Easymove cares and responds to COVID-19

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Support public health authorities

With rapid spread of COVID-19 it`s impact affects everyone. We are monitoring updates & news. We are taking all necessary steps to stay and keep our community safe and healthy

Current State

We are takking all necessary steps to ensure safety of our community and our customers. We are monitoring 24/7 and follow the recommended guidelines from World Health Organization. Easymove is here to help you!

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Health & Safety Steps

Customers who book Easymove moving & delivery service:
1- Communicate with helpers in app messaging or make a call to discuss task requirements.
2-Social distancing. Keep safe distance (approximately 6 feets) while meeting helpers at pickup address.
3-Avoid skin to skin contact
4-If you feel sick do not book Easymove.

Important information for movers and delivery drivers

1-Have cleaning supplies in your Truck, Van.
2-Support public health authorities.
3-Ask customers to maintain social distance
4- Cover your mouth and noise.
5- Wash your hands after each mobing and delivery task.
Easymove Team

Looking Ahead

Easymove was founded with a mission to build strong and healthy community and always served to help people who need moving & delivery help. Our entire team, and hard working service providers stay steady and strong. And always ready to help you with any moving & delivery needs. Easymove Team will remain to serve and help to make moving & delivery easy. We greatly appreciate your trust and patience during this time.
Thank you for trusting & using Easymove. Stay Safe!
Easymove Team