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 1 year ago

Ultimate Guide on how to deliver furniture from Ikea, Costco and Other Retail Stores

Are you planning to buy furniture from Ikea or Costco? In case you are, it is only likely that you’d want to get them delivered at home. While these stores come with exce...
 2 years ago

The Best 5 Tips How to prepare and stay safe during Hurricane Florence

The category 1 hurricane Florence 2018 has made landfall near the Wrightsville beach in North Carolina with winds around 90 mph. This force of nature brings with itself r...
 2 years ago

5 Tips To Deliver Furniture

You’ve researched your choices, shopped till you dropped and currently it’s time to possess your new furniture delivered! Therefore what has to be done ahead of your furn...
 2 years ago

Tips How to find a roommate for an apartment in Chicago

Many people who don't desire to rent an apartment alone are not sure how to find a roommate they'll live with. There are compelling reasons for wanting to live with a roo...
 2 years ago

Back to School First Time Check-list in 2018

College Student Back to School First Time Check-list Regardless of sales, if you’re heading off to college for the first time and are staying on campus, you’ll definitel...
 2 years ago

Easymove: the Number One Moving Platform | Digital Journal

Easymove: the Number One On-Demand Moving and Furniture Delivery agency in Chicago, Miami, and Austin. The Uber of moving, as it is popularly called, Easymove is very si...
 2 years ago

The Best Moving Box Alternatives You Need know in Chicago

U-Haul Ready-to-Go Boxes   U-Haul Ready-To-Go Box makes moving faster and unpacking easier. Rent moving crates to pack and unpack at your own pace. Keep the plast...
 2 years ago

How to find and rent an apartment in Chicago

The third most popular city in the United States, Chicago is the most significant in terms of architecture and also is the city where skyscrapers where born. So having sa...
 2 years ago

How often are you moving ?

Let’s be honest, regardless of how many times a person has to move from one place to another it NEVER seems to get any easier. At times, apartments and house moves appear...