manufacturer Furniture Deliveries?

If you plan to directly get your furniture transferred from Ikea or Costco, there’s a high possibility that your furniture will arrive damaged or late. In certain cases, the furniture might not be delivered in the first place because you’re living in some apartment building. Even if they do process the deliveries, you’ll see that that the deliverers are reluctant in assembling items or going up the stairs. Due to these several disadvantages, it is always better to rely on individual furniture delivery companies instead of manufacturers. The services from alternate outlets aren’t just fast, but they are also reliable and hassle-free.


Things To Keep In Mind Before Choosing Furniture Delivery Services.

There are also a couple of other things that you should ensure before your mattress delivery, sofa delivery and practically every other furniture delivery.

Availability- While choosing a company, make sure that they are available 24X7 to answer your queries and assist you with the entire process of moving. You can also check the company’s testimonials in order to be extra sure about their availability. Remember, the right company will deliver your stuff regardless of the weather or any other subsequent condition.

Location- The right furniture moving company will deliver your stuff irrespective of the location. So before making your pick, do make sure that the company delivers to your required area.

Experience- There’s no point in wasting your time with a company that doesn’t have experienced staff. Therefore, in order to ensure maximum services, always check if the professionals have relevant experience in delivering heavy furniture.

Affordability- A good furniture delivery company is also affordable. So while making your pick also check for the price of their services

Preparing Your Home For The Furniture Delivery.

Right after your furniture is scheduled for delivery, you can go on to prep your home for its arrival. This can be easily done by taking simple measurements of the individual items and your doorways. Once you do this, you will find the simplest route to your homes. However, while making the pick, to ensure that the area is clear and well accessible.

This will give the movers ample space to move around and assemble each item. You can also get rid of the wall-hangings and other decorations for easier access.


Final Thoughts.

Now that you know everything about choosing a reliable furniture delivery company, make your choice wisely. You can also consult Easymove which is an on-demand furniture moving app designed to solve your moving issues. Contact Easymove for the simplest furniture moving solutions around the corner. Book  low cost Costco furniture delivery service anytime you need it.